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Agenda 1. Welcome/Housekeeping 2. Introduction to the Tour de France

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2 Agenda 1. Welcome/Housekeeping 2. Introduction to the Tour de France
3. Introduce the Team! 4. Effect on daily life Day Cultural Festival 6. Licensing Role 7. How we will communicate with you going forward

3 Introduction to the Tour de France
The Grand Depart 2014

4 What is the Grand Depart
The Grand Depart is the Opening 3 days of the Tour De France It covers 3 stages and a total of 560 KM This is the first time Le Tour has visited the North of England, and Le Tours first visit to the UK since 2007 2014 will be the 101st Grand Depart At the end of each stage the Rider with the lowest Aggregate Time is awarded the Coveted Yellow Jersey Stage 2 will be an important finish – business end of Yorkshire

5 The Team Amaury Sports Organisation / Welcome to Yorkshire
TdeFHUB 2014 Ltd – Regional Delivery Team Sheffield City Council Peak District National Park Emergency Services (police, fire, ambulance) South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive Le Tour Makers

6 The eyes of the world will be upon the city and you, its
The Communities The Businesses The People The eyes of the world will be upon the city and you, its “Our Time to Shine!” We need your patience, support and involvement to make this the biggest and best event the city has ever hosted.

7 Stage One (Sat 5th July) 190km Leeds to Harrogate Leeds Aysgarth
Harewood Otley Ilkley Skipton Kettlewell Aysgarth Hawes Reeth Leyburn Ripon Harrogate

8 Stage Two (Sun 5th July) 200km York to Sheffield Worrall York
Oughtibridge Grenoside Shiregreen Burngreave Attercliffe Wincobank Lower Don Valley York Harrogate Keighley Haworth Haden Bridge Holme Moss Midhopestones High Bradfield

Full Route – Sheffield Boundary to Stage Finish Mortimer Rd (A61) Halifax Rd Kirk Edge Rd (A6109) Savile St (A6102) Herries Rd (A6178) Attercliffe Common (A6135) Burngreave Rd

10 1. Midhopestones to Oughtibridge Midhopestones
TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 STAGE 2 SHEFFIELD 1. Midhopestones to Oughtibridge 1 Midhopestones LOCAL LANDMARK KEY Ye Olde Mustard Pot Public House (MORTIMER RD) St Nicholas Church of England Church (BROWN HOUSE LANE) Convent of the Holy Ghost (KIRK EDGE RD) Coronation Park & Jaw Bone Hill (OUGHTIBRIDGE LANE) 1 CLIMB 2 3 4 Mortimer Rd Oughtibridge Lane Oughtibridge 4 CLIMB CLIMB High Bradfield 2 Kirk Edge Rd 3 Worrall

11 2. Oughtibridge to (A6109) Savile St
Skew Hill Lane Grenoside TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 STAGE 2 SHEFFIELD 2. Oughtibridge to (A6109) Savile St 4 5 CLIMB Salt Box Lane (A61) Halifax Road Parson Cross Middlewood (A6102) Herries Rd 6 Shirecliffe Rd Shirecliffe LOCAL LANDMARK KEY Coronation Park & Jaw Bone Hill (OUGHTIBRIDGE LANE) Grenoside Crematorium (SKEW HILL LANE) Sheffield Wednesday FC – Hillsborough (A61 PENISTONE RD) Sheffield United FC Academy (SHIRECLIFFE RD) 7 4 5 6 (A6109) Savile St 7 (A6135) Burngreave Rd Burngreave

12 3. (A6109) Savile St to (A6178) Attercliffe Common (STAGE 2 FINISH)
TOUR DE FRANCE 2014 STAGE 2 SHEFFIELD 3. (A6109) Savile St to (A6178) Attercliffe Common (STAGE 2 FINISH) Wincobank Newman Rd 10 Jenkin Rd CLIMB MEADOWHALL (B6082) Holywell Rd 9 9 8 (A6178) Attercliffe Common STAGE 2 FINISH (A6109) Savile St East LOCAL LANDMARK KEY Royal Mail Group (BRIGHTSIDE LANE) Sheffield Forgemasters St Thomas Gym (NEWMAN ROAD) 8 9 10

13 The Race Caravan of up to 180 vehicles – a 20km long parade
Each of the 220 riders has support vehicles Peloton guarded by Gendarmerie and the British Police Followed by 9 helicopters Last hour broadcast live over Western Europe Estimated that over 265,000 people will watch the race Live within our section on race day




17 Organisers role Airspace & flightpaths Communications Logistics
Traffic Management Catering Environmental considerations Spectator access Volunteers, stewards & police Medical Road closures Transport Event Services Radio networks Look Police escort Sport Equipment Technology Stakeholder relations Press & Broadcast Safety advisory groups Security Crowd Dynamics Sport Accommodation Budgets Team access Street cleaning and litter Road closures and parking suspensions Highway repairs and utility companies

18 Andy Bennett Sheffield City Council
Effect On Daily Life Andy Bennett Sheffield City Council Road Closures On Street Parking Cleansing Emergency Service Access Personal Drives

19 Road Closures The Route will be closed to non-Race traffic
Closed for approximately 6-8 Hours, but may be subject to change Controlled crossings & Limited Route access prior to the Caravan and after the Race Detailed information about closures will be available If you are planning to run an event, campsite – Please let us know

