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National Park Service CLF 4019.2 Amanda Britton AgEd 410, Spring 2013.

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2 National Park Service CLF Amanda Britton AgEd 410, Spring 2013

3 What will we cover? CLF Definition of a National Park Important historical dates Local and well-know national parks Facilities and activities offered

4 At the end students should be able to… Identify important dates in the history of the National Park Service Identify the different park units within the National Park Service List facilities and activities available at National Parks

5 What is a National Park? Land set aside for recreational activities Preserve wild animal species Preserve native plants

6 First national park Old Faithful geyser Thermal pools Yellow stones…get it? Yellowstone N.P. created National Park (N.P.) Timeline

7 National Park Timeline Yosemite N.P. created First national park in California Half Dome One of Ms. Brittons favorite jobs!

8 National Park Timeline Antiquities Act Presidential power set aside objects of natural and/or scientific interest historic landmarks structures

9 National Park Timeline National Park Service (N.P.S. Act Created the National Park Service First agency of its kind in the world Stephan Mather First N.P.S. Director

10 National Park Timeline Wilderness Act established national Wilderness Preservation System land within these areas is protected exceptional value to wilderness human activity is restricted within these areas all lands within this system federally controlled by: National Park Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management or US Department of Forestry

11 National Park Timeline Wild and Scenic Rivers Act Scenic Recreational Geological preserves selected rivers in free-flowing condition due to different values: Fish and wildlife Historic Cultural

12 National Park Timeline National Parks and Recreation Act most comprehensive national park legislation in history provided for increased land acquisition development and boundary changes designated 14 new areas as national park units

13 National Park Timeline Yellowstone fires Huge fires burned 793,880 acres or 36% of the park 793,880 acres 9 from humans 42 from lightening Resulted in new fire suppression practices Trended toward natural burn cycles

14 National Park Timeline All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us. -Gandalf the Grey

15 Channel Islands National Monument Yosemite National Park In-Class Assignment 1. List 3 activities you think you can do at Channel Islands National Monument 2. List 3 activities you can do in Yosemite National Park 3. Which would you rather visit and why?

16 Why visit a national park? Camping Developed Backcountry Hiking Interpretive and/or educational exhibits Horseback riding Boating Fishing Swimming What about in Winter? Lots of fun!

17 QUESTIONS? One last thing to remember…

18 U.S. Department of the Interior National Park Service Buildings and Grounds RestorationInterpretation Law Enforcement Etc… Resources

19 Picture Sources Arrowhead content/uploads/arrowhead_large1.png content/uploads/arrowhead_large1.png Park brentwood-park-concord-road.jpg brentwood-park-concord-road.jpg AT&T Park content/uploads/2007/07/att_park-2_lrg.jpg content/uploads/2007/07/att_park-2_lrg.jpg Rainbow Pool content/uploads/2011/07/Yellowstone-National-Park.jpg content/uploads/2011/07/Yellowstone-National-Park.jpg Old Faithful _us.jpg _us.jpg Yellow stones d/photo/_resized/30_527_359_yellowstone_national_park_mammoth_ho t_springs.jpghttp://www.tracks- d/photo/_resized/30_527_359_yellowstone_national_park_mammoth_ho t_springs.jpg Deer fire content/uploads/2010/07/yellowstone-fire.jpg content/uploads/2010/07/yellowstone-fire.jpg Tree fire California NP Map - CLF Standards Teddy on a Moose pictures-teddy-roosevelt-riding-a-moose1.jpg

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