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The Town of Harrisburg – Parks and Recreation Department June 2011.

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1 The Town of Harrisburg – Parks and Recreation Department June 2011

2 People and their dogs can play together in an un-leashed atmosphere Increased exercise and socialization for dogs and their owners Safe and accessible location for dogs to play and interact Increased value and quality of life for the community Meeting the needs of dog owners – currently 46.3 million dog owners in the U.S.

3 Dog fights Dog bites Dog waste Noise level Parking and traffic control Maintenance

4 Assumption of Risk – Dog park patrons will assume most of the risk since they will be informed of the fact that dogs will be off their leash Local government immunities will protect the Town of Harrisburg since they are trying to do something beneficial Usage of waivers, permits and posted rules/ regulations will lessen certain liabilities The Dog Bite Law puts the liability on the dog the dog owner, not the dog park owner

5 All participants of the dog park must purchase a permit ahead of time – dogs must have vaccinations, be spayed/neutered and a liability waiver must be signed Signage will be placed at the entrance and throughout the dog park making patrons aware of the rules – ex. No toys or treats allowed in the dog park; no more than 3 dogs per person; and owner must have leash available in case it is needed

6 Staff will maintain the dog park to keep the grass short; will clean dog waste and empty trash cans regularly; will fill holes and have dog waste bags available Staff will be on site during all operating hours of the dog park to check permits, monitor the dog park, write incident reports and report further problems to Animal Control

7 Public meetings will be held to educate the public on how to be a responsible pet owner and to answer questions about the new dog park A budget will be developed to cover all of the maintenance and operational costs associated with the dog park

8 The Parks and Recreation Department feels a dog park would meet the needs and demands of current dog owners in Harrisburg It would provide a specific location for dogs to run and play without bothering other patrons of the park It would allow dogs to socialize with other dogs while they and their owners got exercise, got to be outside and enjoy the park setting Harrisburg residents would not have to travel outside of Harrisburg to enjoy a dog park and this amenity would add to the overall quality of life in Harrisburg

9 Thank you! Any questions or concerns can be directed towards the Harrisburg Parks and Recreation Department.

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