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Massachusetts Recreation and Park Association

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1 Massachusetts Recreation and Park Association
Speaker Introductions -Education Background -Current Job Info -Interest Areas, Executive Board role Student Presentation 2013

2 What It is & What It isn’t
There are some common misconceptions about WHAT Parks and Recreation really is and the value within the profession. WHAT IT IS Professional & casual work setting Special Events and Program Management Educated Professionals Up and coming young professionals Active and fun! Play Local Initiative WHAT IT ISN’T NOT the brown suit and hat Dodge Ball Class “Anyone can do it” profession Stagnant Slow and boring Parks & Rec Comedy Here today to speak with you about why you SHOULDN’T rule parks and recreation out of your future career choices Professional & casual work setting -Small town vs city department settings (salary, goals, etc) Special Events and Program Management Fourth of July Parades, Boston Tree Lighting, Youth Sports, Teen Center, Seasonal trips, etc. Educated professionals -strengths in alternative funding, program facilitation, politics, event planning, financial management, marketing, etc. -Bachelors/masters degree programs, CPRP, NRPA Leadership schools -The Profession is becoming more professional because of the degree programs that Universities and College are offering. -With that said, it is not an easy profession to get into…not just “anyone can do it” -The more professional connections you have and the more organizations that you are a part of the better -The profession is very interconnected…we help each other! Up and coming young professionals The face of P&R is changing and growing- many new young professionals coming out of college and being hired for Active and Fun Every season is different Constantly evolving Always looking for fresh ideas and energy A quote that appeared in the MRPA Review in January 2003: It costs approximately $30,000 to incarcerate a juvenile offender for one year. If that money were available If that money were available to Parks and Recreation, we could: Take him swimming twice a week for 24 weeks, and give him four hours at the zoo plus lunch, and enroll him in 50 community center programs, and visit the nature center twice , and let him play league softball for a season, and tour the gardens at the park twice, and give him two weeks of tennis lessons, and enroll him in two weeks of day camp, and let him play three rounds of golf and act in one play, and participate in one fishing clinic, and take a four-week pottery class, and play basketball eight hours a week for 40 weeks…. After which, we could return to you $29,125 and one much happier kid THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNTIIES IN PARKS AND RECREATION AND IT IS UP TO US TO MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE REMEMBER TO PLAY LOCAL! Our National Parks attract 88% more people than Disney World and Disney Land. Visits to state, regional and local parks exceed on billion annually.

3 Massachusetts Recreation and Park Association
Non-Profit, Membership Driven Organization Advocate for Parks and Recreation through public policy and local government Encourage and promote continuing education and training for Park & Rec Professionals Provide services and resources to members and communities Foster high standards of professionalism Non-Profit Membership Driven Organization Volunteer Executive Board Advocate for Parks and Recreation through public policy and local government Legislative Training Public Policy Town Government and Politics Encourage and promote continuing education and training Annual Conference Regional CEU workshops CPRP– playground inspector, pool inspector, etc Provide services and resources to members and communities Year round programming for local towns and cities Foster high standards of professionalism Accredidation

4 Who Comprises MRPA? 500+ Members 11 Person Executive Board
Recreation Professionals in many different settings: Park and Recreation Directors -Educators Recreation Therapists -Students Aquatics Facility Managers Specialty Programmers Council on Aging/Senior Centers Commercial Members (USTA) Membership: P&R Departments School Programs Commercial vendors Town Administration Politicians Public works Executive Board: 11 volunteer positions -introduce speakers, how we got to the positions we are in now -here today as a resource for students -Speaking on behalf of all state run Park and Recreation Associations

5 National Visit a Park Day
What Can MRPA Do For You? Career Development Professional Mentor Regional Meetings Internship/Practicum/Event Planning Student Profiles Continuing Education Opportunities Annual Conference -Awards Regional CEU Workshops Certification Trainings Certified Park and Recreation Professional Playground Inspector, Pool Inspector, etc Family Event Nights National Visit a Park Day Summer Concert Series 5k Road Races Career Development: P-rofessional Mentors Depending on your interest area, there is a P&R professional that can mentor you -6 regions: Cape and Islands, Central, Metrowest, Northeast, South Shore, West that host meetings. Stay update on current Park and Recreation Trends (facility development, programming, inclusion/TR, event planning, parks maintenance, etc) -Always in need of students for event planning, internships, jobs, etc. **Jess present the Student Profiles that are coming on the site soon. Event Planning NEEDED: **NATIONAL VISIT A PARK DAY: April 8th **Sudbury wants students to run a family game day/game night **5k **Summer Concert Series **Parades etc Continuing Education Opportunities: State Conference and Trade Show *show the registration form and the preliminary program -Networking/mentor pairing -Room Host -Career table -Vendors: interest in sports programming, lighting, turf, apparel, etc. Meet vendors that do this! Certification and Training: Park and recreation Professionals DO have training and certifcations in their respective interest areas. Playground inspector Pool inspector

6 Annual State Conference & Trade Show
Large Annual Conference and Trade Show 2013: Hyannis, MA 2014: Sturbridge, MA Nearly 200 attendees Affordable, Resume Builder Two days worth of sessions Including TR Sessions Vendor Fair Student Opportunities: -Room Hosting -Professional Mentor -Career Table 1x/year, MRPA hosts one large, professional conference in MA. Alternates locations Over 30 sessions within 4 tracks: Aquatics Therapeutic Recreation Programming Administration Professional Mentor: If you register for the conference, we will pair you up with a recreation professional in your interest area. event planning TR Commercial Membership/companies Student Opportunities: Room Hosting Internship Posting Event ideas/marketing ideas (brochure table) ATTENDING CONFERENCES AND MEETING PEOPLE, EVEN IF ONLY FOR A FEW HOURS, IS A VALUABLE AND IRRIPLACABLE WAY TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU STAND OUT IN THE EYES OF POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS. There are thousands of students out there that are going to be apply for the same jobs you will be applying for. You must make yourself stand out and placing yourself in conference setting and meeting professionals is a way to do just that. Silent Auction Awards Ceremony Over 25Speakers Session Tracks

7 Clinton Parks & Recreation
MRPA CONTACT INFORMATION Anna Wood, M.S., CTRS Adaptive Sports &Recreation Specialist Teen Center Director Sudbury Park and Recreation 40 Fairbank Road Sudbury, MA Jessica Brodie, CPRP Director Clinton Parks & Recreation 560 High Street Clinton, MA 01510

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