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IB Senior Honors Night, Highland Park Senior High

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1 IB Senior Honors Night, Highland Park Senior High

2 What are we celebrating?
IB Diploma 25 this year 6 exams Extended Essay CAS IB Honors 38 this year 4 exams Speech CAS

3 Sister Schools Karatu Provincial School, Karatu, Tanzania
Unidad Educativa Santana, Cuenca, Ecuador Casvi School, Madrid, Spain

4 Molly Westfield ‘Incisive Pragmatism’
EE – Borderline Personality Disorder CAS – Hockey, WE Day Looking forward to college – Independence, New People Will attend – University of Minnesota, Duluth ‘Incisive Pragmatism’

5 Julia Watson ‘Imbued with Meaning’
EE – Languages and Spatial Reasoning CAS – Ballet, Math Tutoring, Link Crew Most valuable assignment – Extended Essay Will miss about HP – seeing her friends’ faces every day Will attend – University of Toronto ‘Imbued with Meaning’

6 Elliot Strand Utilitarian Soul
EE – Models for Affecting Climate Change Advice for underclassmen – ‘Do all your work. It will make you smarter’ Most valuable assignment – the EE Will attend – University of Wisconsin, Madison Utilitarian Soul

7 Nandini Schneider Individual Quest EE – Narcissism in the Digital Age
CAS – Minnesota Children’s Museum, dance, soccer Advice for underclassmen – You will have your ups and downs. Remain true to yourself, and don’t be afraid to try new things. Will attend – St Olaf College Individual Quest

8 Sarah Rosen Lilting Intellect
EE – Treating Childhood Autism Spectrum Disorder CAS – Feline Rescue, NHS Favorite memory from Kindergarten – Bring your cat to school day Most valuable assignment – everything in Math Studies Will attend – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Lilting Intellect

9 Lauren Riggs Resolute Delicacy
EE – Public Opinion on the effect on Vietnam Veterans CAS – Dance, Friendship Club Most valuable assignment – the EE Advice for parents – Make sure you are there for your kid, but allow them to make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes Will attend – Beloit College Resolute Delicacy

10 Elowyn Pfeiffer Multifaceted Scholar
EE – How the relationship between US Government and tribal communities affects access to services and right to a cultural identity? CAS – Friendship Club, Soccer, HP Sports Advice to all – Be a good person and enjoy what you do every day Will attend – Williams College Multifaceted Scholar

11 Curtis Noecker Advocate of Veracity
EE – Benefits of music as therapy for Alzheimer’s CAS – Swimming, Music, Soccer Most valuable assignment – the EE Advice for underclassmen – Don’t worry about things if you can put them off to the last second. Will attend – St. John’s University Advocate of Veracity

12 Lydia Newman-Heggie Steadfast Soul
EE – Tadpoles and Turbulence, a study CAS – Skiing, Feline Rescue, Art Advice for teachers – Kids need to be creative – try to come up with as many artsy projects as possible Will attend – Oberlin College and Conservatory Steadfast Soul

13 Irene Moskowitz Literary Discoverer EE – Searching for Exoplanets
CAS – Widgiwagan, Humane Society, Piano Most valuable assignment – the EE Looking forward to college – Astrophysics classes Will attend – the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Literary Discoverer

14 Jeremy Martin Authentic Thinker
EE – Influence of Frederick Douglass’ writings on equality in the 19th century CAS – Highland Beats, NHS, Tutoring at church Favorite memory from Kindergarten – going to nationals for chess, bringing home the big trophy. ! Will attend – University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana Authentic Thinker

15 Jacob Marcott Historic Intuition EE – Comics and Literary Devices
CAS – Trumpet, Theater, Bass Advice for underclassmen – Never give up, never surrender Will attend – Gustavus Adolphus College Historic Intuition

16 Nguyen Lu Heartfelt Leadership
EE – How does sleep affect memory consolidation? CAS – STLF, United Hospital, track Looking forward to college – the academic and social freedoms Will miss about HP – the colorful personalities of the students and teachers Will attend – the U of M, Twin Cities, CBS Heartfelt Leadership

17 Rachel Lindholm Comprehensive Conceptualization
EE – Conspiracy Theories and Effect on History CAS – Yearbook, NHS, Link Crew Favorite memory from Kindergarten – watching caterpillars grow into butterflies Will miss about HP – the close community and the amazing teachers Will attend – U of M – TC Comprehensive Conceptualization

