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My North Park By Megan Plumb Copyright © 2007 Megan Plumb.

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1 My North Park By Megan Plumb Copyright © 2007 Megan Plumb

2 Artistic Statement Newly constructed buildings, pristine sidewalks, and immaculate streets. People who admire these superficial aspects of North Park are missing the point. When you look deeper North Park is an overflow of culture, with many different ethnicities that have very different lifestyles. Its eye opening in the unique and vintage style. Here the older something gets, the better it becomes and the newer something is the more cookie-cutter and clone-like it seems. There is rich history on some blocks, and even better history being made on others. With my camera I will show you the real North Park. My North Park.

3 Tuesday Night Out Copyright © 2007 Megan Plumb

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5 Garden Tools Copyright © 2007 Megan Plumb

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10 Early Bird Special Copyright © 2007 Megan Plumb

11 Biography Born in sunny San Diego and raised in North Park, I went to Horizon from preschool to eighth grade. At Horizon I didnt feel as if I was being challenged, and the only artistic activity I was involved in was Drama. My parents decided it was time to change schools and their top choice was Canyon Crest Academy. Over the last couple of years I have started to discover my talents. I found an arts class about photography that really captured my interest. In this class I have been able to think outside of the box without getting in trouble for breaking a rule. Photography has given me another way to express myself through my work and I love watching the impact my photographs make on others.

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