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State Patrol Ticket System

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1 State Patrol Ticket System
Chapter 8 Case

2 State Patrol Ticket System Domain Model

3 State Patrol Ticket System Use Case
Use Case Name: Record a Ticket Scenario: Triggering Event: Traffic Ticket Brief Description: The traffic ticket is given to the clerk by the officer. Using the information on the traffic ticket, the clerk first verifies the officer by entering the badge number. Then the clerk verifies the driver information by entering the drivers license number. Then the clerk enters the ticket information. Actors: Clerk Stakeholders: Manager, Officer Preconditions: The officer must exist. The driver must exist Postconditions: The ticket must exist and is associated with the driver, the officer, and a court. Flow of Events: Actor System 1. Clerk enters officer badge number 2. Clerk enters drivers license number. 3. Clerk enters ticket information 1.1 System reads officer information and displays the name. 2.1 System reads the driver information and displays the driver name and address. 3.1 System displays ticket and driver information Exception Conditions: 1.1 Officer not found 2.1 Driver not found

4 State Patrol Ticket System User Interface
Menu Verify Information Enter Ticket Officer Badge Exit Ticket Entry Ticket # Driver License Date Time Violation Verify Enter Ticket Cancel Fine Amt Record Cancel

5 User Interface Classes

6 Controller Classes cer

7 State Patrol Ticket System Robustness

8 Normal Flow Sequence

9 Cancel from Verify Page

10 Cancel from Record Ticket

11 Design Class Diagram Control Entity Boundary

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