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Wofford College The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship Danforth Scholars Program Jefferson Scholars Program The Belk, The Bryan The Park The Levine The Morehead-Cain.

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1 Wofford College The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship Danforth Scholars Program Jefferson Scholars Program The Belk, The Bryan The Park The Levine The Morehead-Cain Presented by: Independence High School Counselors Scholarship Opportunities Information Session

2 Wofford College Spartanburg, SC Wofford Scholars Program

3 Overview Candidates are eligible to compete for scholarships ranging from $2,000 per year up to a full scholarship, valued at $45,000 per year. Students must: Rank in the top 10% of the class. Have a minimum score of 1250 (critical reading and math) on the PSAT or SAT, or have a 28 composite on the PLAN or ACT. Demonstrate scholarship, leadership, and potential for success.

4 How to Apply Students must complete the Common Application, submitting a transcript and letters of reference. Nominees are screened by the Wofford Scholars Selection Committee. If selected, s/he will be invited to participate on Wofford Scholars Day, which includes interviews for students and various information sessions for nominees and their parents. Interviews are held in February for regular decision candidates. Nominations are due ASAP. Contact your counselor if youre interested.

5 The University of North Carolina At Chapel Hi ll The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship

6 Overview The Creative Writing Program and the Department of English of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are pleased to announce the Thomas Wolfe Scholarship, which offers full four- year financial support to one incoming freshman per year. The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship's level of support will be equal to that of the University's well-known Morehead Scholarships. Whereas the Morehead Scholarship places broad emphasis on a candidate's exemplary leadership, community service, academic excellence, and physical vigor, the Thomas Wolfe Scholarship seeks to identify and reward students with exceptionally focused literary ability and promise.

7 How to Apply Thomas Wolfe Scholarship applicants must apply simultaneously to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by the October 15, 2013 EARLY admission deadline and must meet all academic requirements for EARLY admission. These are two distinct application processes and require different forms and separate mailings.

8 Washington University in St. Louis Danforth Scholars Program

9 Overview The Danforth Scholars Program honors the student who embraces high ideals, whose life choices are guided by personal integrity, selflessness, a commitment to community, and a dedication to leadership and academic excellence.

10 Details Danforth Scholars may receive full- or partial-tuition scholarships. The scholarship is renewed each year for the duration of the degree program, provided the scholar progresses academically and upholds the high standards of character required of scholars. The Program is open to prospective graduate or undergraduate students applying to Washington University. Undergraduates must be nominated to received consideration. This is a merit-based program, but need will be considered as part of the award process. Nominations are due by October 15, 2013. There is no limit to the amount of students that can be nominated.

11 How To Apply When a student has been nominated, the committee will notify the student and provide the application. To be considered for the scholarship, the student must return the application, short answers, essay, and transcript to the committee by January 15, 2014. The student also must submit the application for undergraduate admission to the Class of 2018, including essay, recommendations, and SAT or ACT scores by January 15, 2014. Students whose primary language is not English must submit TOEFL scores by the same date.

12 University of Virginia Jefferson Scholars Program

13 Overview The fundamental mission of the Jefferson Scholars Foundation is to identify, attract, and nurture individuals of extraordinary intellectual range and depth who possess the highest qualities of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship.

14 Details The undergraduate scholarship program began at the inception of Jefferson Scholars Foundation and has been attracting and cultivating undergraduate leaders since 1980. The program currently supports 108 Jefferson Scholars in residence at the University of Virginia. Intended to cover the entire cost of attendance for four years at the University of Virginia, the Jefferson Scholars stipend includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, room, board, and personal expenses. In 2013-14, Jefferson Scholars from the Commonwealth of Virginia will receive over $25,000 each year, and out-of-state or international Jefferson Scholars will receive an annual stipend of over $50,000. In addition to the financial component of the Scholarship is an extensive enrichment program which aims to support and nurture these students throughout their four years at UVA. Also an important part of the program is the community that develops between Scholars, Graduate Fellows, staff, and alumni.

15 How To Apply No one may apply for a Jefferson Scholarship. Instead, schools are invited to nominate ONE student based on the criteria. The sole criteria for selection are excellence in the Jeffersonian ideals of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. Neither financial need nor prior interest in the University of Virginia should factor in to your decision of who to nominate from your school. The counselor nomination form is due electronically by December 1, 2013. The nomination process is entirely separate from the admissions process. The student you nominate is not required to apply to UVA by our November 1 deadline, but we strongly encourage them to submit an application to the University by their January 1 deadline.

