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New York By: Bella Koolmo.

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1 New York By: Bella Koolmo

2 New York’s State Nickname and Motto
New York’s state nickname is the Empire State. The Empire State building is located in New York. New York’s state motto is Excelsior. It means “Ever Upward.”

3 New York’s State Capital
New York’s state capital is Albany, NY. Albany is the leading producer of pecans and peanuts.

4 New York’s Population and Year
New York’s population is million! It became that population in 2012.

5 New York’s Largest City
New York’s largest city is New York City. New York City’s population is 8,405,837.

6 Statehood Date New York’s statehood date is July 26, 1788.

7 New York’s Bordering States
Pennsylvania New Jersey Connecticut Massachusetts Vermont

8 New York’s Region New York is located in the Northeast region.

9 Tourist Attractions Statue of Liberty Central Park
Empire State Building

10 State Beverage State Fruit Milk Apple

11 New York’s State Flower
New York’s state flower is the Rose.

12 New York’s State Bird New York’s state bird is the Eastern bluebird.

13 New York’s State Gemstone
New York’s state gemstone is the wine red garnet.

14 New York’s State Animal
New York’s state animal is the beaver.

15 Highest Temperature New York’s highest temperature was 108 degrees.

16 Lowest Temperature New York’s lowest temperature was -52!

17 New York’s State Flag This is New York’s state flag.

18 Lou Gehrig Lou Gehrig was born in New York City, NY.

19 Mae West Mae West was born in Brooklyn, NY.

20 Claire Danes Claire Danes was born in New York City, NY.

21 Sources

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