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A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park Volunteer Training. To control the presentation Each slide will remain on screen for about 25-30 seconds Click to pause Click.

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1 A.G. Edwards JA Finance Park Volunteer Training

2 To control the presentation Each slide will remain on screen for about 25-30 seconds Click to pause Click to return to previous slide Presentation only runs about 20 minutes. … to continue The presentation now includes sound.

3 Here is what the students will experience Get a job and a family situation Determine Net Monthly Income (NMI) Calculate guidelines and balance a budget Make spending and saving decisions Track the value of a stock portfolio Pay bills Most of the visit is about budgeting.

4 Your role for the day… Provide adult experience relating to spending decisions Help with calculations and critical thinking Monitor student progress and keep them on task Remember: This day is about the students getting hands- on experience with budgeting!

5 JA Finance Park Map Student cubbies Center courtyard Adult cubbies Lunch in Food Court Unlucky Nonprofit Home Improvement Students do not leave this area all day. Restrooms are in park. Adult Restrooms

6 Volunteer Tools Bin of materials on each table in business Volunteer Manual Stage-by-stage instructions Answers for student worksheets Calculators for students to use Pencils with erasers Extra forms JA staff members will be on hand to help and answer questions all day.

7 Volunteer Manual Instructions for each stage Information similar to your volunteer training packet Answers to student worksheets More about that later Examples of special worksheets

8 Volunteer Checklist Located in Volunteer Manual Broken into 4 sections based on the 4 stages of the day Use to help you follow along through the day and keep students focused on their tasks Follow along with student presentation on visit day to better understand each stage.

9 Four main parts to the day… The visit day is broken into 4 stages 1. The Truth Revealed 2. The Big Search 3. The Budget Puzzle 4. The Final Commitment JA staff member will explain the directions to the students prior to each stage.

10 Students should arrive with nametags When The Truth Revealed presentation is done, students will be sent out to businesses to begin Have students find materials with their account number Business Assignment Account Number

11 1. The Truth Revealed Students (at their workspace in businesses) Receive their Life Situation ATM card Calculate Net Monthly Income (NMI) Calculate Budget Guidelines Volunteers Help with directions and keep students on task Help with math (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, percentages) Verify student work Students use calculators and you get answers in Volunteer Manual Students will get acquainted with the financial and family situation of their character.

12 Students Materials JA Finance Park Name ____________________ Business _________________ Account # ________________ At tables in businesses, students will find: Portfolio (folder) with four main worksheets for day Life Situation ATM card Job Description Students should put their names on everything, including ATM card!

13 Job Description Students do not work this job on visit day Their job is to balance a budget Provided to help them understand their income amount

14 Student Checklist Students should pull this out to start Follow directions for each stage Check-off items as they are completed When everything checked off, student is done with stage

15 Log-in Screen Student enters Account Number and PIN from Life Situation ATM card Type their name Confirm that name is correct Thats it for computer during this stage!

16 Life Situation ATM Card Life Situation is located on the back of ATM Card Busch Entertainment Students use this information to get started with income and budget guidelines calculations. Later, they will use this information to make decisions about how they will spend their income.

17 Net Monthly Income (NMI) Start with information from the Life Situation ATM card Calculate Gross Monthly Income Deduct monthly taxes Add Lucky Chance Card amount Arrive at Net Monthly Income (NMI) Use Volunteer Manual on table to confirm NMI

18 Checking Students Work In Volunteer Manual, look for NMI Verification page (its the same color as the student worksheet) Match students account number with their NMI It must be exact If student didnt hear their Lucky Chance Card called, youll need to give them the amount

19 Guidelines and Actual Budget Use NMI to calculate range for spending later Only calculate Minimum and Maximum amounts Amounts calculated as percentage of NMI (Steps 1 & 2 only = columns 1 & 2) Do not complete Step 3 Use Volunteer Manual to check, if necessary Round figures to nearest dollar!