16 How to Apply Continued… Nominated students may not apply to a binding early decision commitment at another University or College. Once nominated, a student is under no obligation to accept a Jefferson Scholarship should he/she be offered one at the end of the competition process. By accepting the schools nomination, he/she is only agreeing to participate in the competition.

17 Davidson College The John Belk Scholarship

18 Overview As a group, Davidson's Belk Scholars are energetic, adventurous, studious, artistic, athletic, creative, collaborative, engaged, and compassionate. Primarily, though, each one is an individual, with scholarship applications that reflect a varied and sometimes surprising range of experience, interest, talent, and achievement.

19 Details The John Montgomery Belk Scholarship Program provides academically powerful and dynamic student leaders a framework in which to develop as scholars, leaders, and individuals. One of the nation's most prestigious and generous undergraduate scholarships, the program is built around Davidson's belief that each Belk Scholar possesses unique talents that should be recognized and nurtured. Belk Scholars benefit from all the opportunities Davidson College offers: a rigorous and rewarding curriculum; challenging and engaging faculty; world-class facilities for science, the arts, humanities, and athletics; and broad experiences in leadership, service, and international travel.Davidson Collegecurriculumbroad experiences Thanks to the generosity of the John M. Belk Educational Foundation, up to eight Belk Scholars are selected in every entering class. For each scholar, the Belk Scholarship provides comprehensive funding (tuition, fees, room and board-$52,155 in 2012-13) plus two special study stipends of $3,000 apiece.

20 How To Apply Nomination and Selection Process Guidance counselors, heads of school, or principals may nominate one candidate from each school. The Davidson Admission Staff may also nominate candidates based on the strength of the students' applications for admission. November 8 Nominations must be made by this date by completing the online nomination form and submitting the required documentation (recommendation letter, transcript, and school profile) to the Office of Admission and Financial Aid. online nomination form December 2, 2013, at 5:00 pm. Application completion deadline for nominees. Application

21 How to Apply Continued… Application by this deadline does not indicate a commitment to Early Decision.Early Decision Mid-February Phone interviews will be conducted with 60 semifinalists selected from the nominee pool (~800). March 20-22, 2014. Twenty-five to thirty finalists will visit Davidson for Belk Scholars Weekend to participate in interviews conducted by selection committees composed of members of the Belk family, Davidson faculty and administrators and current and past Belk Scholars. April 5 Up to 8 John Montgomery Belk Scholars will be selected.

22 Davidson College Athletic Scholarship The Bryan Scholars Program

23 Overview The Bryan Scholars Program offers two scholarships, one each to a female and male scholar athlete in each entering class. The scholarships are valued at $30,000 annually, totaling $120,000 during the recipients Davidson careers.

24 Details MEN* Baseball Cross Country Golf Indoor Track Outdoor Track and Field Soccer Swimming and Diving Tennis Wrestling *Please note that Mens Basketball, Womens Basketball, and Football are not eligible for the Bryan Scholars Program. WOMEN* Cross Country Field Hockey Indoor Track Lacrosse Outdoor Track and Field Soccer Swimming and Diving Tennis Volleyball

25 How To Apply Participate in an eligible sport (see list). Be nominated by your counselor, school head, coach (high school or league), or a Davidson College coach no later than September 20 of your senior year. Schools can nominate up to 3 candidates. Provide stats and player profile information to the Davidson coach of your sport immediately. Coaches names and contact details can be found at Complete and submit Parts I and II of the Davidson Application for Admission OR the Common Application with the Davidson Supplement no later than October 15. Both are available from your counselor or at (This deadline does not imply an Early Decision commitment to enroll at Davidson.)

26 How to Apply Continued… Submit scores for the SAT I and/or the ACT. (Davidson CEEB #5150. Davidson ACT #3086.) Recommended but not required are two SAT II subject tests (mathematics and one of your choosing) and the completion of the ACT Assessment in Writing. If English is not your native language, submit your score on the required TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Finalists are notified by October 30 th. Selection interviews are on campus on November 3 rd.

