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SIVA IM – you partner for industrial park development July, 2013.

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1 SIVA IM – you partner for industrial park development July, 2013

2 Competence SIVA SF is a state-owned company that is involved in developing industrial parks in Norway since 1968. Over 100 parks are developed. Today SIVA is a co-owner in more than 50 real estate projects. SIVA International Management AS is a company owned by SIVA SF 100% being an international operator for the SIVA projects since 1992. SIVA IM gained 20 years experience of running projects internationally; most of them were implemented in East Europe and former USSR countries.


4 Industrial parks should provide both proper infrastructure and good common services offered to the tenats. Both elements are important for the success of a concept. Be accurate and precise in calculations and estimations in the very initial stage. Be accurate and precise in calculations and estimations in the very initial stage. Define basic principles in the very beginning. Define basic principles in the very beginning. The budgeting principles shall be put in the fundament of the concept developing. The budgeting principles shall be put in the fundament of the concept developing.

5 Important questions: What can you charge a tenant for? What can you charge a tenant for? Where is a ceiling for fees and charges? Where is a ceiling for fees and charges? What services and fees one should never offer? What services and fees one should never offer? Who should render particular services? Who should render particular services? How to have a fair play and avoid monopoly situation? How to have a fair play and avoid monopoly situation? We know the answers

6 Sharing our competence and experience could be the greatest contribution of SIVA IM to an industrial park project development.

7 Attracting international companies to a new established industrial park cultural differences is important Taking into consideration cultural differences is important. No company would come to an industrial park just because of free space availability, modern infrastructure or good services. Find reasons that are determinative for making a decision. Use arguments attractive for international business. provides competitive advantages to the company. Convince the potential tenants/investors that joining this concept provides competitive advantages to the company.

8 Attracting international companies to a new established industrial park When making marketing of industrial parks Developing a program for international company-to-company (or B2B) communication and interaction is an efficient instrument for development of good marketing strategy for a big industrial park. Our company always tried to build a local network, being a connecting link between international companies and local business environment. Such an instrument should be used as much as possible to introduce more advanced and innovative companies and industrial solutions to the concept and, consequently, to the local economy.

9 What can we offer to you? 1. Consultation on the concept development with the development of the common services for industrial park tenants, to ensure the concept competitiveness at the international market including the marketing strategy targeted to attracting international tenants/investors.

10 What can we offer to you? 2. Consultation for making an overview of the business opportunities for the industrial park owner regarding the lease, new construction, operation and common services. Differentiation of the voluntary and obligatory common services.

11 What can we offer to you? 3. Consultation on the budgeting to determine the basic costs, common costs and principles of the new construction according to tenets/investors demands.

12 What can we offer to you? 4. Exchange of knowledge and experience on the rent agreements, agreements with investors, organization of operation and management of an industrial park.

13 From a project to a concept


15 SIVA IM activity overview Facts about the owner: SIVA SF - Corporation of Industrial Development of Norway Established in 1968 Investments in 51 real estate projects Co-owner of: 21 science and research parks 50 business gardens 41 incubators Shareholder in 145 companies

16 SIVA IM activity overview Polar Star Innovation Centre, Murmansk Opened in 1999. Area: 3500 m2. Main focus Main focus: environmental technologies, maritime and marine sector, Norwegian equipment industry, subcontractors and tourism. Offer Offer: Commercial lease of the office premises, startup center for Norwegian enterprises, Norwegian-Russian business incubator and High Norths information portal Conference room for the seminars with up to 50 participants, canteen. Possibilities for the meetings in the small cottage with a space for 20 participants. Norwegian startup centre (Norsk Etablerersenter). Consultancy and advices from local experts for the Norwegian companies, which wish to establish business in the region. Norwegian startup center has completed a prequalification for a number of companies, rendering business services, for example: accounting, legal services, insurance, customs clearance, certification, IT and a number of other services. The Norwegian startup center has its own database of the pre-qualified service providers in Murmansk region. Secretariat for the groups of the Norwegian enterprises and business associations within and beyond SIVA network. Other business possibilities: In cooperation with the authorities of Murmansk region SIVA International Management has made an overview of the other commercial opportunities in the region for the Norwegian business activities, for example, oil and gas.

