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WELCOMES To the PRESENTATION. Date of Registration : 10-10-1958 Date of Business Commenced on : 30-10-1958 Licensed by RBI on : 14-09-1994 Scheduled Status.

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2 Date of Registration : 10-10-1958 Date of Business Commenced on : 30-10-1958 Licensed by RBI on : 14-09-1994 Scheduled Status : 20-07-1995 Area of Operation UT of Puducherry -1-

3 OBJECTIVES Providing service to the affiliated Co-op. Societies. Accept deposits/issue DDs./Locker facilities. Grant all types of Loan to affiliated Societies/Individuals Promote Rural Economic Development- KCC/JL etc., Branch outlets/Regional Branches to reach the unreached SHGs – Help under/unprivileged women. Policy guidelines to affiliated societies (RBI/NABARD). -2-

4 MANAGEMENT Last Election held on: 23-07-1977 The Board assumed charge on 30-07-1977 The Board period was 30-07-1977 to 30-06-1980 -3-

5 CLASSIFICATION OF MEMBERSHIP Rs. Crore Government A class Rs.1,000.. 1.88 Societies B class Rs. 100 Rs.1,000.. 12.43 Associate Members C class Rs.5 Rs.10.. 0.27 Total.. 14.58 The Board of Management is constituted by the representatives of the B class members (President / Delegates). -4-

6 Progress of membership and Share Capital for the 5 years (Rs. lakh) 2007-20082008-20092009-20102010-20112011-2012 MembersNos.AmountNos.AmountNos.AmountNos.AmountNos.Amount A class Government1187.841 1 1 1 B class Societies 284844.25 287957.542841035.882841148.622841243.12 C Class Individuals14157110.9315149811.9219789516.5924760421.5629844926.64 Total 1043.02 1157.30 1240.31 1358.02 1457.60 -5- There is no Govt. contribution for the past 15 years Eligible for Govt. share is Rs.5 crore

7 LAST 5 YEARS Working STATUS Rs. Lakh -6- PARTICULARSMar-08Mar-09Mar-10Mar-11Mar-12 OWNED FUNDS a. Share Capital (Indls& Sty)855.19969.461052.471170.181269.76 b. Share Capital (Govt)187.84 TOTAL1043.031157.301240.311358.021457.60 RESERVES3242.063286.643215.763360.103376.11 TOTAL4285.094443.944456.074718.124833.71 DEPOSITS a. Individuals18199.0822254.3824053.0428907.1938855.86 b. Societies6803.456982.547425.607052.977618.76 c. Public Sector Undertaking760.151223.60878.921483.052370.80 d. Local Bodies & Temples3081.693037.463120.983452.104416.96 TOTAL28844.3733497.9835478.5440895.3153262.38 BORROWINGS a. Nabard Borrowings1143.171263.492371.252770.071916.64 WORKING CAPITAL36009.941301.0644176.5050072.3962608.58 CASH a. Cash & Bal with Notif. Banks2715.432185.852836.143361.783286.77 b. Balance with other Banks31.3855.1671.7692.26122.17 INVESTMENTS a. Short Terms & Call Money3001.004085.002800.00900.002471.67 b. Government & Other Sec.8574.6210279.1512339.8010868.3514653.57 LOANS AND ADVANCES19783.5220874.1623550.1632114.5338728.44 No. of BRANCHES20+1 23+127+1 No. of EMPLOYEES219215211274272 PROFIT(+)/LOSS(-)(-)324.00(-)145.84(+)31.01(+) 38.87(+) 13.22

8 Financial Results for the 5 years Rs. Lakh LiabilitiesMar-08Mar-09Mar-10Mar-11Mar-12 Paid up SHARE CAPITAL1043.031157.301240.311358.021457.60 RESERVES & PROVISIONS2861.353076.752981.323098.413170.33 DEPOSITS28844.3733497.9835478.5440895.3053262.38 BORROWINGS1143.171263.502371.252700.071916.64 BRANCH ADJUSTMENT0.00 RESERVE ON OD INTEREST358.46209.89234.44351.66592.52 INTEREST PAYABLE844.251209.781358.171198.921756.82 OTHER LIABILITIES846.37900.62481.88458.81445.55 UNDIVIDED PROFIT66.94 0.00 COMPUTER SUSY.FROM GOVT1.94 Total36030.5341400.7744157.8350072.3962608.58 cont.. -7a-

