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Luis Garratón, Inc. Business Profile 1. Who we are Our Commitment Our Mission Our Vision Values Human Resources Organization Healthcare Division Consumer.

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1 Luis Garratón, Inc. Business Profile 1

2 Who we are Our Commitment Our Mission Our Vision Values Human Resources Organization Healthcare Division Consumer Division Logistics Division Market Scope Leadership Team 2

3 Luis Garratón, Inc. (LGI) is a privately owned corporation established in 1948. Today, the Company provides services and sales of ethical and OTC pharmaceutical products and consumer goods such as: dry foods, household goods and health and beauty products. Also, LGI is specialized in providing 3PL warehousing and logistic services. Corporate Headquarters and Warehouse facilities are located in Luchetti Industrial Park, Bayamón, Puerto Rico. Warehouse is 80,000 sq ft., with a controlled temperature area for Rx products. In addition, LGI has a 170,000 sq ft. warehouse facility located in San Juan and Droguería Betances with 60,000. LGI and Droguería Betances, an affiliated company, with a combined total sales volume exceeding $400 millions. 3

4 We succeed only when we meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. We have a passion for excellence and endeavor to set and deliver the highest standards of service, value, integrity and fairness. 4

5 To market and sell quality products and services through higher standards of performance for the benefit of the companies that we represent, their customers, our employees and the community we serve. 5

6 Establish a solid network with clients and suppliers by providing full market coverage for their consumers. Excel in the logistics business services providing our clients with a state-of-the-art technology, quality assurance programs and high caliber professionalism. 6

7 Our actions are a reflection of our values. For this reason we engage ourselves to the highest levels of Ethical behavior. Client Focus Being committed to our clients, performing whatever it takes to exceed their expectations. Integrity To perform our services with absolute rectitude, transparency and honesty. Team Work Active participation in collaborative efforts to generate measurable and sustainable results to advance our business partners. 7

8 Our Values Leadership Alignment with our business partners needs, to achieve extraordinary results and support their business growth. Innovation Creative initiatives in our daily performance on behalf of our clients and their customers. Respect A true commitment to respect our Clients, Suppliers, Colleagues and the communities that we serve. 8

9 Our Values Accountability To assume total responsibility for the results of our professional performance. Commitment and Absolute Loyalty To fulfill our business and Christian roles in the communities we serve. 9

10 Job Evaluation Policy Areas of opportunities Reinforcement of strengths Reward and Recognition Policy Non-union labor environment Effective communication Open door policy Continuous training Personnel Turnover Minimum Individual Advancement Quality of Life 10


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14 Among the current, distinguished companies that our Healthcare Division represent are: Warner Chilcott Genzyme Laboratories Glaxo SmithKline JHP Pharmaceuticals MEDA Pharmaceuticals Reckitt Benckiser Shire U.S. Abbott Laboratories PR Inc. 14

15 Product and supplier loyalty, focused on our represented products. Sales & marketing strategies, development and executions. In-store and Pharmacy promotions. Daily visits to physicians offices and follow up calls. Sales/Inventory report analysis to determine sales performance and trends. Active participation and support of our partners in trade shows, conventions and outreach events. 15

16 Rx and OTC products registration in the Puerto Rico Department of Health. Coordination of training seminars for Medical and Sales Representatives. Government Sales: Bids Contracts Marketing efforts targeted to family, gastroenterologists, hematologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, general and internal medicine physicians. 16

17 17 Regular visits to community hospitals, PHS Hospitals and drug wholesalers. Direct sales to pharmacies. Key drug wholesalers, top chains and independent stores networking. Medical conferences with health-related professionals to introduce pharmaceutical products and enhance existing ones. Managed Care Support Presentation of new products to insurance companies approvals in formularies (including Health Reform) and proposal negotiations Compliance with Federal and local laws, regulations and rules. Return goods service to customers.

