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RLSS Water Safety Workshop

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1 RLSS Water Safety Workshop
Drowning Information Forward Exit

2 The Facts of Drowning Who is most likely to drown?
15 to 19 year old males are the largest group of casualties, weak and strong swimmers are both at risk Why do people drown? Trying to save others or pets, falling in unexpectedly, during water sports, swimming after consuming alcohol, showing off in front of mates Where are people most likely to drown? Inland water sites, mainly rivers and streams although many drownings happen at other popular areas Back Forward Forward Exit

3 Why is water safety important?
How many people around the world die from drowning each year? 1.2 Million! Back Forward Forward Exit

4 Who? - Case Study Doncaster boy Lewis Eddleston drowned in ditch
Sheffield & South Yorkshire A 13-year-old boy found dead in a ditch in Doncaster died from drowning, a post-mortem examination has found. Haydn Evans drowning in Carden Park Hotel lake accidental, inquest jury rules North East Wales A teenager who drowned in the lake of a luxury hotel after being thrown out of a Christmas party died as a result of an accident... Wrexham river deaths: Alicia Williams and David Platt drowned North East Wales A couple who had been walking their dogs drowned after entering a swollen river in Wrexham, a coroner has heard. Back Forward Forward Exit

5 Why? – Friends Like These
We have seen that people can drown when: Trying to save children or pets Swimming after consuming alcohol Falling in unexpectedly Taking part in water sports But...why do so many young people get into trouble? Click the middle of the screen to play the video! Before the video tell the pupils that the video shows several key mistakes made by the group to look out for. Click to Play Video Back Forward Forward Exit

6 Play Your Cards Right Where do people drown?
Flip through the cards and decide whether you think the statistics get higher or lower Back Forward Forward Exit

7 Next Resetting Cards Back Forward Reset Exit

8 Next Back Forward Reset Exit

9 Click on the model on the next slide to reveal the answers.
Drowning Prevention Think about the 4 main reasons for drowning and how you can reduce each of these risks. Click on the model on the next slide to reveal the answers. Back Forward Forward Exit

10 Action to prevent drowning
2h Drowning Prevention Model REDUCE DROWNINGS Key Cause of drowning Resetting Poster Action to prevent drowning Back Forward Reset Exit

11 Provide warnings & deny access Increase survival skills
2h Drowning Prevention Model REDUCE DROWNINGS Lack of knowledge Uninformed access Inability to cope Lack of supervision Educate and inform Key Cause of drowning Provide warnings & deny access Increase survival skills Action to prevent drowning Provide supervision So the final activity of this section of the workshop is the Drowning Prevention Model. This outlines the main causes of drowning and what can be done to prevent this. We have a poster here, can anyone tell me the main reasons people drown, just shout out your answers. *Play game – prompt answers if necessary* ANSWERS BELOW 1. Lack of knowledge – educate and inform 2. Uninformed access – provide warnings / deny access 3. Lack of supervision – provide supervision 4. Inability to cope – increase survival skills Back Reset Exit

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