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South Africas No 1 in Refrigeration and air conditioning Is joining the GOING GREEN Campaign.

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1 South Africas No 1 in Refrigeration and air conditioning Is joining the GOING GREEN Campaign

2 Chemicals And air conditioning Bringing new life to hotels, convention centres, airports, shopping malls, and great buildings all over South Africa… By launching South Africas No 1 in Refrigeration

3 O3 Acidic Coil Cleaners and O3 Alkaline Coil Cleaners Are Safe Non-Corrosive and Part of the GOING GREEN campaign

4 Nelson Mandela Square Sandton Menlyn Park Pretoria OR Tambo Airport Johannesburg Riverside Mall Nelspruit East Rand Galleria Boksburg Our National Clients Include Gateway Umhlanga

5 Being associated with these prestigious clients is testimony to our product... Media24 Cape Town Civic Centreea V& A Waterfront Tyger Valley Shopping Mall Old Mutual Head Office CT Reserve Bank Cavendish Square Sandton City

6 Rennies Marble TowersRedefines 222 Smit Street Redefines Standard Bank Pretoria Successful trials have been done at

7 Going GREEN in Middelburg Before After Before After

8 Has pioneered a New Processed – Non Corrosive Acidic Coil Cleaner and a New Processed – Non Corrosive Alkaline Coil Cleaner Being odourless, they can be used during normal business hours Helping you avoid overtime costs

9 O3 Processed Acidic Coil Cleaner Powerful. New-generation. New technology. A non-corrosive chemical coil cleaner, specifically designed to remove contamination caused by: General Dust or Dirt Lint Grime Sea Salt

10 O3 Processed Alkaline Coil Cleaner Powerful. New-generation. New technology. A chemical coil cleaner, specifically designed to remove contamination caused by: oil grease fat aviation fuel

11 Current Cleaners? Usually contain highly corrosive Hydrochloric acid Will eventually corrode fins & coils Do not leave a protective film, extending coils & fin life Can cause acid burns on skin

12 Because it is Processed - O3 is Safe to use Non-corrosive – will never harm coils or fins Leaves a protective film Odourless and eco-friendly Completely safe to use during normal trading hours. No overtime required No acid burns to the skin

13 O3 Extends Equipment Life and Saves Money O3 Acidic and Alkaline Coil Cleaners are concentrated Mix the strength you wish to use on the job. Dilute it 1:1, 1:5; 1:10, or as a wash 1:15 Will never corrode the fins. Protects coils and fins with a protective film

14 No matter how often you use O3 Coil Cleaners... this will never happen to your coils

15 It is essential that face masks are worn the first time O3 chemicals are applied Standard old-fashioned, corrosive, hydrochloric acid-based cleaning chemicals clean to a depth of about 8cms. Powerful, non-corrosive O3 cleaners penetrate beyond that, to the very core of the coil, removing dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants that have been building up ever since the coil went into service. As they are removed, they give off a pungent odour, which lasts for about 5 minutes. Contaminants and bacteria that the tenants breathe in every day. No wonder air conditioning has such a bad name

16 Case Study UTS had a problem at OR Tambo International airport. Kerosene contaminants from jet fuel are resistant to ordinary acidic coil cleaning chemicals Solution: O3 Alkaline Coil Cleaner - in a 1:1 dilution removed all dirt on contact

17 The panel was restored to mint condition Airports round the world have the same problem. Coils facing the aircraft parking areas will always be coated with kerosene contaminants from the jet fuel. Ordinary acidic coil cleaning chemicals will not be effective against this problem. O3 Alkaline coil cleaner is designed to cope with these conditions quickly and efficiently. BeforeAfter

18 ON COIL READINGS 1.6 2.0 2.2 2.42.5 19.825.32% OFF COIL READINGS 1.5 AVERAGE IMPROVEMENT 28.31% Before and After Readings A MASSIVE 28.3% IMPROVEMENT IN AIR FLOW

19 Case Study The Gateway shopping mall – The largest mall in the Southern Hemisphere – Project Planned and executed by Senior Facility Manager, Ken Davidson

20 125 Coils cleaned, 1600 before and after velocity readings taken, showed an impressive 25% improvement in air velocity Saving: R60,000 per day Downtime reduced by more than 50%. Using O3 Coil Cleaners, O3 Germ Free, and O3 Bio-Degreaser in one of South Africas biggest coil cleaning projects GATEWAY -Theatre of Shopping Umhlanga


22 EXTRACT OF COIL READINGS DONE BY CHILL OUT 213.7% IMPROVEMENT IN AIR FLOW LocationTypeSize= Height x width x thickness in mm QTY of coils Average air flow in M/s After coil have been cleaned 01 November 2012 IMPROVEMENT ChillerAir cooled condenser 2200 X 1200 X 150 10 1.12.3 109.1% Main AHU plantChilled water coils 2800 X 900 X 250 12 1.5 middle 3.6 140.0% Petra unit(Front)Air cooled condenser 2000 X 1700 X 150 4 Petra unit indoor (Front) Dx coil1100 X 5000 X150 1 1.97.9 315.8% Petra Unit Back delivery (Small) Air cooled condenser 1500 X 4000 X 150 8 Petra unit indoor (Small) Dx coil3000 X 2200 X 150 2 1.55.8 205.3% Petra unit DischemAir cooled condenser 1500 X 1700 X150 4 Petra unit indoorDx coil1500 X 4000 X 150 1 1.56.1 306.7% Petra unit Higher levelAir cooled condenser 1500 X x1504 Petra unit Higher levelDx coil3000 X 2200 X 150 2 1.55.8 205.3%


