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Peace and Conflict Resolution Workshop. The Foundation enables Rotarians to promote the practice of peace and conflict prevention/resolution by: o Training.

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1 Peace and Conflict Resolution Workshop

2 The Foundation enables Rotarians to promote the practice of peace and conflict prevention/resolution by: o Training leaders, including potential youth leaders, to prevent and mediate conflict o Supporting peace-building in communities and regions affected by conflict o Supporting studies for career-minded professionals related to peace and conflict prevention/resolutions Future Vision Area of Focus

3 P&CR grants: o Play to Rotary's historic strengths o Address more than physical violence and large-scale conflict o All communities can benefit from P&CR projects o Long-term, inter-relational results in addition to observable results o Often small scale, involving local partnerships and exchange o Not difficult, patience required P&CR 101

4 Country leadership and ownership, community support and involvement Inclusive partnerships, shared goals Alignment, capacity building Sustainability Results, evaluation, measurable goals International and RI standards for effective development cooperation

5 Engage all community stakeholders and support community-driven efforts Understand laws and customs Incorporate conflict resolution and mediation strategies Rotary P&CR Tips for Success

6 Train local leaders Partner with Rotary Peace Fellows and other conflict prevention experts and organizations Rotary P&CR Tips for Success

7 THE GLOBAL GRANTS MATCHING GAME PARTICIPANT WORKSHEET Instructions: On your table is a sheet of paper with the names or descriptions of 6 global grants that integrate elements of peace and conflict resolution. With your table mates, draw a line matching the descriptions of the Rotary- supported projects to the country where they are being implemented. Time: 3 minutes Matching game icebreaker

8 THE GLOBAL GRANTS MATCHING GAME ANSWERS #1- Benin #2- Uganda #3- Uganda #4- Israel #5- Afghanistan #6- DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) Matching game icebreaker

9 P&CR Grant Overview: Early Warning Conflict and Early Response for Peaceful Co-existence, Uganda

10 Peace Mediation Trainer Canon Joyce Lima

11 P&CR Grant Application Process

12 Building a Global Grant Team November 17,2002 District 7620 Super Summit Foundation Seminar

13 Global Grant 25754 Conflict Early Warning and Early Response for Peaceful Co-existence-Uganda Host Club: The Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala, Uganda, RI District 9200 International Partner: The Rotary Club of Annapolis, RI District 7620 With Support From The Rotary Clubs of Severna Park, Maryland, and DuPont Circle, District of Columbia, RI District 7620, and from RI District 6400, Rotary Club of Monroe, Michigan With Matching Grants from RI Districts 9200 and 7620, and the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Cooperating Organization: The Ugandan Joint Christian Council All participating Rotary Clubs and Districts are members of Rotary Internationals Future Visio Pilot Program

14 First Steps in Grant Development Identify areas of interest (for example, Peace and Conflict Resolution) Network at RI convention, project fairs, or RIs Project Link Establish relations with host clubs in Country of interest Work with cooperating organizations with experience in focus area

15 Development of Grant Team for GG 25754

16 New Orleans 2011- RI Convention Attending from Annapolis RC: Rachael Blair, International Lane Director, Club President Chara Hutzell, incoming President Bill Regan Met Godfrey Mukalezi, former Rotary Peace Fellow Introduced to Future Vision member Kololo-Kampala Club President Frederick Mubiru

17 Annapolis and Kampala 2011 Clubs began long correspondence using Email and Skype Support gathered from club members and clubs Board of Directors Three member grant team chosen from each club by grant authors Rachael Blair and Frederick Mukalezi Grant application and Memorandum of Understanding developed as a team

18 Bangkok 2012 RI Convention Grant proposal has numerous revisions by the authors and their respective teams with UJCC input. Grant Team met at convention to discuss final details Deadline for application assigned by District 9200

19 Annapolis 2012- International Peace Team Built through personal connections with other Future Visions Clubs in District Additional partners sought through list of Future Visions participating districts Clubs were visited by Grant Team and support requested Grant approval from Districts 9200 and 7620, final proposal submitted to RI and approved

20 August 2012- First Peace Team Meeting

21 Lessons Learned Choose a project that is simple, measureable with clear goals Establish good working relationships with all partners- frequent and open communication is essential Make sure all stakeholders have mutual interests Establish clear timelines and expectations

22 Rotary Club of Kololo-Kampala

23 Grant Overview September 2012 - March 2013 Four Districts - 20 Mediators Project Details Community Focused Mediation Early Warning and Early Response to Conflict Media Outreach and Sensitization Civic Education Programs Interact Trainings - Income Generation

24 Early morning in Kampala

25 Rotarians meet with local partners

26 Along the road...

27 Trainees learning about Peace and Conflict Resolution

28 Joyce Cannon running a training on identifying early warning signs

29 Godfrey Mukalazi Speaks to Interact Members

30 Tororo Girls School

31 Tororo Girls School Interact Club

32 Contributing artist Paulo Akiiki

33 What are good ways to build capacity? Relationships and ownership promote sustainability Capacity + sustainability= $$$ (IQ) Partnerships at the local level Stakeholder participation and satisfaction Sustained presence Encourage follow-up and accountability Discussion: Build Capacity

34 What are typical ways to measure success? What are good ways to measure success? Are these ways your club can support and measure? Discussion: Measure Success

35 Does your grant: Promote dialogue Address needs Empower an underserved population Create employment/work/skills 2012-2013 District Awards: - Rotary Club of Olney (conflict resolution and leadership) - Lake Shore Club (equipment to train special needs children) - Leonardtown Club (oyster restoration and water quality) First know the problem, consider follow-on issues, then come up with the holistic solution Discussion: Bridging to other areas of focus

36 Great way to spread Rotary good will and affect positive change Peace and conflict resolution is related to other aspects of development and community building Critical to work with strong local partners because they are responsible for capacity long term Activities are tangible and relational, and require follow- up CALL TO ACTION: APPLY BY DECEMBER 1, and your application will be reviewed by March Conclusion, Q&A

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