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The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park – Overview of Management Programmes.

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1 The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park – Overview of Management Programmes

2 Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park

3 BJCMNP – Highly Significant For: Water Supply Drinking water for over 40% of Jamaicans

4 BJCMNP – Highly Significant For: Watershed Management : Protects upper portions of ten watershed management units

5 BJCMNP – Highly Significant For: Climate Change Mitigation Forests sequester carbon dioxide, helping mitigate against global warming

6 BJCMNP – Highly Significant For: Biodiversity Internationally recognised Wide variety of unique forest types due to high elevation & volcanic rocks Habitat for endemic, threatened & native species

7 BJCMNP – Highly Significant For: Cultural Heritage Maroon history & culture Traditional Jamaican villages Military History Blue Mountain Coffee

8 BJCMNP – Highly Significant For: Economic Potential Recreation & Tourism Pharmaceuticals Non-traditional agricultural & horticultural produce

9 Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park – A Potential UNESCO World Heritage Site ? World Heritage Sites Are an elite group Receive international recognition Jamaica has none yet Caribbean has few Jamaica is pursuing nomination of the BJCMNP for natural & cultural heritage criteria

10 Management of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park Managed by the JCDT under delegation from the NRCA Managed collaboratively with NEPA and Forestry Dept Liaising with other organisations and agencies Management Plan 2005 - 2010 Management Planning involved over 200 stakeholders

11 Threats to the BJCMNP – Deforestation, Forest Degradation and Wildlife Destruction Sources:- Conversion of forest to agriculture Assault of alien invasive species Logging Non-timber products harvesting Hunting Informal settlements Channel modification

12 Root Causes of Threats/Pressures to Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park Insufficient Environmental Education Limited Environmentally Sustainable Income-Generating Activities Insufficient Enforcement Insufficient Conservation-on-the-Ground Conflicting Policies between Government Agencies and Insufficient Support of Conservation Initiatives Unclear Boundaries Limited Resources and Inadequate Management Climate Change

13 Zonation

14 Zoning Plan

15 Management Programmes of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park Conservation Conservation Enforcement & Compliance Enforcement & Compliance Education & Public Involvement Education & Public Involvement Recreation & Tourism Recreation & Tourism Monitoring & Evaluation Monitoring & Evaluation Governance & Administration Governance & Administration

16 Conservation Programme Goal: To maintain and enhance the remaining area of closed broadleaf forest and component species of plants and animals that exist in the BJCMNP. Objectives:- 1. Protect threatened biodiversity especially conservation targets 2. Rehabilitate at least 200 acres 3. Create & maintain riparian forest buffers along headwater streams 4. Promote research that benefits Park management

17 Control of Invasive Alien Plant Species Invasive alien species – Wild Ginger smothers native forest seedlings Removal of Wild Ginger results in growth of native forest seedlings - 2.5 acres under control in Mt. Horeb - funded by Luis Kennedy Foundation September 28, 2006. September 28, 2006

18 Enforcement & Compliance Programme Goal: To stop encroachment of the park boundary and destruction of the forest and wildlife within Objectives:- 1. Increase level of presence of enforcement officers 2. Increase level of detection & resolution of breaches 3. Resolve resource use conflicts on a case by case basis 4. Address boundary issues 5. Address fire management issues 6. Disaster/Emergency Management

19 Education & Public Involvement Programme Goal: To raise support and improve natural resource management, particularly in buffer zone communities, leading to ecosystem conservation and poverty alleviation Objectives:- 1. F acilitate capacity building (including education and training) of buffer zone communities vis a vis sustainable livelihoods and resource management 2. Increase public awareness, knowledge and understanding about the Park:- (a) Students (b) General public

20 Recreation and Tourism Programme Goal: To provide recreational opportunities for local and international visitors using ecotourism principles to generate income and support for the park Objectives:- 1. Provide recreational and educational opportunities 2. Generate income for park management by increasing revenue from parks recreation areas 3. Facilitate benefits to local communities 4. Ensure these activities dont threaten park

21 Monitoring and Evaluation Programme Goal: To track and record both the threats and changes to ecosystem health, to assess achievement of the Parks over-arching goal Objectives:- Threats/ranger based monitoring Photographs from patrols Permanent photo- monitoring Outcomes monitoring Forest area Freshwater biological monitoring Bird monitoring populations of key, threatened species – the giant swallowtail butterfly, the Jamaican coney and the yellow boa.

22 Governance & Administration Programme Goal: To ensure efficient and effective implementation of the Parks programmes Objectives:- 1. Involve stakeholders e.g. Co-management Committee, Liaising with CBOs 2. Coordinate and effectively manage operations 3. Ensure adaptive management 4. Raise funds – need minimum of US$450,000/yr for recurrent expenditure and US$350,000 for capital and project expenditure

23 You Can Help Support Management of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park 1. Be responsible visitors of the Parks recreation areas 2. Promote education & research in the National Park 3. Participate in our events e.g. Misty Bliss 4. Be a volunteer – help raise funds, reforest sites etc.

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