9 Financial Results for the 5 years Rs. Lakh cont.. ASSETSMar-08Mar-09Mar-10Mar-11Mar-12 CASH in hand & Bank Balance2749.112241.012907.903954.043408.94 INVESTMENT and Call Deposits11575.6214364.1515139.8011268.3517125.23 LOANS AND ADVANCES19691.9120874.1623550.1632114.5338728.44 INTEREST RECEIVABLE905.031130.731269.251471.202062.76 BRANCH ADJUSTMENT2.37 2.360.00 LAND AND BUILDING429.02406.54457.63434.95412.00 FURNITURE118.51114.94151.95216.32187.70 Accumulated loss324.00469.84438.83399.96386.74 OTHER ASSETS214.311780.96229.97203.78291.97 Total36030.5341400.7744157.8350072.3962608.58 -7b-

10 Financial Results for the 5 years Rs. Lakh cont.. INCOMEMar-08Mar-09Mar-10Mar-11Mar-12 Interest on Advance & discount1613.272251.542521.013129.084212.82 Interest & Dividend on Invest844.29960.481042.66925.471010.75 Commission, exchange &Brokerage9.678.1212.918.316.99 Other receipts30.7329.8236.3246.5659.95 By overdue interest release62.86223.0940.470.680.00 Bad Debt Reserve0.0066.32126.830.00 Release of Others- depn on Furnit2.8339.2039.47209.840.00 LOSS during the year324.00145.840.00 Accumulated loss--469.84438.83399.96386.74 Total2887.653724.413819.674319.945290.51 -7c-

11 Financial Results for the 5 years Rs. Lakh cont.. EXPENDITUREMar-08Mar-09Mar-10Mar-11Mar-12 INT ON DEPOSIT1640.292162.302267.892157.753384.06 INT ON BORROWINGS20.8465.9475.13163.54176.06 SALARIES, ALLOWANCE634.29875.72919.521039.251065.25 Auditor fee, Law charges and postage6.154.615.6610.385.64 DEPRECIATION ON56.7859.4175.4485.7588.39 Provi for Asset0.005.0711.9621.980.00 OD INTEREST PROVISION126.0674.5265.02117.900.00 Provi for Bad Debts74.220.00 287.270.00 Other Expense323.24188.84364.68233.38557.89 Working PROFIT for the year0.00 31.0138.8713.22 Other Provisions-buldg Recoupmt5.78288.003.36163.870.00 Total2887.653724.413819.674319.945290.51 -7d-

12 Financial Results for the 5 years Rs. Lakh -7e- Sl.No: Particulars2007-082008-092009-102010-112011-12 a. Average Yield on Assets7.727.818.408.699.32 b. Average Cost of Funds5.195.865.514.976.36 c. Financial Margin (a-b)2.531.952.893.722.96 d. Miscellaneous Income0.130.650.160.110.10 e. Gross Margin (c + d)2.662.603.053.833.06 f. Cost of Management2.872.942.872.982.55 g. Risk Cost0.440. h. Net Margin(-) 0.65(-) 0.540.040.600.01

13 -8- ORGANISATION chart

14 Categories of Employees -9- 1Managing Director (1) 2General Manager (2) 3Asst.General Manager (2)Cash Officer (1) 4Manager (36)Chief Cashier (13)Development Officer (1) 5Asst. Manager (37)Computer Programmer (1)Cashier Gr.I (4) 6Asst.cum. Cashier Gr.II (32)Steno Typist Grade I (2)Typist Gr.I (3) 7Asst.cum. Cashier Gr.III (74)Legal Asst.(1)Data Entry Operator (1) 8Attender (12)Driver Gr.I (1)Watch Man Gr.I (3) 9Peon (10)Messenger (27)Driver Gr.II (1)

15 BENEFITS TO EMPLOYEES 1% Addl. interest on Deposits Loans: HBA 15 lakhs, Consumer 1 lakh, Conveyance upto 4 lakhs, Marriage Rs.1 lakh, Special Loan 1.5 lakhs, Job on Compassionate ground -10-

