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Mid Ohio Development Exchange (MODE) Presentation January 16, 2014.

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1 Mid Ohio Development Exchange (MODE) Presentation January 16, 2014

2 2 History of Public Transit Overview: Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) Formed in 1972 Began operations on Jan. 1, 1974 As of Jan. 1, 2014 COTA celebrates 40 th anniversary

3 COTA Customers 65,000+ weekday trips Taxpayers COTAs service area population 1.2 million Employees Approximately 870 COTA Stakeholders

4 4 Mobility Provides personal mobility options Reduces congestion Economic development Provides access to education and jobs Boosts economic growth Attracts businesses Environment Improves health and quality of life Energy Provides less dependence on foreign oil and enhances economic stability Benefits of Public Transportation

5 5 Serving Our Community COTA Facts: Total service area - 562 square miles (all of Franklin, and portions of Delaware, Union, Licking and Fairfield counties) Number of buses in fleet - 333 fixed-route buses Number of vehicles in fleet - 64 paratransit vehicles Service hours - 918,000 fixed-route and 170,000 paratransit service hours Total number of routes - 67 lines (local, express and crosstown) Total number of Parks and Rides - 28 Total number of bus stops - 3,688 Total number of passenger shelters - 378

6 6 Serving Our Community Cleveland Avenue BRT Downtown Circulator Sidewalk Improvements Design and Construction Costs Park & Ride Acquisitions and Studies (New Albany, Polaris, Dublin, Canal Winchester, SR665/I71) Downtown North and South Terminals Transit System Review

7 7 COTA and City of New Albany Partnership Community Partnership (example): COTA acquired 2.5 acres of property in the City of New Albany to serve as a Park and Ride facility for area residents and businesses Our Goal: To enhance transportation options within the City of New Albany and the northeast quadrant of central Ohio To provide public transit options to more than 12,000 employees and customers of the New Albany Business Park Shuttle service to transport employees from COTAs Park and Ride throughout the business park will be provided by the City of New Albany The New Albany Public Service Department will assist with facility maintenance Construction targeted for completion in August 2014 Service targeted to begin in September 2014

8 8 Primary Funding Source Sales and use tax 0.25 percent permanent 0.25 percent 10-year renewable (approved in 2006) Total 0.5 percent through 2016

9 9 Sound Business Practices Prudent Use of Sales Tax: Increased ridership by 24%, up 3.6 million boardings from 2006 level Invested in infrastructure improvements to support community growth Modernized and transitioning bus fleet Restored/improved facility assets to like-new conditions Replaced/improved passenger amenities (shelters, park/rides, bus stops) Updated technology infrastructure Made strategic property acquisitions Leveraged federal grant dollars

10 10 Sound Business Practices Prudent Management of Transit Operations: Increased operating reserve level Allows COTA to plan longer term Weather short term funding gaps due to Federal delay Implemented cost saving initiatives Energy Price Risk Management program Controlled wage and salary costs Transitioning to CNG powered vehicles

11 11 Financial Overview – 2014 Approved Budget Operating Revenue: $138 million Operating Expenses: $108 million Capital Expenditures : $54 million

12 12 Risk of Sustaining Service Levels * * Close Fields Ave. Facility PROJECTIONS 0.50% 0.25% Sustainable Hrs. 1.130 million hrs. 0.552 million hrs. Funding renewed – COTA will be able to sustain service level at 1.1 million hours Funding not renewed – COTA will need to make drastic reductions in service levels, closure of facilities and reduction of workforce.

13 13 In Closing… Central Ohio has historically enjoyed vibrant growth adding more jobs attracting economic development welcoming new residents and businesses However, as the region continues to grow and prosper, new opportunities and challenges are emerging that require planning, including an investment in our transportation infrastructure COTAs goals support and assist in achieving the goals of the broader community Without investment in transit, we risk jeopardizing the economic vitality and quality of life we have come to expect We want to hear from you…suggestions, partnership opportunities, more information?

14 Wishes cost nothing, unless you want them to come true. -Frank Tygedd Questions? 14

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