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Overton Park Neighborhood Association Parks & Trails Committee.

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1 Overton Park Neighborhood Association Parks & Trails Committee

2 1 Mission 1.Assess continuous improvements to our surrounding parks and neighbor infrastructure 2.Communicate with OPNA 3.Coordinate with City Parks Department

3 2 Committee Members If you have any suggestions, comments, or immediate needs in Overton Park, please contact anyone on the Parks and Trails Committee –Henry Adams –Scott Carpenter –Ryan Harrington, Chair –Steve Morrell –Betsy Price –Donella Ware

4 3 Overton Park Drainage & Erosion Control Improvements City project to repair portions of the severely eroded stream banks Rock filled baskets used to stabilize creek walls Three to six feet in height Restricted to only one side of the creek Native grass planted to naturally retain the creek banks Scheduled to take 75 working days to complete –City posted completion date Summer 2008

5 4 Overton Park Trail Improvements Replace existing asphalt trail in Overton Park with a concrete trail Already started south of Bellaire on Overton Park East –South of Ranch View on Overton Park East –Overton Park West Approximately 40 working days

6 5 Street Sign Caps Increase neighborhood identity Six to twelve month process Coordinate with Overton Park section of the Tanglewood Neighborhood Association Everyone will have the opportunity to provide input and select the final design

7 6 Other Issues Park access from interior neighborhood streets, specifically along Ranch View Rd and Sarita Rd Coordinate playground improvements and park master plan with Tanglewood Neighborhood Association

8 7 Cowtown Community Cleanup Hosted by the City of Fort Worth Saturday, March 29 th –9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Overton Park Neighborhood Association will cleanup the park from Ranch View to Sarita Need volunteers! –T-Shirt for volunteers –Eligible for Scout Participation Badge –Need truck or trailer for hauling Please contact Ryan Harrington @ 817-921-2181

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