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Project Planning and organisation. 1.0

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1 Project Planning and organisation

2 1.0


4 What is a Project? Reach a defined goal With limited resources Within a fixed time


6 Planning To think about: What are we supposed to achieve? How do we get there?






12 Too little planning No unified picture of what should be done Great risk to deliver the wrong thing Time is lost on rework Frustration of not having control of the situation Badwill, usually the client discovers that something is wrong

13 Too much planning You never get closer to the goal Increased risk that taget is moving Constant re-planning Never get to know the system Everyone gets frustrated by not getting to work

14 What is the right planning?


16 Some useful tools Mile stone plan Responsibility matrix Customer interaction tools Risk analysis

17 Milestone plan

18 10 When the system architecture description is approved by Product owner and System architect 2013-12-12

19 A good milestone plan Helicopter view State oriented, what not how 10-15 milestones Find soul of the project i.e. what is special (difficult / risky) in this particular project? Promotes communication internal/external Suitable MS candidates: external events, big risks (difficult things, not done in the past), natural deliverables

20 Responsibility matrix Role Task Resp Task Resp Task

21 Legend R= Responsible (incl. execution) E=Executes D=Makes decision I=Should be informed A=Advisor

22 Responsibility matrix CTOSystem Architect Product owner System Architecture IRD

23 Roles that tend to lead to success Project manager System architect Client nagger Integration responsible Test responsible CM responsible Team leads (scrum masters)

24 A good responsibility matrix Helicopter view Identified all external stakeholders Identified internal roles in the project Identified major responsibilities Contract between the project and its surroundings e.g. line managers and customers

25 Customer interaction One persons view limited by language Not the complete Requirements

26 Customer interaction tools System plays Continuous participation Fixed meeting times Nagging

27 Risk analysis Identify risks Anticipate probability 1-5 Anticipate impact 1-5 Multiply Sort the list Follwow up

28 RiskProba- bility ImpactWeight OS version buggy 4520 The flu4550 Late delivery of compiler 3.1 5315

29 Planning Find the soul of this particular project! What are the unique things? Where are the greatest risk? What should we prioritize? What are the real requirements?

30 ProductionDevelopment Repeat the same thingDo something new Over and over againand different

31 All Right, so how do I join you? If you wanna be one of the non-conformists, all you have to do is dress just like us and listen to the same music we do Source: South Park

32 The execution phase Work according to the plan... Improvise a lot

33 Project manager tasks Ensure it is always is clear what should be delivered Make sure there is always up to date plans Ensure that team members are motivated Ensure that clients and stakeholders "feel good" Make sure the necessary rules are followed Make sure that the momentum is sustained Ensure that decisions are made Nag, nag and nag Fix resources Report to Steering Group (Page 1 of 22)

34 Leadership in a project Client contact Visualize goals Fix prerequisites Ensure decisions are made Follow up Keep up the pace Motivate

35 Motivation Clear goal Project wanted / anchored Competence & methodology reasonable challenge Encouragment Trust Participation

36 Client The Project Demands The important interface Lucidity Realism

37 Behold the turtle, he makes progress only when his neck is out. -- DR. JAMES B. CONANT, HARVARD UNIV. PRESIDENT

38 ... A few words about testing

39 Im gonna make this work Im gonna test that this works

40 Im gonna make this work Im gonna test that this works

41 Im gonna make this work Im gonna break this!

42 The bitter truth If you want to survive you have to deliver on time and with the right quality... Despite that the customers are always changing their mind... And subcontractors fail... And the computer says no

43 The way to succed Focus on client Make a proper milestone plan Define responsibilities Try to follow the plan (PMs responsibility) Improvise Work hard

44 Thank you!

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