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SPOT & Yosemite Search and Rescue 2009 Case Study & AAR.

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1 SPOT & Yosemite Search and Rescue 2009 Case Study & AAR

2 Case Study - SPOT activation near Red Peak Pass SPOT, October 4th 2009

3 Rain & wind with snow in higher elevations




7 3 SPOT activations, all on trail, moving East and down slope

8 +5 SPOT signals, but IERCC cannot access this data





13 We would not receive this information from SPOT until later that afternoon, appears subject has not moved

14 1645h, IERCC no OK messages sent, search begins

15 Text message sent around 1130am, not viewable by IERCC, no longer 911

16 Login information reveals that the subject was out of search area




20 After Action Review SPOT Dispatch (IERCC) Lack of clarity, incomplete information Lack of familiarity with data output No better than a 911 hang up with some coordinates Individual Not prepared Failed to recognize altitude sickness symptoms Responsible Party Communication barrier SPOT login – data easily exported and accurate!

21 Take-home Points SPOT Dispatch Represented as a professional dispatch Did not perform well SPOT Concept Will it work in all of our terrain? Is 911 really a 911? False alarms, would-be self rescues? Unnecessary risk taking? SPOT & Education role (for user and friends/family)

22 Whats Next NPS and California protocols? When does it get treated like a 911 phone call? Help activation versus 911 activation 911 activation + no movement 911 activation + no movement call from friend/family with login information Communication with SPOT Get login information as soon as possible GEOS versus regular package? Jurisdiction?

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