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Fallen Bridge Mini-Park Upgrade Proposal CalTrans Presentation September 23, 2004.

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1 Fallen Bridge Mini-Park Upgrade Proposal CalTrans Presentation September 23, 2004

2 The Park - History 1970 Encroachment Permit. 1972 Potrero Boosters, Supervisor Gonzales and RPD create park. Play structures in sand 1980-ish Sound Wall Removal of childrens playground equipment Graffiti, broken glass, drug deals, needles etc

3 The Committee MUNA concern about park Committee of 11 begin meetings on January 13, 2004 Betty Traynor of NPC and Robert Watkins of RPD attend Meeting February 28, 2004 Short Term Plan – RPD will work with us to remove weeds, add mulch, plant the sand area. Long Term Plan – committee will get proposals Questionnaire – Find out how the neighborhood feels.

4 Planting Parties Short Term Plan

5 Walking Bridge and Freeway Walking Bridge and Fallen Bridge Park

6 Create the Long Term Plan Lots, Current Park and Extension

7 Park Arial View

8 The Proposal

9 Park Proposal- Northern Area

10 Park Proposal- Southern Area

11 Park Proposal- Central Area

12 MUNA and Supervisor Maxwell May 27, 2004 Supervisor Maxwell was the speaker at a MUNA meeting. Robert Watkins, Area Supervisor RPD and Nate, the gardener also attended. 24 Neighbors were at the meeting and there was much support for the Park Proposal and drawings.

13 View looking at area we want to include in the Park

14 The Freeway Walking Bridge

15 Plot on San Bruno Street that the Community Garden at San Bruno and 20 th would like to include.

16 The Benches Park on San Bruno

17 Questions – from Caltrans What changes do you want to make to the existing Mini Park which was created through an Encroachment Permit in the early 1970s? Will these changes require expanding the current area of the park? If so, many additional questions will need to be asked to determine if you plan to take over state right of way that is needed for either Maintenance purposes or for possible expansion of our facilities. How close is the park to our facilities? Is the City of San Francisco on-board with this proposal since they are the agency that has the Encroachment Permit with us? Is the city interested in relinquishment of the area if that is feasible from our perspective? If, per chance, you do not receive funding through the MTC TLC program, can you still proceed with your planned park improvements?

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