16 Last GENERAL BODY Meeting Held on 02-12-2010 -11-

17 AUDIT STATUS Audit Classification for 2010-2011 A -12-

18 Pondicherry : 23 Nos. Karaikal : 3 Nos. Mahe : 1 No. Yanam : 1 No. Total : 28 Nos. Having the Branches in the region of Out of the above 28 Branches, 10 branches are in its own building -13a-

19 BrNo.BranchesBrNo.Branches 1Bussy (Main)15Beach 2Karaikal16Sorapet 3Bazaar17T.R.Pattinam 4Mahe18Vevekanatha Nagar 5Thirubuvanai19Airport 6Bahour20Sulthanpet 7Kadhirkamam21H.O.Branch 8Villianur22Muthialpet 9Thirukkanur23Sedarapet 10L.R.Palayam24Moolakulam 11Yanam25Thirunallar 12Embalam26Kalapet 13Ariankuppam27Thavalakuppam 14Ilango Nagar28Kirumampakkam Location of 28 Branches -13-

20 BRANCHESYr-2008Yr-2009Yr-2010Yr-2011Yr-2012BRANCHESYr-2008Yr-2009Yr-2010Yr-2011Yr-2012 ARIANKUPPAM-45.90-24.69-40.947.15 -1.33 VILLIANUR-69.22-37.76-44.42-0.2435.81 BAHOUR-58.04-34.74-59.62-27.58 -66.13 VIVEKANDHA NAGAR-36.79-55.69-42.18-4.15-20.56 BAZAAR-46.51-57.95-35.407.49 3.42 YANAM-28.33-47.93-52.18-43.88-92.64 BEACH-47.58-41.62-46.02-30.66 -73.02 AIRPORT RD-94.64-145.82-152.15-125.40-281.40 EMBALAM-4.2123.78-2.2416.47 35.20 HO BRANCH286.34338.04485.39293.67210.46 ILANGO NAGAR94.0557.8450.4232.90 20.79 SULTHANPET-2.72-1.667.7730.2150.40 KADHIRKAMAM-14.99-21.5425.3881.78 97.83 MUTHIALPET -11.750.60-11.04 KARAIKAL2.7064.96-12.7372.28 120.31 SEDARAPET -5.130.916.37 L.R.PALAYAM29.4456.5640.4170.82 86.37 MOOLAKULAM -25.18-39.78 MAHE-100.67-105.67-108.54-114.16 -157.03 THIRUNALLAR -6.88-12.87 BUSSY-559.80-621.69-732.12-390.06 -470.41 KALAPET -6.16-7.52 T.R.PATTINAM-6.4124.39-47.47-27.88 -9.89 THAVALA KUPPAM -6.40-8.87 SORAPET-5.55-3.723.84 1.87 KIRUMAM PAKKAM -4.67-16.67 THIRUBUVANAI-1.8843.5845.2975.23 31.35HEAD OFFICE 404.70 450.55 794.94169.61 589.07 THIRUKKANUR-18.00-7.81-21.98-10.78 -6.87TOTAL -324.00-145.8431.0138.8713.22 Rs. Lakh -14- Branchwise Profit and Loss



23 ISSUES AND CHALANGES Going on financing the Sugar Mill, Spinning Mill, JPCO and other major sick units due to one pressure or other without strictly adhering the NABARD norms leads to heavy NPA, which is in turn leads to heavy loss to the Bank Lack of Government participation in the Share Capital for the past 15 years leads to reduction of CRAR -16a-

24 SUGGESTION: RCS may recommend for Government Guarantee on Loans. The Govt. may allocate Share Capital in the Budget provision (CRAR) The Govt. should initiate necessary steps to sign MoU for STCCS (GoI) The Department may recommend the Government/Quasi- Government entities to park surplus funds in this Bank. (Power Corporation, PIPDIC, Slum Clearance Board). -16-b

25 PROJECTS IN PIPELINE Installation of Core-Banking Solution (CBS) before 31.12.2012 -NABARD providing platform. Installation of Cheque Truncation System (CTS) by 01.07.2012 as per RBI direction. After introducing CBS, ATMS will be opened On completion of CBS, Open a Website. -17-

26 Mail ID: Address: 204 ECR ROAD MUDALIARPET PUDUCHERRY 605 004. -19-

27 Thank You..

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