17 SIVA IM activity overview Technopark Nor AS - Norwegian logistics and business centre in Murmansk Purchased: summer 2008. Area: total 4,6 ha; 8000 sq.m - terminal building and offices. Project is a result of cooperation between SIVA and Innovasjon Norge Fund The main focus: promotion of the possibilities for the Norwegian subcontractors in the Northwest Russia with a focus on the future oil and gas production and operation. Offer: Commercial rent of the premises for the terminals (railway, road and air freight), warehouses and areas for the assembly of the large constructions and small-scaled production. Detailed information:

18 SIVA IM activity overview 3 large industrial parks The Baltic countries: SIVAIM established 3 large industrial parks in the Baltic States on behalf of SIVA SF and one large industrial park for Norwegian private investors. UAB SIVA Spilka UAB SIVA Scan SIA SIVA Ogre Industry

19 SIVA IM activity overview The Baltic countries: The industrial parks were considered as a positive contribution from the Norwegian side to the development of market economy in the Baltic States in the phase of transition from the planned economy. SIVAs participation helped to create approx. 500 new work places, introduce a new technology and create future-oriented businesses. The most of Norwegian companies, which participated in that program, managed to stand and overcome the international competition that became stronger in the early 2000s. The activity of SIVAIM in the Baltic States has much in common with the activity of SIVAIM in Russia. Næringsvennlige kommuner (Business friendly municipalities). SIVAIM was also active locally in Latvia by transfer of its knowledge with a special focus on how can municipalities act to attract new investments. In order to achieve this goal SIVAIM has implemented a program with a nameNæringsvennlige kommuner (Business friendly municipalities).

20 SIVA IM activity overview The Baltic countries: In 1999 SIVAIM made a feasibility study in Saldus, Latvia. The results of this research became a ground for the development of a project of a large Norwegian industrial park that was established in cooperation with the companies from Hareide, Ulstenvik. The project participants constructed several industrial objects which were rented out to Norwegian companies.

21 SIVA IM activity overview From 2004 to the present day SIVAIM together with its Norwegian network: SINTEF, Ålesund Kunnskapspark AS, LEN and other companies and in co- operation with the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IN-EEA mechanism established incubators in Tuzla (Bosnia & Herzegovina) www.bit, Sibenik (Croatia), Constanta (Romania) In 2012 SIVAIM started a new project in Ukraine which continues to develop relations between the innovation organizations in Norway and Ukraine and supports the idea to open an incubator in Kiev for the new IT startup companies. The project was supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and fell into the category of the institutional capacity building. For more info: In spring 2013, SIVAIM was engaged as a consultant for the establishment of a large industrial park (total area 100 hectares) in Macedonia. The owner of the industrial park is a Norwegian governmental institution Innovation Norway and Norwegian local investors. At present the work has just begun and it will last for several years. The industrial park office is located in Tetovo, Macedonia. This industrial park has not launched its own website yet.

22 SIVA IM activity overview SIVAIM is an important institutional partner for the business cooperation and knowledge transfer on the local level between Norway and the countries where SIVAIM is established. SIVAIM also places emphasis on the co-operation with the IN-Fund in order to develop assistance to the self-help in Northwest Russia by focusing, among other things, on the following: a) pre-qualification of the service providers for the new Norwegian business companies, b) building of the proper relations and contacts with the local authorities and sharing them with the new Norwegian business companies, c) positioning itself as an important figure of the business cooperation in the country / region. SIVA is considered as an important contribution into the improvement of the investment climate in the regions and countries where SIVA IM presents with the emphasis on the Norwegian and local business activities. SIVAIM participated in several public hearings which took place before the new laws and regulations were put in force in Northwest Russia and earlier in the Baltic States. SIVA IM has also initiated the establishment of the institutional organizations that have acted to improve the framework conditions and fight against corruption. SIVA IM initiated establishment of FIBA (Foreign Investors Business Association) which is today the most important business association for the foreign investors in the Northwest Russia; 90 percent of its members are Norwegian companies. SIVAIM was also an initiator of FIBA in Lithuania; Norwegian companies in this organization constitute the majority as well. http://www.fibapanevezys.euhttp://nwfiba.com

23 SIVA IM activity overview SIVA IM has been a member of the UN Global Compact since 2008 and it follows the principles that are recommended by the organization in respect to the activities and work outside Norway. SIVAIM has introduced quality management systems for the international projects implementation from the first stage (the phase of idea) to the concept in operation (real estate – innovation center). Now SIVA IM works on the upgrading of its quality management system according to the new ISO 9001:2008. More information can be found at :


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