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Grade Separation (GS-16) Project. Project Location - Bensenville N.

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1 Grade Separation (GS-16) Project

2 Project Location - Bensenville N

3 Project Scope New Two-Span Railroad Bridge Retaining Walls Culvert Work Intersection Reconstruction/Widening Drainage Lighting Traffic Signal Modernization Landscaping

4 Letting Schedule Advance embankment contract let in June 2011 – awarded Nov 2012 Estimated to begin Late Spring 2013 Bridge contract let January 18, 2013 Estimated to begin Late Spring 2013 Completion date August 29, 2014 Intersection Improvement contract targeted to be let summer 2013

5 MOT Temporary traffic signals/poles Temporary pavement along north and south side of IL 19 Build bridge abutments and pier Temporary night time road closures along IL 19 during CPR bridge girder erection

6 MOT Posting of 12-6 vertical clearance under CPR bridge once beams are placed Implement truck detour Remove abandoned CPR grade crossing in stages Lower IL 19 profile Speed limit reduced to 25 mph during construction for safety

7 Truck Detour Required when underclearance < 14-9 Goes into effect about 12 months into Construction Early Spring 2014

8 Truck Detour Fully implemented when first beam is erected Removed once at grade crossing is removed and profile is lowered EB Truck Detour Estimated 4 months WB Truck Detour 1 additional month Profile to be lowered in stages

9 Truck Detour Around OHare TT Touhy Ave York Rd Irving Park Road Mannheim Rd N Higgins Rd

10 Short Term Truck Detour Necessary during the intersection improvement contract Needed in two sub stages 1 week duration each Limited turning movement due to work area WB IL 19 to NB York Road NB York Road to EB IL 19 Will be needed late summer/early fall 2015

11 Work Beyond Bridge Construction Reconstruct/widen intersection Drainage Modernize traffic signals Intersection lighting

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