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General introduction to green management principles in Tartu City Government Rauno Külavee Tartu City Government Project coordinator This document has.

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1 General introduction to green management principles in Tartu City Government Rauno Külavee Tartu City Government Project coordinator This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the Estonia – Latvia – Russia Cross Border Cooperation Programme within European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument 2007 – 2013. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of Tartu City Government and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the Programme, Programme participating countries, alongside with the European Union

2 Table of contents 1. Brief overview of history of green areas management in Tartu city 2. Present day structure and tasks 3. Future solutions and possibilities

3 History Most of the avenues created 1935-1939 After WWII local Union of Communal Enterprises 1940-1970 overview absent Most green areas built to replace war wreckage From the start of the 70s – the Department of Communal Econonmy

4 History Random maintenance –only city centre on a regular basis, others when high demand (many complaints) 1976 green areas maintenance was divided between institutions and enterprises. House guardianship establishments and cooperatives obligated to tend to certain appointed areas or preorder the maintenance

5 History 1980-82 preparations for Tartu city 950 years and Tartu University 350 years of anniversary 1989 spring the system for perennial maintenance local Union of Communal Enterprises broke down into small businesses

6 History Ordered works shown in the contract with the company Concrete sums for concrete tasks Supervision conducted by the inspection board Satisfactory mark – contractual sum Good and very good 10% and 20% bonus for company

7 History Prices established by mutual agreements with companies Until 1991 punched cards to describe works/objects of the contractual tasks (addendums) Cards – concrete works, number of repetitions within certain period, concrete prices (not a current practice)

8 History Hyperinflation of the beginning of 90s Prices for works changed every month Factors/coefficients were used, difficult to estimate Coefficients for usability, level of difficulty New technologies, new approach

9 History Acquaintance with the Finnish system -> change (ca 1991) The manual for green areas classification and maintenance in habitats -> translated and implemented Classification into 4 categories of maintenance intensity. Based on result. Same classification used nowadays, constantly upgraded for procurement purposes.

10 History 1996 the procurement law. Number of repetitions and description of concrete works discarded. Need for cross-usage of data between different departments Specific user interface of a program (RED) was ordered by a local software company, to be used by Tartu City Government (more about this in the next presentation)

11 History Structure: 1992 Communal Board was divided into various different boards Board of Green Areas: 3 public servants (chief specialist, specialist, dendrologist) April 1993 creation of the Department of Communal Services 1994 all boards joined back together

12 Present Day Structure Tasks/practices

13 Structure Tartu City Government: 11 departments 2 offices


15 Structure Dep. of Communal Services: 4 Services Public Parks & City Cleaning Service (joined 2009)


17 Tasks Public parks etc - Maintenance and supervision of parks and green areas, Carrying out procurements, supervision of works Approvement of related projects Beaches, Playgrounds, Flowerbeds, Digging, Estimation of tree condition / counseling Communicating with citizens, Solving complaints, Christmas tree on Raekoja square

18 Tasks City Cleaning streets Trash cans, Bus stops benches Parking lots Stairs Bridges Stray animals, Coordination of the work of the board of city cemeteries

19 Tasks No municipal enterprise All works subsribed from private companies Procurements -> classification categories by maintenance intensity 2011 – 213 ha of parks and green areas, 81 ha of forests 4 categories, 1st class most demanding Height of lawn, cleaning of garbage, transport of leaves Quick questions?

20 2011 categories of green areas

21 Procurements Separately: Green areas/parks maintenance Flowerbeds Trash cans Playgrounds Boxes for pet-owners Designing of technical documentation Inventories (benches, picnic places) Trees, bushes, planting, maintenance Repairworks on green areas (stairs, road repairs)



24 Objectives 1) New playground every year The surroundings also renewed From 2002, created/renewed 6 playgrounds


26 Objectives 2) Wastelands into parks / for usage (song festival grounds, Ropka park, Ihaste Oak Park, Anne Canal )


28 Objectives 3) Preservation of natural areas Ihaste Emajõe luhad Dendropark


30 The Future Project GreenMan activities: 1)Friendship Alley of Anne canal and sporting track (2012) 2)Technical documentation for the reconstruction of Mathiesen Park (2012) 3)Natural Trail (2013) 4)Rozarium (2013)







37 The Future 5) Updating of green management software Realisation of projects currently waiting for funding (Toomemägi, Uue-Turu project, Emajõe banks enforcement (Road Service) Mapping of new green areas-> land reform etc. Number of management duties grows.


39 Thank You! Rauno Külavee GreenMan project coordinator +372 7361339, +372 53310897 (mobile)

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