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20 CHAININDEPENDENT VP SALES & MARKETING Consumer Products Sales Supervisor Key Account 3 Brand Manager School Supply 1 Sales Supervisor At Large 1 Sales Rep 10 Customer Service 2 Merchandiser 6 Customer Service 2 Sales Rep. 8 Administrative Assistant Merchandiser 4 20

21 In-store planograms to maximize product exposure. Consistent strategic promotional efforts to support our Brands. Monitor distribution levels to obtain strong market coverage. Periodic business reviews with top chains. Merchandising efforts to support the selling cycles. Market Research to determine product positioning. Active participation in trade shows and conventions. Periodic business reviews with our suppliers to identify opportunities. Our Consumer Division Services 21

22 HBC/ OTC Boost Humphreys Lanman & Kemp Garden House Labs Ciruelax / Prunelax Konsyl Labs AMO Natural Systems STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Schering 3M Gerber SCHOOL SUPPLY Crayola Bic Pentel Pilot Libretas Manpa OTHER CONSUMER BRANDS Same/Equal Westsoy Universal Manufacturing Nissin Soup Pic Corp. Servaas Labs Bar Keeper Friends King Pine NUK Wysinco D and H Products Among the current Brands that our Consumer Division distributes are: 22

23 Hospitals Government Institutions Community Pharmacies Drugstore Chains Cooperative Buying groups Drug stores Supermarkets Food Clubs Independent Supermarkets Supermarket Chains Mass Merchandisers Department Stores Drug Wholesalers Hardware Stores Doctors United States Military Bases Our Market Scope 23

24 OUR MARKET Drugstores 700 Mass Merchandiser 188 Chain Supermarkets 183 Independent Supermarkets 306 Wholesalers 18 Independent Stores Buying Groups Discount Stores Dollar Stores Supermarket Walgreens, CVS, Amal Community Pharmacies Coopharma, Aliadas, Good Neighbor, ABC RX, Plaza, Caridad Always 99, Ahorro Xpress Walmart, Kmart, Pitusa, Capri, Topeka Pueblo, Grande, Hiper, Amigo Supermax, Ralphs, Plaza Gigante, Mr. Special, Super Ahorro Independently Owned Food Wholesalers and Cash & Carry Ponce C&C, Oscar C&C, Perez Hnos., Hnos Santiago Sams, Costco Gas Stations Centro Ahorros, Mi Familia, Mi Casa, Union Econo, Selectos Drugstore Chains Convenience Stores Supermarkets Membership Clubs Our Market 24

25 Discount Stores 25

26 Dollars Stores 26

27 Drugstores Chains 27

28 Independent Drugstores and Buying Groups 28

29 Supermarket Chains 29

30 Membership Clubs 30

31 Independent Supermarkets – Buying Group Independent Supermarkets – Buying Groups 31

32 Food Wholesalers and Cash & Carry 32

33 33


35 Logistics Division Scope As a third party logistics provider (3PL), LGI specializes in integrated warehousing, IT and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers needs. We have achieved strategic alliances with key business partners by providing value added services. We have become their primary service provider, going beyond our logistics operations 35

36 Service Culture LGIs primary Organizational principle is its Service Culture. It is a natural way of thinking for all our employees, constantly seeking to meet and exceed our customers and business partners expectations. The Service Culture is reinforced in all trainings provided to LGI employees at all levels in the organization. It is also properly evaluated and rewarded in the annual employee performance evaluation process. 36

37 Logistic Services Warehousing Includes facility for controlled substances and temperature controlled area. Transportation. 24 hour delivery Sales and Distribution. Medical Representatives. IT System (hardware & software). Our system, ASW contains WMS, Finance & Accounting and Sales modules Flexible reporting capabilities Customer Service Representatives. Special package customization. 37

38 Designed for Consumer and Pharmaceutical Distribution. Radio frequency system. Manage product by lot number and expiration date. Location Management. Full integrated platform that can communicate with: SAP JD Edward Oracle System Cycle Count System. Dangerous Goods Handling. Customer Delivery System. Alert System – notifies via e-mail or text message to a mobile device that the product has been delivered 38