18 Ian Landreau Dauntless Discernment
EE – Media Exposure of Presidential Scandals CAS – Cycles for Change, Soccer, NHS, Benstock Favorite memory from kindergarten – Rombo, rombo, rombo! Looking forward to college – the freedom Will attend – Gustavus Adolphus College Dauntless Discernment

19 Anna La Adamant Rumination EE – Introversion, a disorder or trait?
CAS – Volunteering at Regions Hospital Most valuable assignment – the EE Favorite memory from kindergarten – getting M&M’s from music class Will attend – University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Adamant Rumination

20 Kyle Hallock Trusts in Truth EE – Cyborgs CAS – Hockey, NHS, Music
Advice for underclassmen – take school seriously and people will take you seriously Advice for teachers – grade harder Will attend – Boston university Trusts in Truth

21 Andy Hallock Laconic Victory
EE – The effect of music on perception of gamers CAS – Friendship Club, Jazz Band, Benstock, Sports Looking forward to college – self directed learning Advice for teachers – Know your students, they appreciate you Will attend – Boston University Laconic Victory

22 Rachel Graf Quiet Triumph EE – Minnesota Twin Study
CAS – Kickboxing, Common Bond, Habitat for Humanity Looking forward to college – not getting up at an early hour Will attend – Coe College Quiet Triumph

23 Chloe Fouilloux Profound Sassiness
EE – Assessment of lakes pH levels in proportion from distance of Greenland’s Ice Sheet CAS – Walker Art Center Teen Council, Joint Science Education Project, Ski Team Will miss about HP – the relationships Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities, CBS Profound Sassiness

24 Graciela Ferderer Grace at the Global Scale
EE – Economic Change during the Nicaraguan Revolution CAS – Speech, Volunteering at the Guthrie Most valuable assignment – the EE Will attend – Lewis and Clark College Grace at the Global Scale

25 Leslie Cruz Gentle Trailblazer
EE – Immigration Policies and Historical Contexts CAS – Volunteering at EXPO and Anderson Schools Most valuable assignment – the EE Advice for teachers – set your guidelines the first day Will attend – still deciding Gentle Trailblazer

26 Sofia Cerkvenik Reserves of Brilliance
EE – Newspaper as Propaganda during Nazi Party Growth in the 1930’s CAS – Friendship Club, Soccer, Student Council Looking forward to college – Studying abroad! Don’t teach the class – teach the students Will attend – the U of M, Twin Cities Reserves of Brilliance

27 Dyami Bryant Kind Sincerity
EE – Adoption trends and racism in society, CAS – Soccer, United Hospital Volunteering, BWCA Favorite memory from kindergarten – teacher using a puppet to teach us French Will attend – North Carolina Kind Sincerity

28 Elana Breitenbucher Authentic Consciousness
EE – Historical specifics in Track and Field World record breaking situations CAS – Cross Country, NHS, Link Crew Most valuable assignment – the EE Looking forward to college – meeting new people who are interested in the same things as me Will attend – Drake University Authentic Consciousness

29 Zoey Alch Thorough Grace Honors speech – Dream Theory
CAS – Dance, Tennis Advice for underclassmen – Don’t procrastinate! Getting things done on time let’s you enjoy yourself more. Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Thorough Grace

30 George Atmore Honest Sage Honors speech – History of the Internet
CAS – Nordic Skiing, BWCA trip Advice for underclassmen- Actually look at what matters for your future. Will attend – Beloit College Honest Sage

31 Madison Ballis Genuine Inquiry
Honors Speech – Manatees and Habitat Deterioration CAS – Coaching Volleyball Will miss about HP – the amazing people, especially the teachers Advice for parents – don’t worry so much Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Genuine Inquiry

32 Kelley Bunge True Motivation Honors Speech – Analysis of Handwriting
CAS – Rowing, United Hospital Volunteer Looking forward to college – meeting new people and becoming more independent! Will attend – U of M, CSE True Motivation

33 Andrew Chung Unassuming Intellect Honors Speech – Proportions in Space
CAS – Track, Senior Class Council Advice for teachers – No Mercy! Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Unassuming Intellect