24 9 AHUs cleaned The panels were restored to mint condition.. Before After

25 The Coil Readings A massive 121.24% improvement! UNIT No of Readi ng % No Readi ngsm/s GAIN/LOSS 1442243.63% 19AHU GM 12… 2Before1.902.003.90105.13% 2After3.904.108.00 34 AHU 2.8. 2Before1.901.803.7081.08% 2After3.303.406.70 19AHU GM 13… 2Before1.901.803.70116.22% 2After4.00 8.00 1562546.06% 121.24%

26 . Before After A massive 35.1% improvement! Case Study STANDARD BANK CENTRE FORESHORE

27 Case Study Media24 compared O3 Acidic Coil Cleaner against the product they were using. The coil they chose for the test had been cleaned with that product two months previously

28 The Before and After Coil Readings A 24% improvement in airflow!

29 Mineralia Building in Braamfontein Johannesburg. The building is owned by Redefine and is more than 30 years old.

30 Francesco La Mantia of Ambassador Air in Johannesburg cleaned these coils. He reported as follows: Please note the access to the back side (air leaving side) of the coils is near impossible to reach, but due to the penetrating capabilities of the 03 product we managed to clean the coils right through. Please note the access to the back side (air leaving side) of the coils is near impossible to reach, but due to the penetrating capabilities of the 03 product we managed to clean the coils right through.

31 As a result of the Mineralia coil clean we received the following letter Hello Michael, I met with Francesco and witnessed some of the equipment he had cleaned at one of our buildings. He will still send me the photos. The results were truly remarkable. I am by way of this E-Mail requesting all our service providers to utilise your product when they do the major services on our equipment! They already use another product which I suggest they now discontinue. I would certainly advocate the chemical be used in extreme situations! Regards Peter Brummer of REDEFINE

32 Case Study Nelson Mandela Square Sandton


34 Total No of Reading % Readings m/s GAIN/LOSS 3Before2.101.902.006.0023.33% 3After2.602.302.507.40 3Before1.801.901.805.5027.27% 3After2.302.502.207.00 3Before1.901.801.204.9030.61% 3After2.30 1.806.40 AVERAGE GAIN 27.07% BEFORE AND AFTER AIR FLOW READINGS A n improvement of 27.07%


36 Before After The coil serviced a restaurant and fast food area, so there was cooking oil and fat in abundance We used a 1:1 dilution of O3 Alkaline Coil Cleaner. The coil looked like new


38 BEFORE AFTER A small coil, which hadnt had its annual service. We used a 1:1 dilution of O3 Acidic Coil Cleaner. So much dirt came off, it blocked the drain pipe.

39 WATER DOESNT CLEAN! IT MERELY RINSES If water cleaned, then we wouldnt need soap in our shower or bath. Would we?

40 Rinsing down with water three times a year doesnt clean the coil. It merely removes surface dirt and is a costly exercise Costly because it wastes that precious commodity - water. Costly because it hardly improves air flow, and therefore doesnt reduce power consumption It is far more cost-effective to use O3 coil cleaning chemicals in a 1:15 dilution. They will remove dirt and other contaminants, maintaining the levels of cleanliness achieved by the original O3 clean, and reduce energy consumption They will also save a lot of water

41 O3 GREEN Air Con Maintenance Programme You service your car regularly dont you? You know that if you follow your service plan it will give years of trouble-free running. Then why not service your air con in the same way? It will assuredly extend its life and save you costly repairs. Just as you have an A Service, a B service, and a C service for your car, so you can have an A and B service for your air-con. Because O3 Acidic or Alkaline Coil Cleaner wont harm or destroy the fins – no matter how often you use them, they are the perfect products for your service programme

42 Start with an O3 - A Service. Think of this as your major service to be carried out every year. As we have shown the O3 Acidic Coil Cleaner or O3 Alkaline Coil Cleaner in a 1:1 solution: Is guaranteed to remove any contaminants in the system Leaves an inhibitor to retard rust build-up. Restores air velocity to optimum levels. Completely safe for the eco system Extends the life of coils and fins Is part of the going green campaign O3 GREEN Air Con Maintenance Programme

43 Now you can also use O3 Acidic Coil cleaner or Alkaline Coil Cleaner to do your general coil cleaning B - SERVICE: Four months after that, do the O3 - B Service. It is a mid-term deep wash, which uses a dilution of 1:15 - O3 Processed Coil Cleaners. They cost less than R5.00 per litre – almost cheaper than water! Continue to do the B service every four months for the rest of the 12 months cycle. Then do the A Service to start the cycle again.

44 The most efficient, Cost-effective Time-saving Coil Cleaners Part of the GOING GREEN Campaign

45 Going really GREEN With Working for a Better Planet and

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