20 Checking Students Work Look for sheet with students NMI Spot-check their work Notable missteps: Multiplying 3% as.3 (it should be.03) $2337 x 3% $2,337 x.03 = $70.11 Rounding $70.11 rounds to $70 $350.55 rounds to $351

21 The Truth Revealed: Wrap-up Remind the students to complete everything on their checklist

22 2. The Big Search Students (roam around park) Collect option sheets from each business Begin Personal Investment Report (stock portfolio) Volunteer Point students in right direction to collect all option sheets Students do not make any decisions yet! Students are collecting their options for spending money. Theyll use this information to make decisions later.

23 Option Sheets Students collect their options for spending in each budget category Students only collect sheets – they do not make any decisions Students should use their checklist to make sure they collect all option sheets.

24 Sample option sheets

25 Commerce Bank – 4 Option Sheets Auto Insurance options – 2 computers Home Insurance options – 2 computers Computers locked – use later to pay Savings Bank Saving Option Sheet bin Non Profit Giving JA staff will speak with volunteer(s) in Commerce Bank, and a couple of other special businesses, about what needs to be done during this stage! Print both!

26 Personal Investment Report Students track stocks throughout day Collect stock prices from a ticker in Edward Jones Calculate total portfolio values Check prices 3 times Opening (Stage 2 – now) Midday (Stage 3) Closing (Stage 4) 35175 ?? Look for completed samples in Volunteer Manual and on tables in Edward Jones.

27 3. The Budget Puzzle Students (return to original businesses) Make spending decisions based on options available Balance their budget Get Mid-day stock prices Volunteers Help with decision making process Help with math – sorry, there are no more answers. Students use all of the information they have gathered to make spending decisions and create a balanced budget.

28 Time to Make Decisions Use Option Sheets and Guidelines and Actual Budget sheet Start with option sheets for Line #2 Follow directions, make a choice or complete calculation on option sheet to arrive at payment amount Transfer decision to green sheet (Step 3)

29 752 185 98 86 Heres how to make decisions Step 1. Match option sheet with line number on green sheet

30 237 752 185 98 86 Make Decision Step 2: Make choice or do calculations on option sheet. Step 3: Transfer the Payment Amount to Actual Budget sheet.

31 Each budget decision (Step 3) must fall between minimum and maximum guidelines. Students must spend at least the minimum in all categories.

32 The Very First Decision…McBride & Son / Citi (line #2) 1.Choose house and payment from McBride & Son 3.Adjust payment based on credit rating: If Excellent rating, deduct $10 from housing payment If Average rating, add $0 If Poor rating, add $10 to housing payment 2.Then, see how credit rating from Citi affects payment. Insert this amount on Line #2

33 Package Price for Furniture and Home Improvement packages exceeds students maximum guideline. Student chooses payment between minimum and maximum guidelines. 1 499 86 There is no calculation – just pick an amount. Home Improvement & Furniture

34 Total Payments (Expenses) = NMI The goal of the project is to balance Students can put as much into Saving as theyd like If overdrawn, they have to choose to spend less somewhere. $0

35 4. The Final Commitment Students (roam around park again) Make payments at all businesses Get closing stock price from Edward Jones Complete checkbook register Receive their final Budget Review Volunteers Help students who are still finishing The Budget Puzzle Help students make payments Guide students through balancing problems This stage is about putting their budget into practice. Theyll see if it works in our real-world. If they completed The Budget Puzzle correctly, it should.

36 Students pay their bills! Enter Account Number and PIN Enter Payment Amount The payment entered MUST be between the minimum and maximum guidelines. Students go to each business and enter payments on computers.

37 Student record payments in Checkbook Register Schnucks300 1580 1280 Busch Entertainment 501230 1.Enter NMI in box under balance. 2.Enter business name and transaction amount. 3.Subtract Transaction Amount from Balance. Enter the new balance below. 4.Continue until no more money left and all bills are paid.

38 Budget Checkout All payment amounts appear here Students should balance to zero After all payments are made, students come to JA staff members to finish

39 Volunteer Manual – Samples McBride and Citi: #2 Home Improvement (#13) and Furniture (#12) Edward Jones

40 Additional Material Please remember to read through Volunteer Training Information packet. You can download a copy from our website.

41 Thank you in advance for your help! Remember that JA staff members will be available to help and answer any questions.

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