34 Kendra Cisse Tenacious Idealist
Honors speech – Fluoridation of Public Water CAS – Dance Team Most valuable assignment – the personal project Advice for teachers – Make sure you don’t give up on your students Tenacious Idealist

35 Elliott Cudak Chivalry and Jests Honors speech – Polish Heritage
CAS – Soccer, Habitat for Humanity Looking forward to – Living independently Will attend – Cornell College or UW, Eau Claire Chivalry and Jests

36 David Duong Unpretentious Scholar Honors Speech – the War in Syria
CAS – Tutoring Unpretentious Scholar

37 Joe Dombro Stoic Comedy Honors Speech – Nuclear Weapons
CAS – Football, Volunteering for Relay Favorite memory from kindergarten – making friends Will attend – Minnesota State University, Mankato Stoic Comedy

38 Selena Erstad Joy of Learning Honors Speech – Dancers as Athletes
CAS – Link Crew, NHS, Dance Most valuable assignment – History Day Looking forward to college – studying abroad Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities, CFA/NR Joy of Learning

39 Pader Fang Deep Humor Honors speech – Book Burnings
CAS – Drawing and cooking Advice for teachers – Change your teaching to help all the kids to learn Will attend – Minneapolis College of Art and Design Deep Humor

40 Elizabeth Farley The World in Images
Honors speech – Native American Stereotypes in American Media and its effects CAS – Robotics and Crochet Will attend – University of Minnesota, Duluth The World in Images

41 Lionel Fuentes Unique Insight Honors speech – Music
CAS – Guitar, Volunteering at the Walker Looking forward to college – beginning a new chapter in life Will attend – Minneapolis Community Technical College Unique Insight

42 Hussein Gabdille Glorious Wisdom Honors speech – Romanticism in art
CAS – Friendship Club, Art Most valuable assignment – Monthly art pieces Will attend – Lakeland College Glorious Wisdom

43 Natalia Gaytan Forthright Intuition
Honors Speech – Orca Whales is Captivity CAS – Volunteering at Sholom Home, teaching pottery to children Looking forward to college – meeting more people with different perspectives Will attend – College of St Benedict Forthright Intuition

44 Mikaela Gerdes Actuality of Vision
Honors Speech – Social Media in our lives Actuality of Vision

45 Thao Ha Steely Grace Honors speech – Human Trafficking
CAS – Dance Team Favorite memory from kindergarten – Visiting the planetarium – I loved the planets and stars. Will attend – University of Northern Iowa Steely Grace

46 Pablo Helm Hernandez Independent Divination
Honors Speech – Chimpanzees and their rights CAS – Link Crew, Walker Art Center volunteer Looking forward to college – learning what I want to do with my future Will attend – MCTC Independent Divination

47 Laura Jopp Ironic Seriousness
Extended Essay – Nature vs Nurture – What determines a person’s moral judgment CAS – Photography, Math Team, MITY Advice for underclassmen – Challenge yourselves!! Will Attend – Beloit College Ironic Seriousness

48 Carson Kaskel Values Knowledge
Honors Speech – the design and concept of the ball, as it has affected history CAS – Music, Volunteering Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Values Knowledge

49 Tarik Kidane Bouyant Ideas Honors speech – History of Eritrea
CAS – STLF, United Hospital, Link Crew Favorite memory from kindergarten – graduating and getting popsicles Will attend – University of St Thomas Bouyant Ideas

50 Devin Krautkremer Quiet Determination Honors speech – Concussions
CAS – STLF, Salvation Army, Sports Looking forward to college – all of the class options Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Quiet Determination

51 Severin Linehan Observant Sensibility
Honors Speech – History of Influenza Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Observant Sensibility

52 Alexia Maceda Determined Discovery Honors Speech – Black Holes
CAS – CLUES – Youth in Action! Advice for teachers – ask for student suggestions when in doubt Will attend – Hamline University Determined Discovery

53 Adrian Miller Levity of Spirit Honors speech – Polar Bears and Habitat
CAS – Basketball Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Levity of Spirit

54 Emma Muter Formidable Consciousness
Extended Essay – The Psychology of Cats Guitar, Volleyball, Feline Rescue Advice for parents – Your support is very valuable to us Will attend – St Olaf College Formidable Consciousness

55 Temesen Ogbazghi Charismatic Expression
Honors Speech – Biological basis of Attraction CAS – STLF, Link Crew Will miss about HP – the close connection with friends and overall the freedom of not being in the real world just yet Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Charismatic Expression

