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Section 106 A Strategic Approach Peter Wilkinson Parks Service Manager Bristol Parks.

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1 Section 106 A Strategic Approach Peter Wilkinson Parks Service Manager Bristol Parks

2 Presentation will cover…. 1. Background to Supplementary Planning Document 4 2. How the green space contributions formula works 3. Links to our GIS mapping & asset management system 4. Investment planning for the Parks and Green Space Strategy 5. Challenges faced to put the systems into practice

3 Supplementary Planning Document 4

4 The Supplementary Planning Document 4 (SPD4) requires a developer to make a financial contribution (S106 contribution) to Bristol City Council for Recreational Facilities - Parks and Green Space. This developer's residential contribution is used to offset the increased demand that the additional residents of the development will impose on the Parks and Green Space provision in the area surrounding the development / citywide facilities. The city has been divided up into Neighbourhood Partnership Areas (NPAs) to identify areas of local provision. Planning Permission granted, construction commencement / occupation triggers S106 payment Planning Permission & S106 Agreement =

5 The Developer's Contribution is calculated from the following information…. Average number of persons per dwelling on a ward basis. This information is taken from the 2001 Census. The Parks and Green Space Strategy - Bristol Standard for quantity provision of 32.91m2 per person. The per m2 cost of providing parks and green space facilities.

6 Childrens Play Formal Green Space Informal Green Space Natural Green Space Sports Space Types of Space

7 S106 P&GSS Contributions - The Bristol Standard

8 Type A: A unilateral undertaking which states that the contribution is to be spent on..the provision, improvement and/or maintenance of either: a)Local recreational space and facilities, or (as the council shall determine) b)Strategic recreational space and facilities within the administrative area of the council Where local means situated within one mile of the development and strategic means intended for the use and benefit of all persons living and working within the administrative area of the council. Three types of S106 contributions


10 Provision 45% (Capital) Condition 23% (Cyclical Maintenance) Maintenance 21% (Annual) NPA(s)Sports NPA(s) Sports Holding accounts This contribution's financial split above is combined with other development contributions Destination sites 6% Administration 5% Holding accounts

11 Type B: Neighbourhood specific Type C: Site or facility specific Three types of S106 contributions



14 Development sites and contribution types in Ashley Ward……and Central Bristol



17 Combined available Type A and B funds and funding allocated projects

18 Capital funding strategy aims to raise £87m from: Developer contributions = £15m External funding sources = £21m Sales of low value green space = £41m Parks core budget = £10m Plus £32m to establish life cycle fund from S106 (£10m) and land sales (£22m) Parks and Green Space Strategy

19 Area Green Space Plans working alongside existing parks investment priorities and inevitable political pressures

20 Bristol Parks S106 Allocations Board + Initial idea and request for funds, from an individual, Community Group and staff. In association with the Strategic intentions of the Area Green Space Plan Works Implemented Recommend how the S106 and other funding is used for proposals and in relation to the Area Green Space Plans Community Park Manager / Site Manager considers and confirms viability of proposal and identifies possible funding sources Improved Green Spac e Applying for (S106) Funding for Parks Improvements Major Projects (packages) above £25,000

21 Project and Funding Package Prepare Project Brief S106 Parks Budgets Supporting Info from Park Staff Donations Grants Supporting Info from Park Group Land Disposal Idea developed into a firm proposal including identification of funding the package (funding from any source)

22 Prioritisation and strategic investment planning …..or spend, spend, spend Agreeing appropriate levels of consultation and participation in investment decisions Competition – from other services but also across neighbourhoods with flexible distance criteria Legibility, accounting and audit trails Forecasting and cash flowing development work Future challenges

23 Section 106 A Strategic Approach Many thanks

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