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The Lottery Ticket Anton Chekhov.

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1 The Lottery Ticket Anton Chekhov

2 Anton Pavlovich Chekhov (Антон Павлович Чехов) (1860-1904)

3 Anton Chekhov “Medicine is my legal wife…Literature is my mistress”
Physician Major Russian short story writer Playwright

4 Chekhov About His Writing
“You say you have cried at my plays…But this is not why I wrote them, I simply wanted to say to people honestly: “Understand, how bad and boring your lives are!” People should understand this and…create themselves another and better life. What is here to cry about?”

5 Chekhov’s Talent and Manner
Selecting important moments from the trivial ones Brevity and conciseness Anti-ideological Anti-pedagogical Objectivity Free artist

6 What is satire? What is its purpose? Where have you seen the media use satire?



9 Written work: “The Lottery Ticket”
Give two examples Chekhov’s satirical humor in The Lottery Ticket What is he satirizing? What is the purpose of the satire? Is it effective? Why/why not?

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