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PENN STATE STUDENT CHAPTER Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)

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1 PENN STATE STUDENT CHAPTER Design-Build Institute of America (DBIA)

2 2013 Volunteer Project Spring Creek Park – Pedestrian Bridge Outline: Project Summary Site Investigation Bridge Design Budget and Schedule Design Charette Overview Community Participation Results Additional Considerations Questions & Answers

3 Project Summary DBIA will provide volunteer services for the planning, design, and construction of a new Pedestrian bridge located in Spring Creek Regional Park. Owner Goals : Create an additional means to reach the south side of Spring Creek Park Attract new park goers to the area Provide handicap accessible access Revive the east area of the park around spring creek Keep the public informed of future project

4 Project Goals Design / Build Design a unique bridge that stands out and fits the owners needs: ADA Accessible Public transparency Provide an integrated approach to increase quality, schedule and cost controls on the project Maintain erosion and settlement control during construction Limit the size of equipment required for installation Allow for constructability concerns:

5 Site Investigation Project Site:

6 Site Investigation Proposed Locations:

7 Schematic Sketches Option AOption B

8 Budget and Schedule Budget: $25,000 Milestone Schedule: Bridge Construction – April 2013

9 Additional Considerations Future use of clearing on the South side of Spring Creek On-site storage of material and equipment Erosion and Settlement control plan during construction Relocation of small trees if needed Blackout dates for park use in April 2013 Budget and possible private donations with recognition Avoid interrupting the water flow during construction Design a bridge that does not require the use of large equipment

10 Design Charrette Overview Charette was held on September 20 th Goal Brainstorm value goals and initiate ideas for bridge development Overlapping ideas between students Sensitive Design Sustainable Gathering location Efficiency Accessibility Attractive Design

11 Community Participation Date Sept. 30 th from 12:00-12:45 PM Process Interview various visitors Gather comments on Spring Creek Park Experiences Evaluate opinions for the new bridge proposal Observe park activities

12 Community Participation-Results General park usage Park visited in all seasons Brown trout fishing in spring, summer, and fall Park access Variety of drivers and walkers Dog friendliness Old bridge used to have spaces between treads Paws could go through Preferred bridge location/design Same spot as old location An open bridge would be ideal, rather than another covered

13 Community Participation-Results Creek Preservation TROUT FLY-FISHING Considered Blue Ribbon, Class A trout stream Spring Creek is premier location SENSITIVE TO HABITAT Bridge should enhance ecology of creek NOT disturb free-flowing stream Preserve the trout and ecosystem D. RESOURCE ON BIODIVERSITY Dr. Greg Hoover, professor at Penn State NATURE SIGNAGE Existing sign next to covered bridge on brown trout Would like to see sign on the total ecology of Spring Creek On headwaters, and importance within ecosystem Prominent sign, not only on trout

14 Community Participation-Results List of useful resources: Trout Unlimited – Spring Creek Chapter Paradise Fishing Preserve ClearWater Conservancy – Spring Creek Biodiversity Dr. Greg Hoover PSU Professor focused on freshwater entomology and biodiversity Visit PA – Go fishin

15 Questions?

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