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H ERSHEYPARK C LASS T RIP Thursday, May 22 8:30-6:45.

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1 H ERSHEYPARK C LASS T RIP Thursday, May 22 8:30-6:45

2 P RIOR TO T RIP Please return Permission Slip to your flex teacher by Monday May 19 th. Make sure the front and back of the Parent Consent Form is signed. If you have to pay: $30 CASH or Money Order (no checks please).

3 M ATH C LASS Choose a partner in your math class. You will share a baggie. Inside: Math and Science papers and pencil. You will ride the same bus to and from the Park with this partner.

4 A T THE P ARK … 10:30-12:00 complete assigned activities. Give your baggie to a teacher at your last station. You may hang out with friends from either team. All school behavior rules and disciplinary consequences apply while on this trip. If needed, your parent will be called to pick you up at Hershey Park.

5 If you take medications during the day, you will be assigned to meet with a teacher or the school nurse. All clothing must be school appropriate. Bathing suits may be worn under your shorts and shirt (while not in the water area). Locker Rentals: $15-$20. Share w/ a friend(s). REMEMBER THE COMBINATION!!!

6 W HAT TO BRING … Change of clothes if you plan to get wet. Sweatshirt if its a cool day. Towel, sunscreen, hats, etc. A watch/cell phone to check the time. $20 minimum is recommended for food. Food is not allowed to be taken into the Park. You may bring bags in, but they will be checked before entering the Park.

7 E ND OF THE DAY … The buses plan to leave at 5:30. Give yourself plenty of time to get back to the buses depending on where you are at in the park. Plan to be back at the buses by 5:15 so we can take attendance. Please do not leave anyone alone. Be a good friend and help others find their way back to the buses.

8 P ICK -U P High School Football Stadium parking lot behind the Middle School 6:45 Please tell your parents not to be late.

9 H ERSHEY P ARK R ULES P ERSONAL P ROPERTY : Ride operators and attendants are not responsible for articles left by patrons at the ride stations. Neither Hershey Park nor its employees assume responsibility for the loss of, or damage to, personal property. Locker storage is available throughout the Park.

10 R ESTRICTED I TEMS : Personal food and beverage items, coolers, radios, and/or sound emitting electronic devices are not permitted and must remain outside the Park. In addition, skate shoes (Heelys), weapons of any type and laser light pointers are never permitted in the Park.

11 A TTIRE : For your safety and health, all Park visitors are required to wear shoes and shirts at all times. As a courtesy to all guests, modest dress is expected of all guests. Bathing suits are only allowed in the water park area. Hershey Park reserves the right to address clothing issues with all guests.

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