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Business Human resources Finance Research and development Operations Marketing & sales Administration IT support Costumer services.

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2 Business Human resources Finance Research and development Operations Marketing & sales Administration IT support Costumer services

3 Finance produce invoices. They check payments and chase up overdue payments. Finance also keep a record of all their money that they have revived. They also keep track of pay. finance obtains capital from external sources, e.g. profits and loans. the finance department also records finance and tractions needed to know about the £ gaining in and out for business reasons. the people involved in this job is usually accountants, clerks and good with figures.Finance also prepare accounts here are the big three balance sheets, such as liabilities/ assets, profit plus loss account, cash flows and statements. Also pays for wages and salaries. Thorpe park does this by making sure people get paid at the right time, and the right wages. Thorpe park also does this by making sure Thorpe park as a business gets paid the amount they need for things. Such as electricity, food, and merchandise. Also in Thorpe park people look after the purchase Ledger and makes sure that all supplier invoices are loaded onto the accounting system, authorised by the right people and paid on time. Also people such as Kellie peciy-quinnell is responsible for the strategic financial direction of both Thorpe park and Chessington world of adventures & zoo. This will make sure everything is flowing in the right direction and everyone is doing the right thing. Such as employees paid the right amount at the right time, and making sure the park has enough money to be financially stable to be able to buy the right equipment and for the future.

4 Training and development, is the place in Human resources were they reward you for a better position in your business. Working hard and learning and getting better at what you do best. Thorpe park does this by the employees getting an experience of Thorpe park. When they get more experience people move up to a better position in the theme park. Recurrent retention and dismissal is the place in Human recourses were they employ people. They also dismiss workers if there not good enough or not working to the correct standards. They also try to keep people in there business.They also make workers redundant if the company or business has gone down, or they cant afford to keep you in the business anymore. Working conditions is the place in human resources when the company or business has to give you the correct equipment you need to work. such as sick pay, holidays,wages,hours of work, maternity leave or paternity leave. Health and safety in human resources is the place were they make sure everything is safe and in order for you do do your work. Some examples of some health and safety issues are fire, fallen over. Employee organisations and unions, is were employees join together to create a union to get something done that there not please about. Such as health and safety issues.

5 There are four Ps IN Marketing I will explain then to you. The first one is product- this is the goods and services an organisation offers. Another one of the four Ps is- the price, it is the amount you arte going to charge for the product itself. Another one of the four Ps is- the place were the services is offered. The place were Thorpe park is located is in London. This I a good place to be located because its closest to the biggest city in the UK and Thorpe park will get a variation of people from everywhere in the world from London and if they like it then they will come back. here is a map of were Thorpe park is located and were it Is close to: The last one of the Ps is-promotion, how organisations get people to buy their goods and services. Marketing uses a survey to get feedback from the customers and try to improve next time. Thorpe park does this by Using leaflets to advertise new rides or doing a survey to see what the theme park has to improve on. Marketing also promotes their products, they do this by TV, online,newspapers,radios,posters.and exerbitions. Thorpe park does this by advertising there new rides, and all rides saying how fun it is to come there. There target audience are thrill seekers, e.g. teenagers, uni students ect. Marketing also asks for your personal information on leaflets such as email address, home address so they can send you new offers and adverts. Thorpe park does this to attract you to come again to make more money.

6 Or give you offers to draw you back,. Marketing also provide material to make new leaflets and send them out. Buy doing this they can attract more costumers to buy they product or use it. Marketing also keep there website update and promoting the company business. Thorpe park does this buy advertising new rides and putting new offers on there website. Marketing also organise there promotions. This means they have to figure out what attracts the customer, and what they want so they will want to use the company again. Thorpe park does this by having meeting to understand what the customer wants so they have a good time and want to visit again. Marketing also have to respond to customer enquiries. To see what the customer wants and how to please them. Thorpe park does this buy collecting leaflets that people have filled out and doing something about it so it makes Thorpe park more enjoyable for the customer.

