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Industrial Park By: Amanda Bates, Eaton Howitt, Trevor Rawson, and Nareesa Rahman.

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1 Industrial Park By: Amanda Bates, Eaton Howitt, Trevor Rawson, and Nareesa Rahman

2 Goal The goal of this project is to determine possible locations of a new industrial park in the York Region area based on specific mapping constraints. An industrial Park is an area of industries that are located within close proximity to one another to minimize development costs.

3 Constraints associated with Industrial Parks Wetlands (150 m buffer) Forests/vegetation (120 m buffer) Watercourse (120 m buffer) Slopes (>1.2%) Residential (500 m) Parks and Recreation (500 m) Close in Proximity to… Airport (within 3 km) Major Highways (within 3 km)

4 Wetlands: Low, Medium, High 120 m150 m200 m

5 Avoidance of Wetlands 150 m distance: Blacked out areas are buffered areas (where the Industrial Park CANNOT be located). A selection of 150 m was used instead of the minimum 120 m because an Industrial site has environmental concerns in relation to pollution. Wetlands are protected areas in which cannot be developed. The buffer of 200 m was not chosen because Industrial Parks need to optimize space.

6 Watercourse A 120 m (low) distance was buffered away from watercourses in York Region. The white areas resemble areas in which an Industrial Park cannot locate due to any risk of pollution entering waterways. The large white section at the top of the map is Lake Simcoe which is also considered a watercourse or water body. Medium- 150m High- 200m

7 Forests Buffers Erased Low- 120 m Medium- 150 mHigh- 200 m

8 Residential Buffers Erased Low- 250 mMedium- 500 mHigh- 750 m

9 Parks and Recreation Buffers Erased Low- 250 mMedium 500 mHigh- 750 m

10 Vegetation Buffered Blue- 120m Green- 150m Red- 200 m Zoomed out perspective: Zoomed in perspective:

11 Avoidance of High Slopes Erased slopes of 5.5% and 13%. An Industrial Park cannot be located on a slope of greater than 1.2%. Therefore the highest slopes were individually erased and then underwent the process of overlay intersect to combine the erased buffers and delete them permanently from the map. Slope between 0% -1.2% was chosen. As it somewhat gave us flat lands and it seemed more appropriate than a steepness of 5.5% and 13%.

12 Visual of the intersection between high slope areas and Industrial land use The black areas represent a slope of 13% while the orange areas represent a slope of 5.5%. Industrial sites in York Region currently do not follow the correct criteria when locating sites. All green areas are current Industrial sites which intersect with associated steep slopes.

13 Close in Proximity to Airports Red- 3km distances: The red buffers are locations in which an Industrial Park SHOULD be located. Industrial Parks benefit from being near the airport for transportation purposes. In order to maximize space, a buffer of 3 km was used because an Industrial Park requires a lot of land. Green- 2 km distances Blue- 1 km distances

14 Close in Proximity to Major Highways Red- 3 km distances Chosen in order to maximize space. Industrial Parks SHOULD be located within this area for close proximity to the highway. Green- 2 km distances Blue- 1 km distances

15 (500m)

16 Final Site Location Every erased feature went through the process of overlay intersect to white out the un-preferred and unusable land. Areas within the blue and red boundaries are preferred destinations for an Industrial Park. The Red boundaries are major highways and the blue boundaries are airports. Erased features included in map: -Slopes of 5.5% and 13% (and slopes of negative values= water bodies) -Watercourses (with 120 m buffer) -Forests (with 120 m buffer) -Vegetation (with 120 m buffer) -Wetlands (with 150 m buffer) -Residential (with 500 m buffer) -Recreation and parks (120 m)

17 McHargs Map The white areas on the map are the only locations which meet all the constraints and lie in close proximity to airports and highways.

18 Preferred Site # 1 Near the intersection of Bloomington and Woodbine just seconds from highway 404

19 Preferred Site # 2 Close to intersection of Leslie Street and Bloomington. Minutes from Highway 404.

20 Preferred Site # 3 7 th Concession and 18 th Side Road. Near the Highway 400

21 Conclusion Site locations were determined considering the discussed constraints imposed on the construction of a potential Industrial Park. The results produced three optimal locations within the York Region area; each of these three site locations meet the appropriate criteria.

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