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Six Recommendations for Dock C Project… Dock C Public Workshop May 16, 2013.

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1 Six Recommendations for Dock C Project… Dock C Public Workshop May 16, 2013

2 1. Carefully Consider All Viewpoints

3 Viewpoints Include: 1.Current Slipholders 2.Coronado Taxpayers 3.San Diego Boating Community 4.Promenade Park Users 5.Glorietta Bay Users 6.Unified Port of San Diego

4 2. Review Moffatt and Nichol Report Complete dock replacement not required.

5 Engineering Assessment

6 Moffatt and Nichol Report says: Structure, pilings, gangway, platform, hardware, electricalall good condition. Deck boardsworn, but easily replaced.

7 3. Consider Structural Refit as recommended in Moffatt and Nichol Report

8 Moffatt & Nichol Recommendation Structural Refit $200,000 - $300,000 –Tighten bolted connections –Recondition brackets –Replace decking –Consider IPE wood –20 year+ service life…

9 IPE Deck Boards – Very Attractive

10 IPE Deck Board Properties Beautiful Strong Smooth Long-lasting Insect-resistant

11 Structural Refit Benefits $300,000 instead of $3,000,000 No loss of rentable linear feet Minimal regulatory approvals necessary Beautiful IPE wood instead of concrete Indefinite lifespan with proper maintenance –(Coronado Yacht Club has always had wood docks)

12 4. Preserve Open Water Important to active Glorietta Bay users


14 City of Coronado slide. Area in purple is reportedly designated as Developable Water Area in Coronados Local Coastal Plan.

15 Coronado LCP should match Port Plan. However, the same area is designated Open Bay in the Port of San Diego Precise Plan for Glorietta Bay.

16 5. Do Not Obstruct Promenade Park View Open Water views of Glorietta Bay are obstructed from the yacht club to the swimming pool, except at Promenade Park…

17 The ONLY remaining Open Water view is from Promenade Park…

18 6. Include a Public Dock Glorietta Bay is an ideal location

19 Public Dock Uses Access to the water for individuals –From Promenade Park Small boats –kayaks, rowboats, Sabots, etc –dinghies from A5 anchorage boats Visiting yachts –Passenger drop-off and pick-up –access to Coronado / business district –dock and dine etc –Overnight stays - for a reasonable fee

20 Public Dock Location? At this indentation in the Promenade Park seawall?

21 Newport Beach has 11 public docks…

22 Public Access to the water is a good thing!

23 Burton Chace Park, Marina del Rey

24 A Public Dock can be attractive!

25 Summary Structural Refit IPE wood Public Dock

26 Good From All Viewpoints? 1.Current Slipholders Might appreciate structural refit with IPE decking? 2.Coronado Taxpayers Already have $7 million in marina assuming State does not repay CDA loan Another $3 million for Dock C is a lot of money Structural Refit with proper maintenance 1/10 th the cost with much better ROI

27 3.San Diego Boating Community Will appreciate a Public Dock, paid for by Port District? 4.Promenade Park Users Will appreciate preservation of the park View Corridor Good From All Viewpoints?

28 5.Glorietta Bay Users Will appreciate preservation of open water Will appreciate a public dock 6.Unified Port of San Diego Public Dock consistent with Port charter. Good From All Viewpoints?

29 Thank You!


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