7 research and development means to check the customers views and consider their ideas for the future. research and development gets peoples feedback, asking for their views and perhaps carrying out independent market research. Thorpe park does this by asking the customers if they would like a new ride and has to consider making it. Potential modifications. Also research and development sort out modifications such as development and future planning; Thorpe park does this by putting in and doing lockers, site management excluding ride areas; new land construction, and matenance. New products or services. and assess whether they would be commercially viable.Thorpe park does this by making sure Every day each ride must be passed as being safe for our guests to ride on and enjoy. Improvements to business processes. Research and development also do things to benefit the customers, by improving things in the business. Thorpe park does this by improving the rides, services such as food and beverage, toilets.

8 Customer services is answering customer quires and problems. And making sure they get dealt with, so the standards are to the customers needs. Its also about replacing damaged goods. Its also dealing with customers complains mad make sure they are sorted out. Also keeping a note of the customers complaints and make sure they can refer back to them, you can do this by taking good information off the customers. Designed to provide managers with information. A Management Info system is a large, usually computerised databank to which managers have access. It is made up of a number of files consisting of key data which is regularly updated. Armed with this data, managers are able to keep up to date and top of all current developments in the Business environment and in business activities. Managers have a much clearer understanding of how businesses are developing and to have a clearer understanding of the effects of the decisions they make. Also today system designers design and create systems witch are specifically Thorpe park does this by having staff helping people with problems. Some questions and problems could be this: If they see someone taking a photo of their friends we ask them if they would prefer them to take the picture so they can be in it. Another thing customers may ask for that the staff for customer services do at Thorpe park is If they are asked where the shop is they do not give directions, they personally show them. Also in customer services also in Thorpe park deals with leaflets, posters and vouchers. they also listen to costumers composition and feedback.

9 Also Thorpe park deal with complaints and problems in the areas such as long ques, loud noise, and lost property. Some more issues that Thorpe park deal with customer services and customer feedback, by fast track and notices. Thorpe park also provide specialist info and advice to meet customer needs such as people getting lost then using the sites map of Thorpe Park. Also they deal with vending machines (if they break down). Also they deal with rude staff and customers can put in complaints about them so the employees will get a warning. Thorpe park also customer services give you information about specific rides and also if you speak a different language or if you need first aid, customer services are there for you. Customer services in Thorpe park will also help you with were the stores are, were the toilettes are and also were the new rides are. If you speak a different language it can be translated for you.

10 Operations is also known as production. Productions also involved in preparing items for dispatch. This may involved simply packing finished goods, such as household goods or clothing and transporting them to the dispatch section. In other cases, it may involve various finishing processes, for example, paper Is produced in huge rolls. These may be transported intact but usually the paper is cut, boxed and packaged. It then looks like the paper you see in the stationary store. Productions functions: Ordering stocks of raw materials from approved from suppliers Storing and checking in stocks of raw materials Planning production schedules to maximise machine capacity and staff levels Producing or assembling the finished product Checking the quality of the product throughout the production process checking production is on schedule and resolving delays or problems Packing and storing the final products before distribution Scheduling routine machinery inspections and mate Nance Carrying out repairs to machinery and equipment as required Thorpe park does this by securing and packaging merchandise for sale. Also Thorpe park may do this by repairing or replacing parts of a ride so people will be able to use it again. Also t hey need lots and lots of food sent to them for entertainment

11 Administration deals with collecting distributing and dispatching all of the mail. Also administration store and retrieve paper and electronic records. Administration also organise meetings and prepare meeting documents. Administration responds promptly to enquiries. They also prepare documents using word processing, spreadsheet and presentation packages, such as PowerPoint. They also research information.They also send and receive messages my telephone, fax and email. They also make arrangements for visitors and travel arraignments. They also purchase supplies for the office such as pencils, pens ect. It's important for TP that employees in ticket sales respond promptly to questions / requests because they want to give out good impressions to people. TP also offer an easier way for people with disabilities without them getting hurt. TP give school groups discounts on prices and also set educational programmes. For visitors who get lost in TP or do not have a lift home, they will arrange a taxi for you but you will have to pay TP back sometime for the amount it cost for the taxi to get you home. TP also need to know how to install new hardware and software and providing info or training as appropriate because if they had a new ticket software system all employees would have to know how to use it. It is important to monitor staff computer use for compliance with company IT policy and operating a back-up system, for critical data because thee maybe some important files on the computers and if TP have a power cut then all their important information will be lost. They will give out leaflets and other resources with the advertisement which they put up on there web site and in mails.

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