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Binomial Nomenclature

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1 Binomial Nomenclature
Scientific Naming Scientific Name Game

2 It is the abbreviated form of the scientific name of Escherichia coli
Ever hear of E. coli? It is the abbreviated form of the scientific name of Escherichia coli

3 T. rex. Tyrannosaurus rex
Often lazy scientists just abbreviate the Genus with just a letter.

4 Binomial Nomenclature two terms: the genus and the species
Example: Common name = sugar pine Scientific name = Pinus lambertiana ponderosa pine: Pinus ponderosa lodgepole pine: Pinus contorta

5 Escherichia coli or Escherichia coli
SCIENTIFIC NAME RULES Genus is CAPITALIZED (written first) Species is lower case Written in Latin Italicized OR underlined

6 Carolus Linnaeus: devised the binomial nomenclature system 1707-1778
Studied medicine Disappointed parents that he did not enter priesthood Studied plants to make medicines

7 Where do the names come from?
Often they are Latin words, but they may also come from Ancient Greek: from a place from a person (preferably a naturalist) a name from a local language including inside-jokes and puns Play on words

8 Some Unusual Names Crichtonsaurus Dong - (named after Michael Crichton – author of Jurassic Park) Lalapa lusa (tiphiid wasp) Abra cadabra (a clam) Enema pan (rhinoceros beetle) Orizabus botox (wrinkle free scarab beetle) Cedecea- (bacterium named after CDC)

9 Biologists prefer to call organisms by
Their scientific names rather than their common names No two species have the same scientific name although they may share a common genus. The genus name shows a very close relationship. Felis domestica cat Felis leo lion Felis onca jaguar Felis pardalis ocelot Felis concolor mountain lion


11 How Can I Remember All Those Names?
Kings Play Chess On Fine Glass Sand."


13 Bear Taxons

14 Dichotomous Key An identification key, also known as a dichotomous key, based on a series of two choices. Kinda like a scavenger hunt.

15 Making a Dichotomous Key
"Dichotomous" means "divided into two parts". always give two choices in each step


17 Divide into YOUR LAB GROUPS You will classify at least 15 LEAVES
Tape leaves at the end of the divisions

18 LEAF ACTIVITY EXAMPLE See there is a leaf at each dead-end.

19 Good Place to Start LEAF Tree ID Key (CLICK Here) Tree Key ALL LEAVES
How might you divide these? broadleaf needles LEAF Tree ID Key (CLICK Here) Tree Key

20 Tips Use measurements rather than terms like "large" and "small“(larger than 6”, smaller than 6”) Make the first choice a positive one - something "is" instead of "is not". If possible, start both choices of a pair with the same word. 1. a. wings covered by an exoskeleton b. wings not covered by an exoskeleton

Tree key (Click Here) Identify Tree by Name Key To leaves of Virginia Trees

22 Common Leaf Descriptions

23 LAB VIDEOS (for Shell Classification Lab Fig. 3)
(scroll down) Common lobster - Homarus gammarus - download video 06 – ARKive SERC - Education K12: Blue Crab Food Web Shrimp fiddler crab: Definition from (scroll down) Hermit Crab also type in shrimp + Blue Crab

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