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This is a presentation of the IL PBIS Network. All rights reserved. Community Application of PBIS Kimberli Breen, Illinois PBIS Network Tim Gillian, Village.

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1 This is a presentation of the IL PBIS Network. All rights reserved. Community Application of PBIS Kimberli Breen, Illinois PBIS Network Tim Gillian, Village of Forest Park, IL

2 Session Objectives Identify the critical features of implementing PBIS in the community Describe one community's example of implementation in the school district, community center, public library, park district and by police officers community-wide Identify strategies for building collaborative behavior support structures in communities

3 A little about Forest Park District 91 Urban Fringe district just west of the city of Chicago 5 schools – 2 primary, 2 intermediate, 1 Middle School Very Diverse: 49% Black, 22.5% White, 12.5% Hispanic, 16% Other. 36% Low income

4 District-Wide PBIS Implementation Started with Middle school to build momentum since there was a negative perception in the community about the Middle School Beginning to include parents on PBIS teams in the schools Communicate PBIS objectives and successes to parents at all opportunities PBIS Objectives included in District Strategic Plan Behavioral (SWIS) data reported to the board twice a year

5 Community-wide PBIS Implementation Initiated by a discussion of how best to use prevention grant funds by the police department Unique way to use grant funding…previously for same ole programs… Stopped just throwing out ideas…youth center, basketball with a cop...needed structure/systems approach Goal is to have same expectations, strategies and common language for youth throughout the community Open dialogue between agencies centered around positive solutions and intervention instead of negative consequences

6 Community-wide Process Designated roles: External Community Coach Internal Coaches (police, library etc.) PBIS Administrators (Library Director etc.) Formed Community-Wide PBIS Leadership Team: PBIS Admin & Coaches from each site District Supt., Village Administrator, PBIS Network Trained teams from all settings (police, schools, library etc.) Trained crossing guards, bus drivers, substitute teachers, chamber of commerce

7 Community-wide PBIS Implementation Whose involved? Community-wide Leadership team: Village hall Police Department Park District Community Center Parents Library Schools/District Chamber of Commerce

8 Community-wide Process Monthly Community-wide Leadership Team mtgs. Monthly Community-wide Coaches meetings Annual assessment of implementation Family/Community Forum/s On-going training (new summer staff at pool/park etc.) Picnic and other community events

9 posters

10 All-School Picnic

11 Raffling off bikes for good behavior tickets

12 Checking for the winning tickets


14 PBIS in a Public Library Susan Kunkle Youth Services Manager Forest Park Public Library

15 Challenges at the Unquiet Library Old school expectations, new school problems The truth about consequences Adventures in unofficial babysitting

16 Snapshot of a Library (Before PBIS) By the numbers Keeping track Suspensions Minor challenges The service side Growing pains Anatomy of a suspension

17 Making it work: Library implementation 101 Communicate! Find common ground Use your numbers Involve your kids Celebrate successes

18 Extreme Makeover Library Edition The Numbers Revisited Majors and Minors Trends The Service Side Group Celebrations Quality AND quantity Unexpected payoffs

19 Forest Park Library Facility-wide Evaluation Tool (FET) % In-Place per FET Component 2011-12 SET Components 1) Expectations Defined 2) Expectations Taught 3) Rewards System 4) Violations System 5) Monitoring 6) Management 7) District Support TS = Average % In- Place for LES or Total Score

20 The Police Department & PBIS

21 Participate on the Community-wide PBIS Leadership Team 2 officers are PBIS Internal Coaches Team of officers trained in Tier 1 & Tier 2 Officers participate at All-School Picnic Officers make school presentations Community-wide, officers hand out gotchas to youth for good behavior

22 All-School Picnic


24 PBIS Roll Call Police officers orientation and instruction on using tickets ideo-creating_the_culture.aspx ideo-creating_the_culture.aspx

25 Community Center Updates Less notices going home to parents regarding behavior. Staff are helping kids understand and demonstrate PBIS expectations. Adults are using the three B's more often. More staff participation in using the push-pins vs. giving time outs. Allows kids to participate in more fun activities instead of sitting out. Less occurrences of bullying behavior/gossip than previous years. Implement a Check in Check Out intervention. Continue to find better ways to track data. Next Steps

26 Its in everyones best interest that the schools are safe, responsible & respectful. Schools are what make a town. Timothy E. Gillian Village Administrator

27 How to Get Started Identify a community-wide goal/need Use data Survey families/community Identify your stakeholders Who else cares about this goal? Who can help make an impact in this goal? What groups/settings support your students when theyre not in school?

28 Make the News Caught doing good: PBIS goes community-wide …PBIS …does is make sure those consequences include rewards for good behavior as well as punishments for behaving badly.... Caught doing good: PBIS goes community-wide Snapshot of the schools "We want to take this district from good to great, Snapshot of the schools PBIS taps business "Oh, sure. Recognizing kids for being good is really going to work." PBIS taps business

29 How to Get Started: Relationships Build on past collaborations, relationships Can be simple…start casual…make initial call! Dont underestimate the School Board They influence their neighbors PTO: Can help get families come to other events…must have buzz No rule that you cant walk right into mayors office…take direct approach Encourage Superintendent to get to know the Mayor…2-way relationship (think…property values!)

30 How to Get Started: Leadership Getting leaders to buy-in: Demand it/expect it Start where youre most likely to get leadership success.. Identify and work towards mutual goals Team without leaders cant make decisions!

31 Forest Park leaders: Village Manager, Chief of Police, local Priest

32 Questions and Discussion

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