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Welcome to Lakelands Park Middle School

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1 Welcome to Lakelands Park Middle School
Incoming Sixth Grade Parent Meeting January 31, 2012 RT - Resource Teacher

2 Outcomes By the end of tonight’s meeting, parents will have:
Met key Lakelands Park Middle School staff Received information about 6th grade course offerings, registration, and other important LPMS materials Identified resources for questions or inquiry RT - Resource Teacher

3 Welcome from Our Principal Mrs. Deborah Higdon
Building a Purposeful, Measureable & Successful Community through a Rigorous and Challenging Curriculum RT - Resource Teacher

4 Introduction of Staff Joel Beidleman, AP Carrie Reed, AP
Karen Luensman, Resource Counselor David Earley, 6th Grade Counselor Katie Filano, 6th Grade Team Leader/ Science RT Karen Boyd, 6th Grade Team Leader Melissa Brown, RTSE Stephanie Sheron, Social Studies RT Pam Krawczel, Math RT Kelly Gowetski- English RT Stefanie Draisen, World Language RT Susan Koser, Reading Specialist Charlie Wang, ESOL RT - Resource Teacher RTSE – Resource Teacher Special Education

5 Parent Teacher Student Association
Communication Gone are the days of “Friday Folders” Parents need to be more proactive Membership & Volunteering Activities Spirit Wear RT - Resource Teacher

6 Instructional Program
RT - Resource Teacher

7 English/Language Arts Offerings
Adv English or English 6 GT Reading 6 Specialized Reading Intervention Courses (ie: READ 180) ESOL 1 through 5 RT - Resource Teacher

8 English 6th Grade Unit Theme: Kaleidoscopes
English classes focus on the communication processes of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing through the study of language and literature. Courses are organized into four thematic units: Unit 1: Foundations Unit 2: Adventures Unit 3: Challenges and Barriers Unit 4: Choices RT - Resource Teacher

9 English 6th Grade Unit Theme: Kaleidoscopes
Each unit address an over-arching theme designed to serve as a lens through which students explore the human experience across time and distance in their own writing and published exposition, narration, poetry, and drama. RT - Resource Teacher

10 GT Reading 6 This class focuses on how the reading process is applied to exposition and narration. Students learn the importance of strategic reading in order to build a firm foundation for success as a reader. RT - Resource Teacher

11 Specialized Reading Classes
Specialized Reading Classes will be developed to meet the individual needs of the reader; guided by input from the previous year’s teacher, various reading assessments, writing samples, and overall performance. These classes will have a reduced number of students; examples of possible classes include READ 180. RT - Resource Teacher

12 WORLD LANGUAGE Types of world language classes offered at LPMS in grade 6: Spanish 1A and French 1A 1st half of level one is taught Students earn ½ of a high school credit Culture aspects of the language are integrated into the lessons Thematic units address listening, speaking, reading and writing skills *food *weather *pastimes *school *numbers *greetings *clothing *current events RT - Resource Teacher

13 World Language Placement
The following criteria are used as guidelines for placement in World Languages: A score of 437 or higher on the MSA Reading Grade 4 test A RIT Score of 215 or higher on the fall MAP-R A RIT Score of 219 or higher on the winter MAP-R Reading/World Language Ready recommendation by the 5th grade teacher RT - Resource Teacher

14 WORLD LANGUAGE In addition, a World Language ‘ready’ student….
is motivated is hard-working is independent is disciplined has great study skills is a self-advocate has a good grasp of grammatical concepts RT - Resource Teacher

15 MATH OFFERINGS for 6th Graders
Investigations in Mathematics Algebra 1A/B * (High School Credit) RT - Resource Teacher

16 Middle School Course Sequencing for Mathematics
GRADE 6 GRADE 7 GRADE 8 Math 6 Math 7 Algebra Prep Math 7 IM Algebra 1 IM Algebra 1 Honors Geometry Algebra 1 Honors Geometry Honors Algebra 2 RT - Resource Teacher

17 Science Project Based Cross-Curricular Topics of Study
Requires problem solving and hands-on exploration of curriculum concepts Instruction is woven around the culminating project for each unit Cross-Curricular S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Students engage in purposeful reading and writing throughout the curriculum Topics of Study Ecosystems Diversity and Adaptation of Organisms Forces and Motion Energy Light and Sound Science RT / 6th Grade Team Leader

18 Science PROJECTS: Unit 1: Sudden Impact – design and build a bumper
Unit 2: Butterfly Habitat – design a habitat for the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly Unit 3: Going Green – design a “green building” for MCPS Unit 4: Alternative Energy – hold an “Energy Summit” to determine the best for of alternative energy to promote in Montgomery County Science RT / 6th Grade Team Leader

19 Social Studies and Adv. Social Studies
The Adv. Curriculum provides enriched opportunities for learning about ancient world history. Building on the current four units of Grade 6 world studies, students will deepen their understanding of the rich cultures and history from the earliest human settlements to great civilizations of the year 1000 CE. Students are challenged to analyze archaeological evidence, ask questions to further their knowledge, and understand history as ongoing investigation. RT - Resource Teacher

20 Social Studies and Adv. Social Studies
Four thematic units: Patterns of Settlement in Ancient and Modern Times (Geography) Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (Political Systems) The Impact of Economics: Ancient and Modern China (Economic Systems) Cultural Systems: The First Millennium and Today (Cultural and Social Systems) RT - Resource Teacher

21 Electives Arts Rotation – 9 weeks rotational classes (POSSIBLE COURSES: art, computers, technology, music, drama) Chorus 6 Band 6 Orchestra 6 RT - Resource Teacher

22 Physical Education All Students have three quarters of Physical Education and one quarter of health Physical Education units are four weeks long and include activities such as basketball, football, fitness, soccer, softball, handball and bowling Students work on skill progression, understanding game strategy and working as a team Students have formative and summative grades on skills, game play, tactics and a written test at the end of each unit. RT - Resource Teacher

23 Physical Education Every quarter each student will maintain a portfolio where they will track their physical progress and keep a record of the accomplishment of their goals. Students are required to have a complete change of clothes for class. Students are graded based on unit objectives. The ultimate goal of the Physical Education program is to provide information to each student on how to properly exercise and remain a physically active person for life. RT - Resource Teacher

24 Health Units for Health include: Mental health
Tobacco, Alcohol, and other Drugs Personal and Consumer Health Nutrition and Fitness Safety and Injury Prevention Family Life and Human Sexuality Disease Prevention and Control RT - Resource Teacher

25 Library Media Program Effective information users & life-long learners
Over 25,000 books, 34 computers, 20 netbooks Online Resources & Media Center homepages Note taking, Internet safety & copyright Co-plan & co-teach research projects

26 Outdoor Education 3 day/2 night educational experience
Locations are Smith Center, Skycroft, Summit Lake Students engage in instructional courses, recreational activities, and evening entertainment RT - Resource Teacher

27 Registration Form- Top
RT - Resource Teacher

28 Registration Form RT - Resource Teacher

29 Registration Form Deadline
Forms are due to fifth grade teachers by Friday, February 6th RT - Resource Teacher

30 Thank you for coming! Please visit break out tables in the atrium
and take advantage of student-led building tours. RT - Resource Teacher

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