20 On Street Parking No parking on the Race route
Intention to keep adjacent roads available for parking, Le Tour Makers and Stewards will assist There will be limited on street parking, particularly from Midhopestones to Grenoside Lots of on street parking from Grenoside to the Race finish area There may be a period after the race has passed before the roads are reopened – Please be patient, if you are near a Spectator Hub see what’s going on Advice is: to plan, get there early, be prepared to walk a short distance, delay your journey home to avoid delays


22 Cleansing After the Caravan the Race route will be swept The road network adjacent to the route may require cleaning before roads are reopened Emergency Service Access Emergency Local Access Points – ELAPS Personal Drives Frontages informed of likely impact and expected closure times If you have specific access needs for your business, carer visit, etc – Please let us know

23 Nathan Broadhead South Yorkshire Passanger Transport Executive
Public Transport disruption and Spectator Travel by Bus, Train and Tram Nathan Broadhead South Yorkshire Passanger Transport Executive

24 100 Day Cultural Festival March 27th – July 6th
Rebecca Maddox Main festival input via Welcome to Yorkshire – official announcement of programme January 2014 Any cultural / community events during the 100 Days can apply to be listed in the Sportive programme – publicity and branding

25 100 Day Cultural Festival March 27th – July 6th
Sheffield funding for micro commissions at spectator hubs Max £2k £12k + from City Council Hopefully £45k from Arts Council Commissioning process to target funds From January

26 Licensing Role Steve Lonnia, Chief Licensing Officer
There are two key processes; You inform us of your proposals We register them and offer advice and support

27 Advice & Support Legal Position – licence / consent / register
Advice – bring together other agencies such as Fire Service, Health & Safety etc. Support – best practice, ideas and solutions

28 What do we want to know about?
Camp Sites Caravan Sites Car Parks Events Street Parties Street Trading Renting of Rooms / Houses etc. Bed & Breakfast Charitable Collections

29 Our Key Aim’s “Is to ensure that everyone who attends the event has an enjoyable experience and remains safe and secure whilst they are in Sheffield” “That we minimise any potential for disruption, inconvenience and or nuisance arising from car parking, street trading, events etc.”

30 Spectator hubs… Identified 5 Key areas along the route, these are High Bradfield, Coronation Park, Grenoside Park, Abbeyfield Park, Wincobank Common, Don Valley Bowl Its up to local communities to decide how best to support the screens with other locally driven activities. Support in the planning of these activities is offered by SCC Other Opportunities Car Parking / Camping Themed Events Cultural Activities Cycling Legacy

31 Peak District National Park
Jenny Waller Peak District National Park Authority Established in 1951 22 million day visits 38,000 residents ICUN Category V protected area Comprises; 6 different counties 11 district councils 4 government regions 5 BBC local areas

32 The Peak District National Park

33 Moorlands

34 Moorlands It’s in a National Park
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Special Protected Areas (SPA) Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA) It’s in a National Park

35 So what are you allowed to do for the Tour de France if you live/work inside the National Park?
Legislation in 1949 and most recently the Environment Act 1995 national parks are designated to achieve the following purposes: to conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage of the national park. to promote opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities [of the park] by the public. Section 62 of the Act places a duty on National Park Authorities to; seek to foster the economic and social well-being of their local communities. 

36 Do I need permission from the National Park Authority to:
Set up a temporary campsite? Set up a temporary caravan site? Set up a temporary car park? Advertise your business? Plan a village party? Basically, 28 day rule applies - handouts with all the details Also SSSI/Agri-environment Scheme consent required - Natural England

37 Grant support available for communities and businesses
Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) Available to support community activity to promote and celebrate local culture and the landscape of the national park Some monies have been ring fenced to the 5 parishes within the National Park – Bradfield etc Some flexibility to accommodate communities/ parishes alongside the National Park boundary Simple application process (however looking for a joint community approach) Up to 75% grant/ 50% for businesses

38 2. New cycling grant scheme
Available from January Funded via the Dept of Transport Community Linking Places Fund Phase 2 £120,000 to cover support BUT applicants can be outside the NP Preference given to those businesses and communities alongside the new routes leading into the NP Little Don Link and Little John Route (links to Sheffield) + Staffordshire Moorlands and Derbyshire routes included Capital only – to support cycling infrastructure such as cycle racks, lock ups, other innovative ways of supporting use of the route etc Up to 70% community/ up to 60% business

39 Any questions?

40 Wendy Ulyett – Marketing Sheffield

41 We want to work with you keep your communities informed
Toby Oliver – Sheffield City Council What would help you keep your communities updated? E.g. Html newsletters Poster templates (for you to customise & print) Templates letters (for you to customise & print) What other suggestions do you have?

42 Sheffield City Council
Tour de France legacy Signing the route Paul Sullivan Sheffield City Council

43 Bike hire Bike hubs Improved routes both for leisure and commuters Mass participation events (Sky rides) Tour challenge rides

44 Kate Holdsworth Community Fundraiser

45 ‘Save the Dates’ of your future workshops
6th February 2014 – 9.15am-12.30pm 12th March am-12.30pm 10th April am – 12pm

46 Getting into gear! Decide how you want to get Involved – Opportunities for everyone Use the information in the fact sheets, to help shape what you want to do, - Keep us informed of your plans – Plan well ahead, think about your own logistics / Staff / Deliveries etc. Remember this isn't just about the 48hrs of the 5th & 6th July 2014 Make it a weekend to remember….around the world!

47 Questions


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