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High Performance: No Decisions City of Roseville, MN.

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1 High Performance: No Decisions Playgrounds @ City of Roseville, MN

2 Background 69% citizens would likely vote for a tax increase to fund program Result: $19M citywide park renewal program – Playgrounds: $1.6M (8%) 2 Master Plan Renewal Program Citizen Support

3 3 Project 002-2013 (7-$75,000 play areas, $525,000 total) Central Park Victoria ballfields2013 Materion Park2013 Tamarack Park2013 Villa Park (upper)2014 Langton Lake Park/C22015 Mapleview Park2015 Owasso Park2015 Project 003-2013 (5-$125,000 play areas, $625,000 total) Howard Johnson Park2014 Oasis Park2014 Acorn Park2015 Bruce Russell Park2015 Langton Lake Park (ballfields)2015 Project 004-2013 (1-$225,000 play area $225,000 total) Central Park Victoria West2014 Project 005-2013 (1-$225,000 play area $225,000 total) Central Park Lexington2015

4 Typical Evaluation Process 4

5 Best Value Approach Biggest risk: neighborhood engagement Evaluation factors: – Risk – Value Add – Capability – Interview – Cost 5

6 Evaluation 6

7 Download the evals 1.Make a table on a sheet of paper: 2.Go to 3.Click on Playground Submittals folder 7 CriteriaP-002P-003P-004 Risk Plan Capability Value Add

8 Submit Answers 1.Back to 2.Click on Playground Eval Form and then Open 8

9 Your ratings… 9

10 Actual ratings… 10 Raw Data NoCriteria Possible Points P-001P-002P-003P-004P-005P-006P-007 1Cost100$1,600,000 2Interview Rating3506. 5.0 3Risk Plan2005.27.55.0 4Project Capability Plan2005. 5Value Added Plan1005. 6PPI (1-10)5010.0 9.99.8 Points P-001P-002P-003P-004P-005P-006P-007 1Cost100100.0 2Interview Rating350252.0350.0154.0210.0280.0 210.0 3Risk Plan200137.8200.0133.3 155.6200.0155.6 4Project Capability Plan200127.3200.0109.1127.3145.5109.1127.3 5Value Added Plan10062.0100. 6PPI (1-10)5050.0 49.850.049.749.249.0 7291,000616681811828722

11 Project Results 50% ahead of schedule (from estimate) 0% change orders 100% city satisfaction 11

12 Overall program results 12 Performance Criteria Lead Consultant Natural ResourcesPlaygroundsFinal Plans Overall change order rate 0%0%0%0% Client 0% Designer 0% Contractor 0% Unforeseen 0% Overall delay rate 10.4%0%0%0% Client 10.4%0% Designer 0% Contractor 0% Unforeseen 0%

13 Citizen Feedback Survey QuestionAverage The PRRP is being efficiently delivered by the City. 8.4 The City is acting in the best interest of Roseville citizens. 8.4 Level of transparency of City staff and contracted firms (9 = very transparent) 8.4 Overall satisfaction with the public engagement process. 8.4 Overall satisfaction with the contracted firms. 8.4 Overall satisfaction with the PRRP.8.5 13 121 unique surveys, representing 14 parks

14 So, what risk is there on the project? 14 Potential RiskApplicable? Consultants wont understand how to propose There will notbe enough proposals (competition) The citizens do not support the program City(non-experts) cannot accurately describe their needsConsultants (even with lots of education)will revertThe process will not work in ___________ scopeareaThereis no construction management firm The processwill take too much time and effortThe vendor proposes a schedule that the City cannot meet Politicalrisk (city council, naysayers, internal departments) NO YES

15 Comments / Questions 15 Jake Smithwick

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