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New Directions Learning Community Park Community Charter School.

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1 New Directions Learning Community Park Community Charter School

2 Serving students in grades 1-3 for 2011-12 Sharing space within Electa Quinney Elementary

3 NDLC Planning Team Kelly Giordana- 1 st Grade Teacher at Haen Mary Jo Kilgas- Learning Disabilities Teacher Lisa OBrien- 4 th Grade Teacher at Quinney Autumn Steif- Reading Specialist at RiverView Kathy VanOfferen- Reading Specialist at Quinney Barbara Graunke-1 st Grade Teacher at Quinney Principal: Garth Larson

4 NDLCs Vision To create an elementary charter school anchored in best reading, writing, and problem solving practice utilizing the Workshop structure developed by Columbia University.

5 NDLCs Mission To implement the Workshop model with fidelity across all content areas in order to strengthen and improve the academic performance of our students. To share the skills and techniques with other interested educators inside and outside of the district through trainings and site visits.

6 Foundations of NDLC Comprehensive literacy program is the core Workshop structure for all instruction Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies (Inquiry Circles) Oral Literacy (Speaking, Listening, Dialogue, Debate) Students will see themselves as independent learners with important stories to tell Teachers will see themselves as learners and leaders We will seek reciprocal relationships with other learning institutions; both locally and nationally Professional development will be frequent, strategic and rigorous Parents will see themselves as an integral and involved part of the school community Parents are their childs first teacher, therefore we will provide a high level of parent education

7 What Does a Workshop Look Like? Mini-Lesson- Where a specific skill or strategy is taught Independent time- Students work at their independent level and teachers work 1:1 and in small groups to scaffold student learning to the next developmental level. Partnerships- Students work together to provide feedback. Share Session- Teachers & students process and/or extend learning.

8 NDLC Goals Goals: 1. To provide individualized instructional programming with literacy at the core 2. To provide a holistic education (social/emotional/physical and academic) 3. To provide every child with guided choices in their learning 4. To build problem solving skills in all settings

9 A full school charter conversion serving students in grades 1-4

10 PCCS Design Team Debra Gardner – 2 nd Grade teacher at Park Kris Serwe- 4 th Grade teacher at Park Karen Nicholson-3 rd Grade teacher at Park Karen Weidner-Title I teacher at Park and Tanner Mollie Rieser-Physical education teacher at Park Principal: Kelli Antoine 2010-2011 Ken Kortens 2011-2012

11 PCCSs Mission Park Community Charter School strives to develop knowledgeable, responsible, compassionate children with the skills and conscience to adapt and contribute to the changing world, by addressing each childs social, emotional, physical and academic needs through a rigorous place-based curriculum delivered in collaboration with the community.

12 Why Convert Park to a Charter? Provides opportunities for : innovation and flexibility looking deeper at ways to develop the social, emotional and academic needs of our students additional learning materials & professional development through grant resources the planned integration of social skills into the curricular areas applying the core curriculum with real life skills in our community developing relationships with community partners

13 Foundations/Pillars of PCCS Place- Based Learning Respectful Climate Community Connections

14 What is Place-Based Learning? Community-centered learning Collaborating with community partners Applying learning through hands-on experiences in classroom and community settings Helping students learn to be responsible citizens of their world by understanding where they live and taking action in their own community

15 How will the student day in PCCS be similar ? Park Community Charter School (PCCS) will continue to serve the students of the Park attendance area while welcoming new students through the open enrollment process. Students at PCCS will continue to receive a high quality academic program and participate in music, physical education, art, library, and guidance, as well as still be eligible for other support services. Students will be provided transportation within the District guidelines. PCCS will continue to offer hot lunch, breakfast, and after school care. The students calendar year and school day will align with the rest of the District. Academic standards will continue to be met through instruction in Writers Workshop, Readers Workshop, Word Study, Math Expressions, handwriting, keyboarding, science, and social studies.

16 How will the student day in PCCS be different? Park Community Charter School is built on three pillars of success: Respectful Climate, Place-Based Learning, and Community Connections. These foundational pillars will be infused into the student day in a variety of ways such as: Place-Based Learning will: provide hands on experiences in a real world setting through integrating all the curricular areas inside and outside of the classroom benefit students through partnerships created between the school and local businesses/ community members and resources that are on-going and that are reflective of students needs allow for collaboration with community experts in specific curricular areas to develop the most meaningful, current, and relevant to the real world curriculum as is possible.

17 How will the student day in PCCS be different? Respectful Climate will: create a safe, challenging, and joyful school that emphasizes academic, physical, social, and emotional growth of every student foster a proactive approach to school wide behavior expectations and a clear and consistent behavior plan including: voice level guides to guide students behavior Take a Break chair to assist students in being reflective and conscientious members of a learning community direct instruction of character traits have morning meetings that set the tone for respectful learning and establish a climate of trust, while teaching students social skills and communication proficiency integrate problem solving skills and social development in Readers Workshop / Making Meaning using high quality childrens literature, while teaching high level comprehension strategies. Community Connections will: provide the opportunity for students to participate in community projects connected to place-based learning opportunities that will foster citizenship, Kaukauna pride, and a feeling of connectedness with their community.

18 Kaukauna Charters at a Glance NDLCPCCS o Grades 1-3 (2011-2012) o Workshop o Responsive Classroom o Inquiry Circles o Ongoing Lab sites o Rigorous, ongoing professional development o Music, Art, Phy- Ed, Library o Parental Involvement o Grades 1-4 (2011-2012) o Full School Conversion o Similar staff to Park o Transition will be gradual o Built on 3 Pillars: Place- Based Learning Respectful Climate Community Connections o Music, Art, Phy- Ed, Library o Parental Involvement

19 Questions and Comments How to learn more: New Directions Learning Community E-mail: Website: On Facebook: NDLC Charter Park Community Charter School Contact Park School 766-6129 E-mail:

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