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Lindsay Crider April 25,2012 ELED 3226-003. January: Each employee has to apply with the company New Employees: Pre-screening interview Rehire Employees:

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1 Lindsay Crider April 25,2012 ELED 3226-003

2 January: Each employee has to apply with the company New Employees: Pre-screening interview Rehire Employees: Drug Screen Department Interview Jeff Ellis Training Class Facility Training/Orientation February: The future employees are going through interviews Instructors begin instructor training weekend March: Interview still in progress Training classes begin (3/30-4/1) April: Training classes continue (4/13-15,4/20-22,4/27-29) Park clean up begins (4/21) May: Training Class (5/11-13) Park Clean Up Continues Facility Training/ Park Orientation (5/17-20) Water Park Opening Day (5/26) June: Full Opening hours (11am-7pm) July: Full Opening hours (11am-7pm) August: Full Opening hours (11am-7pm) Weekends Only (8/24 11am-7pm) September: Water Park Closes (9/8) Park Clean up (9/9- 13)


4 I remember my first rescue I had at Carowinds in Boomerang Bay Water Park. I was at my final spot before my lunch break, it was so hot outside, all I could do was countdown the time until I was able to enjoy a little bit of air conditioning. I was at the right high standing position scanning my water, using my 10/20 Protection Plan, which is a strategy that we use in order to properly watch our area of protection, we have 10 seconds to scan our area, and 20 seconds to recognize and get to a guest in distress. There was 10 minutes left until my lunch break thats when I noticed a little girl having trouble in the water. She was wearing a purple one piece swimsuit, flailing her arms frantically trying to grab onto anything and everything to keep her head above the water, her wet brown hair was covering her panicked face. In one swift movement I pressed the E-Stop, the rescue button, blew my whistle and jumped into the pool. All of those steps are very important to the ensure safety for myself and for the guests in the water. The E-stop turns off all of the waves in the pool, and the rescues button sends a signal over the radios in the park to notify the management staff a rescue just took place. I reached the surprised girl in a matter of seconds; I grabbed onto her and told her I was a lifeguard. Once she grabbed onto the rescue tube, there was a sense of safety that swept over her face. Once I got the little girl up the ladder, I told her to sit on one of the chairs behind my stand, I started to talk to her. I learned she was ten years old, she had swallowed a lot of water, and said waves were too much for her to handle. Once my supervisor Patrick got to the location, which was in a matter of minutes, I was able to return to my stand to continue doing my job. That was three years ago this June. I started as a Deep water lifeguard now I am a certified Ellis instructor and apart of the supervision team at Carowinds.

5 Dear Zach, I would like to thank you for the opportunity you have given me this year. I believe being able to become an Ellis instructor and a supervisor for this upcoming season, will give a whole new understanding for the industry. As a supervisor I think I will have an advantage being an instructor because I have been given the chance to bond with the new Lifeguards. I remember my first year going through training class and the instructors were just instructors to me, but once I got into the park I realized the instructors teaching were also a part of the supervision staff. Once I had the realization I felt a little bit more comfortable when the season began because I felt like I was a part of the team. During multiple interviews before the season has started we have discussed the changes you will like to see though out the season. One of those being micro branding the park, which I agree with, I feel the change you are hoping to see though out the season is a change we desperately need for this park. Compared to last year, which as we all know was a rough year, I can already see a change in the management team we have this year. As a team we have great communication, we have learned over the years how to work as a team and we enjoy working with one another. I have talked to the other supervisors over the weekend and we would like to have a meeting with you. We have been getting mixed signals and we would all like to be on the same page before the park opens. We have all been given a chance to have a sit down with you individually, but as a management team we have not had the chance to sit down together. When you are available you can call me and we can set up a date and a time were all the supervision can meet up with you. Sincerely, Lindsay Crider

6 Ellis and Associates is a company that has been around since the 1980s created a program, the National Pool & Water park Lifeguard Training course that teaches lifeguards the proper risk management and risk prevention methods in water parks. Jeff Ellis states Ellis & Associates sets the standard in the industry: an example would be the nearly universal adoption of the E&A 10/20 response rule. The 10/20 rule created by E&A has been totally accepted as the standard of care which should be provided by all lifeguards. There are many other techniques the company uses to make sure their programs are up to date with the newest techniques and the best possible ways to provide the proper medical attention to guests in distress. Carowinds Amusement park uses Ellis and Associates to train their lifeguards. Once a month the park is visited by the company to be given a surprise audit, this audit consists of two parts. The first part the company blends in with the other guests and pictures and videos are taken of the guards and supervision during the day. Half way through the audit, the company will reveal themselves conducting VAT (Vigilant Awareness Training) drops, and skill tests of multiple guards though out the park. After the audit Ellis and Associates will rate the audit from Exceeds, Meets, and Fails, which will determine the successfulness of park. During each guards training courses they are taught the proper techniques that they are expected to maintain as long as their licenses is valid, which is a year from the date it is signed. The companys motto is "make a difference in aquatic safety". and they have made a difference in aquatic safety nationwide.

7 My name is Lindsay Crider, I am a junior at UNC Charlotte and I am in my second semester in the education program. I have a job at Carowinds during the summer and I have worked there for three years now. I am now a certified Ellis and Associate Trainer, as well as a supervisor at the park. I enjoy my work a lot and enjoy being an instructor because I it gives me the chance to give future lifeguards some of my knowledge on a topic I really enjoy. I also babysit kids in my neighborhood and play some soccer pickup games in some of my free time. I chose to write about my job because it has become a huge part of my life, during the past year I have spent more and more time with the company and have grown a huge interest in the aquatics industry. My purpose for this book is to show the readers a glimpse of what it takes to get a water park running in proper order, so the guests can enjoy their visit as much as possible. In my mind my intended audience would be people who are interested in a job in aquatics. I feel this book will show an interested person what goes on behind the scenes of an amusement park, things that guests will never notice because it is all based on how you handle different situations.

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