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Virtual Field Trip-Yellowstone National Park

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1 Virtual Field Trip-Yellowstone National Park
Ashley Holien

2 What will we be learning about?
History of Yellowstone National Park Old Faithful Geyser Wildlife at Yellowstone

3 Yellowstone National Park History
Located in Wyoming, Yellowstone was established in 1872 and was the first national park in the world! Going back to 11,000 years ago, Yellowstone park was actually the home to Native Americans until about 200 years ago. Yellowstone is a place where people can see many different wildlife, geysers, hot springs, and Grand Canyon.

4 Yellowstone is located in Wyoming, the yellow area shows where in Wyoming.

5 Many groups of Native Americans used the park as their homes, hunting grounds, and transportation routes.

6 Old Faithful Geyser Old Faithful is a Geyser at Yellowstone.
What is a Geyser? A hot spring which shoots water and steam. This is along the same lines as a volcano. How does it happen? Surface water seeps down through the ground until it meets rock heated by magma. Erupts approximately every 91 minutes

7 Old Faithful from Observation Point
Old Faithful from Observation Point. This is a hill in Yellowstone which is 250 ft high.

8 Old Faithful in 1948

9 Old Faithful in 2003

10 Wildlife at Yellowstone
Wildlife in Yellowstone includes- 67 different mammals Black bears and Grizzly Bears Mountain Lions and bobcats Wolverine and Lynx Grey Wolves 7 species of Ungulates Elk, mule, deer, bison, moose, bighorn sheep, pronghorn and white tail deer.

11 Grizzly and Black Bears are found at Yellowstone.

12 Mountain Lions and Bobcats are found at Yellowstone.

13 Many different ungulates are found at Yellowstone.
Learn about Ungulates-

14 More information about Yellowstone
Heritage and Resource center- Electronic History Field trip- Aerial Tour of Yellowstone-

15 Sources

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