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Reading Pre-reading While- reading Post-reading Reading Pre-reading: Warm-up: 1) Have you ever been to a national park? 2) Which animals and plants do.

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2 Reading Pre-reading While- reading Post-reading

3 Reading Pre-reading: Warm-up: 1) Have you ever been to a national park? 2) Which animals and plants do you often see in the national parks? Guiding Questions: Can you name some of the national parks in Viet Nam and in the world? You are going to read a text about the national parks in the picture. Can you guess which words and phrases are used in the text? Locate, rainforest, caves, trees, plants, animals, habit, survival, abandon, food, forest, coach, environment, conversation, river,

4 while- reading Reading text : »Cuc Phuong National park, Viet NamCuc Phuong National park, Viet Nam »Nairobi national Park, KenyaNairobi national Park, Kenya »Everglades National Park, USA.Everglades National Park, USA. Comprehension: »Matching exerciseMatching exercise »Complete the tableComplete the table »Question and answerQuestion and answer Vocabulary: »Gap-fillingGap-filling »GameGame

5 Cuc Phuong National Park, Viet Nam Cuc Phuong National Park is located 160 kilometres south west of Hanoi. It is the first of Vietnams nine national parks to be established, and it contains over 200 square kilometres of rainforest. Tourists go there to study butterflies, visit caves, hike mountains and look at the 1,000-year-old tree. The best time to visit the park is during the dry season, from October to April, when the rainy season is over.

6 Nairobi National Parks, Kenya Nairobi National Park is Kenyas smallest park, but you may be surprised at the large variety of animals that live there. Visitors, especially children, can go there to learn how to recognize the different species of animals and plants. They also learn about the habits of animals and how one species is dependent upon another for survival. An interesting feature of this park is the Orphanage, wher lots of orphaned of abandoned animals are taken care of.

7 Everglades National Park, USA Everglades National Park is a sub-tropical wilderness in the southeastern United States. This national park is special because it has plants and animals from both tropical and temperate zones. Due to an increase in population and the use of nearby land for farming, there are toxic levels of chemicals in the water. This contamination has threatened the park and many of the animals in it.

8 Located (adj.) : put in a particular place Ex: Can Tho is located about 160 km HCM city. Dependent (adj.) syn: reliable. dependent on / upon depend (v.) Ex: Mrs Brown has 4 dependent children Wilderness (n.) : an area where never developed or use to grow crops. Wild (adj.), (n.) : living in natural condition Opp: independent

9 establish(v) thaønh laäp, thieát laäp. syn: set up Ex: The committee was established in 1912. butterfly (n)

10 Contamination (n) söï oâ nhieãm, bò laøm baån syn: pollution Ex: Our local government have to reduce levels of environmental contamination contaminate (v) cotanimated (adj)

11 Orphanage (n) Ex: Orphan (v) abandon (v) Ex: A baby was abandoned by its parents. Sub-tropical (adj) Ex: subtropical forests ° a subtropical climate caän nhieät ñôùi boû rôi, boû hoang a home for children whose parents are dead Orphaned (adj.) He has to live in orphanage because his parents died last year

12 Temperate (adj) Ex: temperate climate Toxic (adj) Ex: toxic products ° toxic chemicals oân hoaø ñoäc. Endanger (v) laøm nguy hieåm ñeán, gaây nguy hieåm cho. Ex: Smoking endangered your health Explore (v) thaêm doø, thaùm hieåm Ex: As soon as we arrived on the island we were eager to explore

13 Zone (n.): area Ex : These children are living in industrial zone. Threaten (v.) cause sb. trouble or hurt. Ex: He threatened me with a knife. Fine (n) a sum of money that must be paid as punishment for breaking a law or rule. Ex: She has already paid over $ 2 000 in fines. Wilderness (n) Vuøng hoang daõ, baõi hoang.

14 cave (n) (v) Ñaøo hang, thaùm hieåm hang ñoäng. Ex: He likes caving.

15 Complete the table Cud Phuong National Park Nairobi National Park Everglades National Park Location Special features In southwest of Hanoi, Viet Nam. - Plants and animals from both tropical and temperate zones. - toxic levels of chemical in the water. In Kenya In the Southeastern United States - butterflies, caves, and 1000 years old trees. - It contains over 200 square km of rain forest. - Large variety of animals and plants. - Lots of orphaned animals are taken of species.

16 Answer the following questions 1.What the area of the rainforest in Cuc Phuong National Park? 2.Why would November be a suitable time to visit this park? 3.What can people learn in Nairobi national Park? 4.What kinds of animals are taken care of in the orphanage? 5.Why is Everglades National Park endangered? 6.What do you think will happen to Everglades National Park if more chemicals are released into the water?

17 Post-reading Discuss: Which of the three national parks would you like to visit most? Why? Gap filling exercise.

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