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Welcome to Lakelands Park Middle School

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1 Welcome to Lakelands Park Middle School
Incoming Sixth Grade Parent Meeting January 28, 2014

2 Objectives By the end of today’s meeting, parents and guardians will have: Met key Lakelands Park Middle School staff Received information about 6th grade course offerings, registration, and other important LPMS materials Identified resources for questions and inquiry

3 Welcome Building a Purposeful, Measureable & Successful Community through a Rigorous and Challenging Curriculum

4 Introduction of Staff Deborah Higdon, Principal
Cary Dimmick, Principal Intern Edward Owusu, Visiting Principal Carrie Reed, Assistant Principal Karen Luensman, Resource Counselor Latisha Nelson, 6th Grade Counselor Katie Filano, 6th Grade Team Leader/ Science Resource Teacher Susan Koser, 6th Grade Team Leader / Reading Specialist

5 Introduction of Staff Melissa Brown, Resource Teacher in Special Education Charlie Wang, ESOL and World Lang. Resource Teacher Lisa Reed, Acting English Resource Teacher Randy Hostetter, Math Resource Teacher Don Reed, Social Studies Resource Teacher Karen Flynn, Arts Resource Teacher Stacy Azizirad, PE/Health Resource Teacher Rui-Hung Tsai, Media Specialist

6 Parent, Teacher, Student Association
Communication Gone are the days of “Friday Folders” Parents need to be more proactive Membership & Volunteering Activities Spirit Wear

7 Instructional Program

8 English/Language Arts Offerings
Advanced English 6 ESOL 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Advanced Reading 6 READ 180 Rewards Reading

9 English 6th Grade Unit Theme: Kaleidoscopes
Focus on the communication processes of: Reading Writing Speaking Listening, and Viewing …through the study of language and literature. Unit 1: Foundations Unit 2: Adventures Unit 3: Challenges and Barriers Unit 4: Artistic Choices

10 Advanced Reading 6 This class focuses on how the reading process is applied to exposition and narration. Students learn the importance of strategic reading in order to build a firm foundation for success as a reader. Thematic Units: “Travel the World” Greek Mythology “Mountains and Triumphs”

11 Specialized Reading Classes
Specialized reading classes will be: developed to meet the individual needs of the reader; and, guided by input from the previous year’s teacher, various reading assessments, writing samples, and overall performance. Possible classes: READ 180 Rewards Reading

12 READ 180 Intensive reading intervention program designed to meet the needs of students whose reading achievement is below the proficient level. Assesses individual needs through: adaptive and instructional software high-interest literature, and direct instruction in reading and writing skills

13 Rewards Reading Reading intervention specifically designed for struggling adolescent learners. Students learn word-reading strategies for: Decoding multisyllabic words Increasing fluency rates Deepening comprehension of informational & content area texts Students work on Writing Sentence Refinement. Focus is on: Sharpening students word choice Expanding ideas to increase sentence quality Editing paragraphs

14 WORLD LANGUAGES Spanish 1A or French 1A What does full year mean?
1st semester of level 1 high school course stretched out over the course of the entire school year Units of Study 4 Units 1 per marking period Welcome to French/Spanish Class Getting Acquainted School Food World Language Readiness Look Fors Intrinsic motivation Self- advocate Independent study skills Solid grasp of grammatical concepts in English

15 WORLD LANGUAGES Considerations Frequency of Homework Assignments
2-3 times a week Independent Study Requirements Individual vocabulary practice 2-3 times a week outside of class to ensure vocabulary acquisition Final Exams 1 county exam administered in June High School Transcript Grade Calculation MP1+MP2+MP3+MP4+Final Exam Grade averaged together High School GPA information One Final Grade reported on high school transcript and included in GPA A= B= 3.0 C= D= 1.0

16 World Language Placement
The following criteria are used as guidelines for placement in World Languages: A score of 437 or higher on the MSA Reading Grade 4 test A RIT Score of 217 or higher on the fall MAP-R A RIT Score of 219 or higher on the winter MAP-R Reading/Foreign Language Ready by the 5th grade teacher

17 Lakelands Park Math Department

18 MATH OFFERINGS for 6th Graders
Math 6 – Common Core 2.0 Math 7 Investigations into Mathematics Algebra 1A/B * (Common Core 2.0 & High School Credit)


20 C 2.0 IM C 2.0 Algebra I C 2.0 Math 5 C 2.0 Math 6 C 2.0 Math 7
Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 C 2.0 IM C 2.0 Algebra I C 2.0 Math 5 C 2.0 Math 6 OR C 2.0 Math 7 C 2.0 Math 8

21 C 2.0 Algebra I C 2.0 Math 6 C 2.0 IM Math 6 C 2.0 Math 7 C 2.0 Math 8
Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Recommended Pathway C 2.0 Math 6 C 2.0 Algebra I C 2.0 IM Math 6 OR C 2.0 Math 7 C 2.0 Math 8 Math 7

22 Math 7 IM 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 Grade 5 Grade 6
C 2.0 Algebra I C 2.0 Hon. Geo

23 Science – Investigations in Science 6 (IS6)
Problem/project-based curriculum Instruction is interwoven around a relevant problem/project to allow a focus for student learning. Students engage in minds-on inquiry and hands-on explorations, productive discourse, and purposeful reading and writing. Students engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in order to propose solutions to identified problems. Unit 1: Sudden Impact Unit 2: Butterfly Habitat Unit 3: Going Green Unit 4: Alternative Energy

24 Advanced Social Studies
Four Units: Patterns of Settlement in Ancient and Modern Times (Geography) Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome (Political Systems) The Impact of Economics: Ancient and Modern China (Economic Systems) Cultural Systems: The First Millennium and Today (Cultural and Social Systems) Students will: Deepen their understanding of the rich cultures and history from the earliest human settlements to great civilizations of the year 1000 CE. Be challenged to develop historical thinking skills through the analysis of archaeological evidence, primary and secondary source documents.

25 Thinking Like a Historian

26 Arts and Music Electives
Arts Rotation – 9 week rotational classes POSSIBLE COURSES: art, computers, music, technology, theater Chorus Band Orchestra

27 Physical Education Three quarters of Physical Education and one quarter of health. Four week units Include activities such as basketball, football, fitness, soccer, softball, track and field, and ultimate frisbee. Students have formative and summative grades on skills, game play, tactics and a written test at the end of each unit.

28 Health Units for 6th Grade Health include: Mental health Tobacco
Personal and Consumer Health Nutrition and Fitness Safety and Injury Prevention Family Life and Human Sexuality Disease Prevention and Control

29 Library Media Program Effective information users & life-long learners
Over 25,000 books, 34 computers, 20 netbooks Online Resources & Media Center homepages Note taking, Internet safety & copyright Co-plan & co-teach research projects TV Crews & live TV shows

30 Outdoor Education 3 day/2 night educational experience
Locations are Smith Center, Skycroft, Summit Lake Students engage in instructional courses, recreational activities, and evening entertainment

31 Student Service Learning (SSL)
The state of Maryland requires students perform75 hours of SSL to earn a high school diploma. MCPS students may begin earning SSL hours during the summer following their 5th grade year. Every middle and high school has a Student Service Learning Coordinator. At this school it is Resource Counselor, Karen Luensman. All required forms as well as a list of approved organizations where service may be performed are available at:

32 Registration Form- Top

33 Registration Form

34 Registration Form Deadline
Forms are due to fifth grade teachers by Friday, January 31

35 Thank you for coming! Please visit break out subject area tables in the gym Take advantage of student-led building tours.

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