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Choices at Seven...Choosing the Right Program

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1 Choices at Seven...Choosing the Right Program
LEAP Choices at Seven...Choosing the Right Program

2 LEAP Information Night
Welcome to… LEAP Information Night Limestone Education Through the Arts Program 2014

3 Calvin Park Administration
Laurie Behan - Principal Sara Jo Ottewell - Vice Principal Lynn Bethune – Office Administrator Laurie & Steve


5 Calvin Park Public School
Calvin Park Public School is unique in the province of Ontario We are a middle school, grades 7 and 8 housed in a secondary school: Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute Calvin Park is a school of approximately 400 students and consists of four distinct programs: LEAP of course, as well as CORE, ATLAS and Challenge.

6 Our Calvin Community CORE Program
Provides strong programming of the Ontario Curriculum for our neighbourhood communities. Literacy and Numeracy are a focus as well as integrated studies across the curriculum ATLAS This program is designed to provide focused, structured learning opportunities for students who are of average to above average intelligence and who are experiencing significant difficulties with communication, organization and academic performance. This program utilizes state-of-the-art technology to facilitate learning

7 Our Calvin Community The Challenge Program is designed to meet the needs of academically advanced and formally identified gifted students who are seeking new learning challenges. It provides enriched, multi-disciplinary curricular studies with a focus on cutting edge educational technology and real-life application. TAG cross-program student leadership groups are used to build community and educate all students about Growth Mindset.

8 Lcvi and calvin park facilities
Calvin Park occupies a distinct and separate space on the second floor of LCVI. Shared access includes a secondary-sized Gym, a Cafeteria equipped for stage performance, a dance studio and school library. Staggered timetabling and separate lunch hour in the cafeteria minimize contact between the two student populations. Special events such as Inside Ride and Carneval Lockers

9 LEAP at Calvin Park LEAP is a unique program, in which intermediate students study all subjects required in the Ontario Curriculum through an integrated approach that emphasizes arts activities and creative expression.

10 Preparing for the future
LEAP emphasizes: Creative risk taking Process and Product Teamwork Real world connections Critical thinking & problem-solving through the arts Organization & time management

11 Balanced, enriched curriculum
Based on Ontario Curriculum expectations Enriched integrated arts learning across the curriculum Focused skill development in all areas of the arts Innovative teaching and learning environment Subject rotary based on teacher expertise


13 Focus on the arts Enriched Art Opportunities have included:
Arts-based Field Trips Guest Artists from local Arts Community Coffeehouse Showcase

14 Focus on the arts Skill development, theory, concepts, practice and product. All students participate in each of these disciplines: Music - band/strings Dance Drama Visual Arts Media Arts


16 Instrumental music all students in LEAP take instrumental music (concert band or string ensemble) students applying for grade 8 LEAP require previous experience on a concert band or string instrument - grade 8 applicants are required to play their instrument on the workshop day

17 Development of the whole child
Academic Success and Accountability Interpersonal Skills Community and School Involvement Healthy Living and Positive Self-Image Respect, responsibility & citizenship

18 Academic and personal supports
Our Teachers, Administration, Student Support Teacher and Student Support Counsellor are all available to support the success of every student. We work together to provide IEP accommodations where necessary, and to help with organization, time management, and assistive technology. We also support students through performance and stress related issues. We can also act as liaison to coordinate support services with community agencies.

Keen Interest in the Arts Independent Worker Team Player Enthusiastic Learner Committed Respects Others Working at Grade Level Responsible Good Listener Risk Taker Organized Positive Arts (keen interest in arts) Academics (working at grade level) Independent skills (organization, independent worker, enthusiasm, responsible, initiative) Group skills (collaboration, team player, good listener, respectful)

20 What costs can I expect in leap?
Art Kit approx. $75 - $100 Instruments: Can range from free up to $400 Field Trips – approx. $300 (includes overnight field trip to Toronto) Appropriate Footwear for Phys. Ed. and Dance Performance Attire Math Set


22 Tri-board transportation policy
Transportation is not guaranteed Where routes and space exist, students may apply to Tri-Board Transportation More information about bussing is available in the application package Contact Tri-Board Transportation for more information Depending on the route, students may miss some class time

23 Limestone District School Board Choices at Seven Programs
Applying to Programs at Calvin Park Public School Limestone District School Board Choices at Seven Programs

24 Choices at seven All applications to Choices at Seven Programs (Challenge, LEAP, ATLAS) are done online Applications will be received by a Choices Program Registrar at the Education Centre who will gather the information related to the application packages

25 Choices at seven Report cards for Limestone students will be accessed at the Education Centre Non-Limestone students will be required to deliver a copy of their most recent report card to the Education Centre to be included with the application package

26 Leap workshop It’s a fun day designed for prospective students to experience “LEAP activities” opportunity for the LEAP teachers to assess student’s suitability for this unique program Workshop dates are: April 7th, 8th, 9th. Your child will be given one of those dates. students only drop off at 8:00 pick up at 2:00 - main doors of LCVI

27 The day of the workshop Parents are responsible for transportation arrangements to and from the workshop. The cafeteria and school telephone are NOT available.

28 Nut-Free Snack and Lunch
WHAT YOU NEED FOR THE WORKSHOP: Positive attitude!!! Art Work Music CD Nut-Free Snack and Lunch Cover Sheet Instrument Comfortable Clothes

29 Assessing the workshop
Students will be assessed by the four LEAP teachers and the Community Artists on: presentation piece visual arts activity drama activity movement activity music activity

30 What else is assessed? Overall Reading, Writing and Mathematics (most current report card) Overall Arts (most current report card) Overall Learning Skills (most current report card)

31 Selection process As directed by the Limestone District School Board
Established to provide equity of opportunity First Round - students will be accepted from rank-order list based on quotas established for each family of schools Quotas are based on grade 6 enrollment ( ) First round ends when quotas are full

32 Second round selection process
Only one student from each school will be accepted until all other schools have been considered Subsequent rounds of acceptance also follow this pattern until all the places in the program are filled Students from other school boards & private schools would also be considered at this time with one student per school being accepted in the second round

33 The waiting list Students who are not initially offered a placement, but who have met the criteria will be placed on a rank-order waiting list Students will be accepted from the waiting list as others decline their placement

34 Upon acceptance LETTERS OF ACCEPTANCE, WAIT LIST, AND DECLINE WILL BE SENT OUT FROM THE CHOICES AT SEVEN REGISTRAR at the LDSB Education Centre Please do not contact Calvin Park Public School regarding your child’s acceptance status. Direct all inquiries to the Registrar, Tanis Fairley

35 acceptance The Registrar will be available to answer questions related to the application process at: ext. 394

36 Dates to remember Friday, March 21, 2014 – applications due
April 7, 8, 9, 2014 – LEAP workshop days Friday, April 25, 2014 – students notified of standing Friday, May 2, 2014 – registration deadline

37 Questions….

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