27 North Carolina State University The Park Scholarship

28 Overview The mission of the Park Scholarships program is to bring exceptional students to NC State, based on outstanding accomplishments and potential in scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The program develops and supports Park Scholars in these areas, preparing them for lifelong contributions to the campus, state, nation, and world.

29 Details 40 Park Scholars are selected on the basis of academic merit, exemplary character, exceptional potential for leadership, and the sense of promise that they may one day make contributions of enduring importance to the betterment of the human condition. The goal of the selection process is to identify young people with demonstrated high academic achievement and leadership, as well as those with unusual aptitudes, uncommon talents and special gifts of creativity or entrepreneurial acumen. Financial need is not a consideration. The Park Scholarships Selection Committees evaluate candidates on the four selection criteria at every stage of the selection process: scholarship, leadership, service and character. The committees consider demonstrated achievement as well as evidence of future potential. While it is unusual for any one student to excel with respect to all four criteria, it is important that candidates show evidence of potential in all four areas.

30 The Benefits Four-year scholarship valued at $88,000 in-state and $144,000 out-of-state, including tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, travel, and personal expenses. Computer stipend. Grants to fund professional and personal enrichment experiences, such as research projects, service activities, and conferences, in the United States and abroad. Early course registration. Guaranteed invitation to join the University Scholars Program for all Park Scholarships finalists.University Scholars Program

31 How to Apply The Park Scholarships application is online and is part of the NC State Undergraduate Admissions application. Park Scholarships candidates can access this special section of the NC State undergraduate admissions application by either being endorsed by their high schools or by self- endorsing. Park Scholarships candidates must provide two essays, names of two recommenders, one official transcript, and information about AP or IB courses.endorsed Each fall, the Park Scholarships office invites most North Carolina high schools and select high schools in other states to endorse candidates for the Park Scholarships. High school counselors must endorse TWO candidates by October 1. All candidates must be United States citizens and must matriculate into a baccalaureate program in the fall semester as a first-year student. All required materials from candidates are due November 1.

32 Self-Endorsement Remember, endorsements are due October 1 so that candidates have time to work on their required materials. Self Endorsement: There are unusual occasions when a student is encouraged to apply directly to the Park Scholarships through the self-endorsement process. These cases might involve a talented home-schooled student, a student at a high school that cannot endorse students, or sometimes a school has an exceptionally strong senior class. Self endorsement deadline – October 25, 2013.self-endorsement process

33 The University of North Carolina at Charlotte The Levine Scholarship

34 Details 15 Levine Scholarships are awarded each year to extraordinary high school seniors based on scholarship, ethical leadership and civic engagement. The Levine Scholarships carry a high honor, one that bestows tremendous opportunities and assumes high expectations of its recipients – as students, as leaders within the university, and as citizens of the greater global community. No matter what their interests, Scholars find campus and community partners eager to embrace their contributions and enhance their education through hands-on experiences. To complement classroom learning, Levine Scholars participate in rich and varied opportunities in the vibrant commercial and cultural center of Charlotte. After four years of study, Scholars graduate fully prepared for a life of learning, service and leadership in their chosen field.

35 Benefits The Levine Scholars Program takes the brightest, most capable students and gives them the tools, resources and environment they need to connect, transform and make a difference in the world. The four-year scholarship includes full tuition, room and board, a grant to implement a service project of the Scholars own design, and four summers of experiences that will develop leadership skills, social awareness, and an international perspective. The total value of this four-year package is estimated at $90,000 per in-state student and $140,000 per out-of-state student.

36 Details Students must be applicants for freshman enrollment at UNC Charlotte in a baccalaureate program for the fall term immediately following their high school graduation. Students must be admitted to UNC Charlotte to receive a Levine Scholarship. Applicants must be US citizens or permanent residents. Students must demonstrate a commitment to community service, hold an academic record that reflects a sustained passion for knowledge, and possess a capacity for ethical leadership that beckons fellow students toward a higher standard. Successful candidates will likely have a grade point average of 3.8 – 4.00 (unweighted) and score 1800 – 2400 on the three combined sections of the SAT or 29 – 36 on the ACT composite. Thus, while there are no minimum SAT, ACT or grade point averages to apply for the Levine Scholarship, students must excel academically.