56 Charles Patterson Individual View Honors speech – Solar power
CAS – Music Individual View

57 Katherine Pikula Thinking on a larger scale
Honors speech – Theory of Mind CAS – Tix for Tots, Stages Theater Advice for underclassmen – work out that procrastination bug – it kills you later! Will Attend – MCTC Thinking on a larger scale

58 Noah Rahn Steadfast Thinker
Honors speech – Physics of Track Bicycle Racing CAS – Sports Favorite memory from kindergarten – being free on the playground Will attend – University of Wyoming Steadfast Thinker

59 Xochitl Rodriguez Earnest Change Agent Honors speech – the Dream Act
CAS – Youth in Action lobbying Earnest Change Agent

60 Mario Sanchez Joy of Living Honors speech – Aging
CAS – Volunteering at church, Football Will attend – U of W, Eau Claire Joy of Living

61 Anna Shewmaker True to Herself Honors speech – History of Autopsies
Advice for underclassmen – don’t fall behind on homework Will attend – Drake University True to Herself

62 Ben Slattery Thoughtful Quests Honors Speech – Air Pollution in China
CAS – Volunteering at United Hospital, Basketball Advice for teachers – Don’t schedule big assignments/tests on the same day Will attend – UCLA Thoughtful Quests

63 Nathan Smelker Pragmatic Seeker Honors speech – Jazz Drumming
CAS – Loaves and Fishes, Sports Most valuable assignment – Fuel Cell/Solar car in Engineering class Will attend – Knox College Pragmatic Seeker

64 Nebiy Testfaldet True Heart Honors speech – Diabetes
CAS – Soccer, Volunteering at church and school Will miss about HP – the people, plus being able to dance on the stage. My second home Will attend – MCTC True Heart

65 Lydia Thompson Attentive Soul
Honors speech – Serial Killers- biological characteristics CAS – Children’s Museum volunteer, Volleyball Advice for teachers – Always push students to do their absolute best Will attend – ST Olaf College Attentive Soul

66 Thu Hang Tran Positive Force Honors speech – Piracy off Somalia
CAS – Link Crew and NHS Favorite memory from kindergarten – playing with the salamander, taking naps Will attend – U of M, Twin Cities Positive Force

67 Abigail Winecke Fastidious Acumen
Honors speech – Archetypes in Harry Potter CAS – Soccer, Mission trips, NHS Favorite memory from kindergarten – on the last day my teacher gave me a poster that read ‘caring’ and told me that word represented who I am. Will attend – Wheaten? St Ben’s? Fastidious Acumen

68 Theme Songs Abby – ‘All you need it love’ Nandini – ‘Appreciated’
Nebiy – ‘Now or Never’ Lydia – ‘Sooner or Later’ Nathan – ‘Love Syrup’ Ben – ‘Lie in our Graves’ Noah – ‘Play it again’ Emma – ‘Skinny Love’ Alexia – ‘Exo-Politics Laura – ‘I believe I can fly’ Thao – ‘Daydreamin’ Natalia – ‘I wonder’ Lio – ‘ADHD’ Eliz – ‘Ganstas’ Paradise’ Selena – ‘Just Dance’ Andrew – ‘Eye of the Tiger’ Kelley – ‘Goddess’ Madison – ‘Hakuna Matata’ Zoey – The Barney Theme Song Elana – ‘Bubble Butt’ Dyami – ‘Wonder’ Sofia – ‘I was here’

69 Theme songs Graciela – ‘U.N.I.T.Y’ Chloe – ‘Popcorm’
Rachel – ‘Bad Reputation’ Andy – ‘Are we there yet?’ Kyle – ‘Area Codes’ Anna – ‘Thug Story’ Ian – ‘My heart will go on’ Rachel – ‘Good Life’ Nguyen – ‘Gotta keep your head up’’ Jacob – ‘Maybe partying will help’ Jeremy – ‘The Man’ Irene – ‘the Big Bang theme song’ Lydia – ‘Go your own way’ Curtis – ‘Let it go’ Sarah – ‘Not Afraid’ Elliot – ‘Pick up the pieces’ Julia – ‘I love college’ Molly – ‘Let’s see how far we’ve come’

70 To a lovely exam season and end of school!

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