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Interesting and Unusual.

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1 Interesting and Unusual

2 The Devil’s Face at Tandapi in Ecuador

3 Monuments at Afara in Algeria

4 Rice Fields at Ubud in Indonesia

5 The Lion of Waterloo in Belgium

6 Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. 6000 square miles of salt

7 The Highest Flag Mast in the World in North Korea

8 Cascades National Park at Krka in Croatia

9 Roman Theatre at Amman in Jordan

10 A pylon after a snowstorm at Lapland in Finland

11 Prehistoric City at Biskupin in Poland

12 The Colosseo at D'El Djem in Tunisia

13 Perito Moreno Iceberg in Argentine
15 km long and 5 km wide

14 The Giant of Wattens in Austria

15 Independence Monument at Phnom Penh in Cambodia

16 Boxes Shells (box-shaped huts) at Maroua in Cameroon

17 Leaping Salmon at New Brunswick in Canada

18 The Daibutsu in Japan

19 Monsanto Village in Portugal (Built under rocks)

20 The Giants at Easter Island in Chile

21 Disko Bay is famous for its gigantic tabular icebergs in Greenland

22 The famous Water Towers in Kuwait City
(water storage containers)

23 Diving Death at Quebrada Ravine at Acapulco in Mexico

24 Decorated Truck in Pakistan

25 Memnon Colossus in Egypt

26 WW2 American Cemetery at Manila in The Philippines

27 Londonese Tower of Pisa at London in England

28 Observatory at Arecibo in Puerto RIco

29 Hanging Coffins at Sagada in The Philippines

30 Monastery of 10,000 Buddhas at Sha Tin in China

31 Dining on Water at Tahiti

32 The 101 Taipei Tower in Taiwan

33 Heathrow Airport at London in England
Schwechat Airport at Vienna in Autria

34 Roman Aqueducts at Segovia in Spain

35 The Blue Hole at Belize in Central America

36 Lehman Caves at Great Basin, Nevada in USA

37 Sandstorm in Iraq

38 Toonworld at Universal Studio at Osaka in Japan

39 The Wailing Wall at Jerusalem in Israel

40 Buddhist Temple at Borobudur in Indonesia

41 Elephant – shaped Hills in China

42 Salvador Dali Museum at Figueras near Barcelona in Spain

43 Nest of the Swallow Castle at Yalta in Ukraine

44 Edinburgh Airport in Scotland

45 The Lion and the Buddha at Zhanghua in Taiwan

46 Eruption of Volcano Pinatubo in 1991 in The Philippines

47 Ramses II Temple at Abou Simbel in Egypt

48 This tree at Tana Toraja in Indonesia contains Babies’ tombs

49 One can swim in Pink Lake in Senegal.
One does not drown here because the salt water supports one’s body

50 Fort Derawar at Cholistan in Pakistan

51 Barcelona Cathedral in Spain

52 The Tower at the port at Kobe in Japan

53 Hotel Atlantis Paradise with the nuptial suite at $25,000 /a night in Bahamas

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