37 How to Apply Nomination: Students must be nominated online by their school counselor at their current high school. There are no limitations to the number of students who can be nominated from each high school. Nominations will be accepted until October 15, 2013. Application for Admission: Students should log in and create their Future 49er Web account. This account will allow them to access the freshman online admissions application. Students should complete and submit the online application. Applications and application materials (transcript and test scores) must be postmarked by November 1, 2013. Future 49er Web account Completion of a Levine Supplemental Scholarship Application: Once students have been nominated, they will receive an email directing them to the Levine Scholars Portal where they will find the supplemental scholarship application and essay questions. Students should complete Section A of the application immediately so that emails can be sent to those individuals who will be writing letters of recommendation. The entire supplemental application must be completed and submitted online by November 8, 2013.

38 How to Apply Continued… Submission of Online Recommendations: Students can have up to three recommendations submitted on their behalf, but only two recommendations will be required. The first required recommendation should be from someone with direct knowledge of their academic potential and accomplishments; the second required recommendation should be from someone with direct knowledge of their commitment to community service and capacity for ethical leadership. The third, optional, recommendation can be from anyone who has known the student in an academic or community setting. Students will be asked to submit the names and email addresses of their two required recommenders and one optional recommender when completing the supplemental scholarship application. The recommenders will be sent an email immediately directing them to a link to the online recommendation form. The recommendation submission deadline is November 8, 2013.

39 We will nominate all students that wish to be nominated who have a 3.8 or higher (unweighted GPA). No interviews are necessary at Independence!

40 The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill The Morehead-Cain Scholarship

41 Overview The first merit scholarship program established in the United States. Founded at the first public university in the United States. The first to envision and implement a strategic summer enrichment program and, most recently, the first to designate a fund for discovery for each of our scholars. Established in 1945 and inspired by the Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University, the Morehead-Cain provides an undergraduate experience without peer.

42 Details Moral Force of Character Integrity, empathy, bravery, humility, maturity, generosity: these form the bedrock of the Morehead-Cain culture. Scholarship It isnt the high-achieving student we seek so much as the scholar the one for whom knowledge is about more than grades and test scores, and for whom learning is an appetite rather than a means to an end. Physical Vigor Its as simple as a demonstrated commitment to an active lifestyle and a dedication to fitness and physical activity. Leadership Its more than titles held or roles played. Here, leadership demonstrates courage and action. Morehead-Cains initiate. They act and impact. They influence and they inspire. The Morehead-Cain is conferred solely on the basis of merit. Financial need is not considered in the selection of Morehead-Cain Scholars.

43 Benefits Your life at Carolina fully funded full tuition student fees housing meals books and a laptop supplies and miscellaneous Your life across the world fully funded A four-year Summer Enrichment Program made up of diverse, customized experiences that begin the summer before freshman year and include: Outdoor Leadership Public Service Inquiry and Exploration Private Enterprise Discovery Funds to be used for education opportunities

44 How to Apply Click here to apply. The application deadline is October 1, There are two ways high school seniors in North Carolina may be considered for the Morehead-Cain. They may: Be nominated by their high school (FOUR). Nominate themselves by applying directly. Please Note Admission to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is a separate process from application for the Morehead-Cain. All forms and correspondence dealing with admission to Carolina should go directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. The final deadline to apply to Carolina is January 5, 2014.University of North Carolina at Chapel HillOffice of Undergraduate Admissionsapply to Carolina

45 Class of 2017 Scholars For more information about the previous years scholars, please click

46 For the Morehead-Cain, Park, and Belk Scholarships: Submit a resume, transcript, and essays (if required) to Mrs. Schuch in Student Services by Monday, September 23 rd at 8:00 am. No late submissions will be accepted. What should I do now???

47 Before returning to class, make sure you sign up in the front of the mall for the following scholarships if you are interested: Wofford Scholars Danforth Scholars (Washington University) Jefferson Scholars (UVA) Bryan Scholarship (Davidson – Athletic) Levine Scholarship (UNCC)

48 Interviews Will be held during school on Thursday, September 26 The Morehead Cain Scholarship (4). The Park Scholarship (2). The Belk Scholarship (1). You will receive notification from your counselor on Tuesday, September 24 th informing you of your interview time. Only the top 7 students will be interviewed!

49 Tips Be prompt. Dress to impress. What sets you apart from the rest? Think about your service. How did you create and innovate? Have a personality. Dont be afraid to speak about your accomplishments. Do your research.

50 Scholarship Wiki Click on Guidance Click on Scholarships

51 Q & A Session

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