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Poloniny National park Zuzana Gajdošová 2. D 2012/2013.

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1 Poloniny National park Zuzana Gajdošová 2. D 2012/2013

2 Content: Location National park Attractions Vegetation Animals Dark-Sky Park

3 Location

4 National park created on 1 October 1997 protected area of 298 km² the highest point is the mount Kremenec (1,208 m) – the easternmost point of Slovakia open to the public all year

5 Attractions The primeval beech forests were proclaimed to be a World Heritage Site UNESCO Starina - the biggest water reservoir for drinking water in Slovakia wooden churches in Topoľa, Uličské Krivé and Ruský Potok

6 Vegetation a botanical frontier between the East and West Carpathians about 1,200 species of vascular plant forests cover about 80% of the area poloniny – meadows on the main ridge of the Bukovské vrchy mountain range

7 Animals about 5,981 species of Invertebrates and 294 species of Vertebrates protected bird area many endemics and protected species: salamander, newt, otter, wildcat, wolf, brown bear, lynx, European bison, Eurasian elk

8 Dark-Sky Park Poloniny 1. dark-sky park in Slovakia and 20. in the world created on 3 December 2010 the darkest sky in the Slovakia Astronomical Observatory near Kolonica

9 Sources: Park Park y_Poloniny y_Poloniny tmavej-oblohy/narodny-park-poloniny/ tmavej-oblohy/narodny-park-poloniny/


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