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Delivering the MPharm across international campuses

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1 Delivering the MPharm across international campuses
Matthew Boyd School of Pharmacy University Park, Nottingham, UK

2 The MPharm programme 4 year degree (+1 year Pre-reg)
Accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) every 5 years Indicative syllabus Constantly adapting and updating

3 The School ~700 Students in the school ~120 at the Malaysia campus
(75 Yr I, 45 Yr II) “2 + 2 Programme” Accreditation allows ALL students the the opportunity to register as a UK pharmacist Two-way movement of students & staff


5 Challenges Delivering the same curriculum on two sites
Maintaining standards Continuity and communication between staff Integration of students UK context The NHS & UK politics

6 Challenges (2) Time differences Asynchronous term patterns
Year group sizes Educational backgrounds Overall life experiences Health care “Pharmacy” exposure

7 Using technology to help
WebCT Treated as two separate courses Question Mark Perception Practise material Video conference Traditional (students & staff) Integrated SMART conference Recorded lectures (Video & audio)

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