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Glacier National Park By Bridget Beardsley.

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1 Glacier National Park By Bridget Beardsley

2 Location Region-West State-Montana Capital-Helena Longitude-113.718°W
Latitude °N

3 Landforms Glacier National Park is Made of: Mountains, Valleys, and Glaciers(of course) Mt. Cleveland is the tallest peak at 10,466 feet and more than one hundred more summits rise above 8,000 feet. Some of the Mountains in the park are: Loneman Mountain, Chief Mountain, and Long Fellow Peak. About 60 million years ago the earth’s crust began to shift.

4 Culture People have explored in Glacier National Park for thousands of years. American Indians lived in the park 10,000 years ago. David Thompson was the first European American to record what he saw at Glaicer National Park.

5 Waterways The park has hundreds of lakes and thousands of water-falls ,more than 700 miles. The glaciers also changed the color of the water when the glaciers moved and turned them into powder. To make them turquoise. Running Eagle falls is one of the thousands of waterfalls in Glacier National Park. Canada’s Warterton Lakes National Park at Glacier National Park share the border between the USA and Canada.

6 Rocks and Minerals There are many rocks and minerals in Glacier National park. Rock and soil under the water slowly harden into thick layers of limestone, mudstone, and sandstone. The ancient rocks of the Belt Sea that form our mountains have much less limestone and fewer fossils than the younger rock exposed in most of Rockies. The varied colors in the mountains include the red, greens, and maroons.

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