39 Management Commitment QA principles in strategic planning Provide required financial, material and personnel resources to fulfill operational goals Effective communication across all levels of the organization Facilities and Equipment Cleaning Pest Control Written Procedures Warehousing and Handling of Inventory Personnel Management Training Development Reward & Recognition Safety Security Record keeping Monitoring 39

40 Performance Indicators Tracking of Results Contractors Responsibilities Contractual agreements Training Compliance with QA and Safety Requirements Self Improvement program Quarterly Self Audits Active participation from all operational areas Corrective plan developed and Implemented 40

41 On-time deliveries Dispatch productivity Dispatch accuracy Receiving Performance Inventory accuracy Cycle Count Inventory variations Claims Damages 41

42 Consumer & Over the counter products Nestlé Cordialsa Boricua Empaques Revlon Vinos Selección Rx & Controlled substance products Efficient Laboratories Lanza & Sons. Llorens Pharmaceuticals Portal Pharmaceuticals Report Labs. Biovail 42

43 Benefits Obtained by our Customers by Choosing LGI as their 3PL Improvements in their operations Performance Organization Quality program Product integrity IRA Damage reduction Continuous Improvement Optimization of resources utilization Special packaging preparation when low demand Flow of resources from other areas to support peaks on demand. Support to business growth without added costs 43

44 Our Management Over 20 years of experience in Logistics Business High Quality Professionals from Logistics Industry Service and Quality Culture Knowledge of Internal Controls Sarbanes Oxley requirements Over 20 transitions of companies to third party logistics 44

45 Raúl Rodríguez, CPA President/ CEO As President / CEO, Raúl brings to LGI Inc. an extensive and profound experience in leading top locally owned companies in Puerto Rico. He started his career at Deloitte & Touche and later worked as Vice President of Finance and Administration at César Castillo, Inc. Among the outstanding positions that he has occupied during his career are: Chairman of the CPA Society of Puerto Rico 2001-02; Chairman/ Treasurer of the ICPR Junior College Board 1985-2004 and Chairman of the Inter-American Accountant Associations Quality Commissions from 2002 to present. Raúl has been the recipient of various professional awards; among them, the Certified Public Accountant of Puerto Rico in 1993. As an active community leader, he has volunteered in major civic and sports associations, among other community initiatives. A graduate from the University of Puerto Rico, Raúl holds a Business Administration Degree, with a major in Finance and Accounting. He is a Certified Public Accountant. Raul is also President/ CEO of Droguería Betances. Executive Team 45

46 Executive Team Rafael Rodríguez Vice-President Rafael hold a Business Administration Degree, with a major in Marketing from the University of Puerto Rico. He started his business career working in a Family Owned business. He was one of the founding members of the Selecto Chains Supermarkets. In 1981, he moved to the US, worked with town Fortune 500 companies Campbell Soup Company and the Miller Brewing Co., a division of Phillip Morris, working as a Sales Representative, Account Manager, Brand Manager and Sales Supervisor. With Grupo Modelo, the manufacturer of Corona Extra, he worked in the International Division managing the Caribbean and the Central American Market. 46

47 Executive Team María Victoria León Freire, CPA Director Financial Department 47

48 Elizabeth Garratón, R.Ph. Vice-President Healthcare Division Elizabeth is a Registered Pharmacist, graduated from the University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus, 21 years ago. As Vice President of the Healthcare Division of LGI, she leads all the Companys ethical, OTC products marketing, and sales strategies executions. Characterized by a dynamic personality, she was responsible for the outstanding launch of Suboxone® and Subutex® products in the local market, being the first time that a medicine serves as a true alternative for opiate addiction in Puerto Rico. Executive Team 48

49 Carlos holds an MBA in Marketing from the University of New Haven in Connecticut. Later, he lead his own Company dedicated to Product Management for 14 years. Previously, he was Brand Manager for Kellogg's and Marketing Manager for Revlon in Puerto Rico. As Vice President of LGI Consumer Division, he is responsible for the strategic planning, marketing and sales of LGI consumer goods. His ability to understand the consumer mindset and uncover the consumer insights has built LGI business to a new level. Therefore, enhancing LGI customers relationships. Carlos Martinez, MBA Vice-President Consumer Division Executive Team 49

