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Alexandra Park & Palace: recent and future developments R. Kane 5 July 2010.

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1 Alexandra Park & Palace: recent and future developments R. Kane 5 July 2010

2 Original Concept Park opened 1863; Palace opened in 1873 Features: -concert hall -displays re. achievement -picture galleries -Gardens -Theatre -Exhibition hall The park hosted fetes, horse racing, balloon ascents and firework displays 1900 statutory duty to uphold, maintain and repair the Palace and to maintain the said Park and Palace as a place of public resort and recreation and for other public purposes. Palace of the People

3 Alexandra Palace today

4 Ownership 1900:Act of Parliament enables Trustees to buy Park & Palace on behalf of the public 1960s: GLC took over trusteeship 1980: LB Haringey became sole trustee (2 nd fire) 1981: AP&P Charitable Trust registered 1999: AP Trading Limited formed 2008: Aborted attempted to grant a lease to Firoka to run the venue for 125 years 2008: AP Trading Limited re-invigorated

5 Administer 1900 Act Annual subsidy Responsibility to locals Trust governance invested here Maintenance and repair Charitable status Commercial delivery Operational responsibility Profitable aim to reduce subsidy Prime venue Protect Promote Preserve

6 Interim General Manager Fire Officers BOARD OF TRUSTEES Parks Contractors Admin Assistant Office Manager/PA Senior Fire Officer Interim FMParks Manager Receptionist Park Leaseholders Integral maintenance contract Security Contract Alexandra Park and Palace Charitable Trust

7 Managing Director Rebecca Kane Sales Director VACANT Head of Catering James Goldberg Head of Finance/ Company Secretary Helen Downie Head of Events & Leisure Stephen Garner Executive Assistant Amanda Sears Marketing Manager Charlotte Johnson Alexandra Palace Trading Limited

8 Aims of APTL 1.Generate profit to gift aid to the Trust for the upkeep of the asset 2. Create the recreational content / activity for Alexandra Palace

9 The asset is in a state of disrepair – within 12-24 months major failings will be inevitable

10 Alexandra Park & Palace to be a vibrant, profitable destination venue offering activity 365 days a year

11 Major Strategic Issues 1. FINANCIAL £2.5m income per annum 40-50% building derelict (£30m works required) Theatre: Buildings at Risk register Leaks, poor repair, out-dated, vandalism £39m deficit on Trusts books

12 Major Strategic Issues 2. GOVERNANCE ISSUES: Weak Trustees: x7 local councillors and 3 non-voting reps. No independent trustees. Lack of independent Chair. Highly politicised in nature. Trustees conflict of interests and lack of continuity 1900 Act - restrictions

13 Major Strategic Issues 3. VISION ISSUES: Failed strategy to hand AP to a developer No alternative strategy / vision Lack of confidence in articulating AP&P vision Artificial divide between Trust & Trading

14 Major Strategic Issues 4. PUBLIC PERCEPTION ISSUES: Inward-looking and fearful culture Lack of media strategy Local interest selling off the family silver Poor brand with huge potential

15 Alexandra Palace – current governance LB Haringey (Sole trustee) APPCT Board Statutory Advisory Committee Consultative Committee Panel APTL Board Local Stakeholder interests reps observers Local Stakeholder interests reps

16 GOVERNANCE AND FUTURE VISION Project Objectives: 1.Fit for purpose Board/s, structures, processes 2. Vision for regeneration

17 Progress to date: Aspiration of financial independence Preferred structure / means of achieving independence TBA Commission further legal work Request creation of a Master Planning working group

18 Timeline and Process 29 June: Independence / more legal work JULY:Political briefings / Eden + Bexley Stakeholder engagement SEPT:Updates throughout 5 Oct:Agree structural option Nov/Dec:FULL COUNCIL

19 IMAGE AREA The Great Hall The atmospheric and historical Great Hall is ideal for banquets, concerts, exhibitions and large conferences. 6558 sqm of pillar free event space. Hosted the likes of the MTV Awards, The Rolling Stones and The Arctic Monkeys. Home to prestigious corporate clients such as Royal Mail and Microsoft. Looked over by our World famous organ which is over 100 years old.

20 The versatile West Hall, our second largest room is also ideal for conferences, award ceremonies and live events. The West Hall 2740 sqm with full blackout. Home of The World Darts Championships, UK Nike 5-a-side tournament and a visit from Bill Clinton.

21 IMAGE AREA An elegant welcome from Palm Court, our main entrance; A beautiful 19 th century glass domed atrium filled with palms and fountains. Ideal for registration, receptions, retail and networking. The Palm Court

22 IMAGE AREA The Palace in Action

23 £2m investment….

24 Thank you I would be delighted to answer any questions

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