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3 Flying Leap: A beagle jumps during the Asian International Dog Show in Tokyo.

4 Balancing Act: Hundreds of swallows balance on canes on the Dojran Lake in Macedonia.

5 Talk To The Hand: A langur monkey reaches for a camera held by an elephant's trunk at the Pench National Park in Maharastra, India.

6 Butting Heads: Goats fight as locals watch during the Nuoluzi Festival in Qiemo county, China.

7 Sweet Reward: A hornet inspects a nest in a field near Amman, Jordan.

8 Icy Stare: A dog plays in the snow at Sutton Bank, England.

9 Crying Wolf: Zookeeper Luo Yong sings to wolves at the Chongqing Yongchuan Safari Park in Chongqing, China.

10 Afternoon Siesta: A lion yawns during a warm fall afternoon at the Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage in central Zimbabwe.

11 Wandering Eyes: Three Khao Manee cats look on at Thailand's Royal Cat Park in the Nakhon Pathom province.

12 Flying Leap: A thoroughbred horse stands during the Sacab Andalusian Horse Show in Coin, Spain.

13 Solo Seal: A harp seal pup lies on an ice floe in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Canada.

14 Shake It Off: Kodiak bear Barbucha shakes the water from his coat in his enclosure at the Zoo in Duisburg, Germany.

15 A Mother's Love: Basel, a 1-month-old giraffe, nuzzles his mother, Peggy, at San Diego Zoos Wild Animal Park.

16 Gone Fishing: An osprey carries a fish to its nest at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

17 Having a Field Day: A group of Kashmir stags pass through grassy slopes in Dachigam National Park on the outskirts of Srinagar, India.

18 The Love Boat: Petra, a black swan, is reunited with a swan-shaped paddle boat at the Aasee lake in Muenster, Germany. She made headlines when she appeared to fall in love with the paddle boat in spring 2006, never leaving its side.

19 On Her Own Two Feet: Faith the dog walks to her room at Red Roof Inn with her family member Jude Stringfellow. Faith was born without front legs and has learned to walk upright.

20 Sibling Rivalry: Two polar bear cubs play as their mother rests at the Moscow Zoo.

21 Ready To Race: A Siberian husky peers out from his cage before the start of a sled dog competition in Domonyvolgy, Hungary.

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