50 Marisol González Jiménez, Executive Director A proactive and forward thinker, Marisol is a Summa Cum Laude Business Administration graduate of the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, with 15 years of experience and hands-on knowledge in sales, marketing and operations. An energetic leader, her excellent organizational and motivational skills and business focus earned her the actual role in LGI leadership team. Executive Team 50

51 Executive Team Patience and perseverance are the attributes that mostly characterizes Janette. She has worked her way up at LGI over the past ten years. She started in 1994 as a Medical Representative; by 2002 she became Sales Supervisor, by 2004 Director of our Pharmaceutical Division and by 2005, Brand Manager. She is responsible, among many other things, for monitoring product sales and marketing in drugstores and for the success of Ciruelax® market leading brand and recipient of LGI Top Company Awards in 2002 and 2004, respectively. She is also in charge of several OTC product lines. Janette holds a bachelors Degree in Science with a major in Medical Representative from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. 51

52 Enid holds a Bachelors Degree in Science in Industrial Engineering from The University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. She worked as a Supply Chain Manager for Procter & Gamble for 14 years covering the areas of Purchasing, Inventory Management, Warehouse Management, Inbound/Outbound Transportation, 3PL Management, Quality Assurance and Internal Controls Areas. With her vast experience in all Supply Chain Logistics areas, she is key to the development and implementation of the highest standards on the operational performance as well as on the Quality Assurance and Internal Controls areas of LGI. She is also an expert in SAP on the Purchasing, Warehouse Management and Master data Modules. She has been trained as coach on Developing People, Total Quality Management, Persuasive Selling, 5 Sigma, among many other logistics relevant topics. Executive Team 52

53 Francisco J. Rivera PE Director, Logistics Division Frank holds a Bachelors Degree in Science in Industrial Engineering from The University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. He have worked in Manufacturing and Distribution for Pharmaceutical, Consumer Healthcare, Medical Device, Food, Beverage and Newspaper industries. Experienced in Logistics, Project Management, Computers ERP/MRP Systems Implementations and QA Regulatory Compliance. He worked as Logistics Manager for GlaxoSmithkline in charge of Inventory Management, Distribution, Warehouse Management,Inbound/Outbound Transportation and 3PL Warehouse Management. He is also an expert on the Planning, Procurement, Warehouse Management, Production, Quality and Distribution Business Data Objects of several ERP systems including SAP. Hands on experience in planning, designing, implementing and operating project phases for the remediation of the Warehouse & Distribution and Returns & Salvage Quality systems in a pharmaceutical plant under an FDA Consent Decree environment allowing the site achieve QA Regulatory Compliance. Effective Project Manager with an excellent track record of developing and executing plans, assessing staff requirements, managing cost and meeting deadlines. Trained on Leadership Edge, Accelerated Change Methodology, Management for Continuous Improvements, Train the Trainers, Write Right, Managing Employee Safety and Health among other Logistic related areas. Executive Team 53

54 Arturo holds a Bachelors Degree in Public Communications from The University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. He worked for 7 years with Méndez & Co., Inc. as Operations Manager covering all aspects of their business (Provisions, Frozen Products and Liquors). Arturo is a Manager with extensive experience in the Logistics and Operations areas in diverse industries. He has strong skills in project management and strategic planning and wide knowledge of the supply chain management process. He also has ample administrative capacity of the labor relations area, including the supervision of unionized staff. Executive Team 54

55 Company 60 years of Market Experience Long term relationship with principals Product Management structure Merchandising support Marketing Support Diversified product portfolio Strong sales force structure Service and Quality Culture High level of professionalism and integrity Long term commitment 55

56 With over 60 years of market experience, LGI has the people, the knowledge and the programs to successfully achieve your Company business goals in todays Caribbean marketplace. Lets fuel your growth and success, lets do it with Luis Garratón, Inc! Rev. 10/18/10 56

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