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The Proposed Moose Mountain Wildland Park June 15 th, 2006 Bragg Creek.

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1 The Proposed Moose Mountain Wildland Park June 15 th, 2006 Bragg Creek

2 Vision The creation of a new wildland provincial park in East Kananaskis Country, that protects an exceptional environment for all Albertans, by encouraging non-motorized outdoor recreation and excellent watershed management.

3 Why do we need a park? Watershed protection to prevent further deterioration of water quality in the Elbow River, the source of drinking water for 450,000 Albertans Increasing recreational demand due to growing population of Calgary and area Ongoing industrialization of the area including oil and gas development and clear cut logging

4 What is a wildland park? A wildland provincial park is designed to preserve and protect natural heritage and provide opportunities for backcountry recreation. They tend to be large, undeveloped natural landscapes that retain their primeval character. They may provide trails and backcountry campsites to minimize visitor impacts on natural heritage values. They may provide significant opportunities for eco-tourism and adventure activities such as backpacking, backcountry camping, wildlife viewing, mountain climbing and trail riding. They may provide designated trails for off-highway vehicle riding and snowmobiling.

5 Proposed Park Objectives To protect and enhance the Elbow River watershed, that is the drinking water supply for 1 in 7 Albertans. To protect non-motorized outdoor recreationists and related trails and infrastructure from the potential negative impacts of industry. To protect all types of indigenous wildlife and their habitat from the potential negative impacts of industry and provide a protected connection to the Y2Y corridor.

6 Proposed Boundaries & Excluded Zones North: North Boundary of Kananaskis Country just north of Highway No. 68 (Sibbald Road) West: East boundary of the Elbow Sheep and Don Getty Wildland Parks South: Highway No. 546 & the North Boundary of the Bluerock Wildland Park East: East boundary of Kananaskis Country Note: Excluding the McLean Creek Off-Highway Forest Land Use Zone


8 What about existing industrialization? That involves detailed decisions with numerous options Existing developments could be grandfathered New development disturbances could be prohibited Public consultation is needed before such detailed decisions are made

9 What can you do to help? Write to the Premier & MLAs to ask that a park be created to protect the area Ask for public consultation to make decisions on the details of the park Make this a political priority and election issue Tell your friends

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