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PIONEER PARK INFO CHANNEL Information is updated on a regular basis. If you have events or info that you wish to share with the Park, please call Fred.

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2 PIONEER PARK INFO CHANNEL Information is updated on a regular basis. If you have events or info that you wish to share with the Park, please call Fred or Judy @ 604.856-7871

3 n President RON KINLEY n 1st V/P & RulesRAE WILLIAMSON n 2nd V/P & Corresp.NANCY FOXCROFT n TreasurerPETER KLASSEN n Recording SecretaryLYNDA KENNY n Office ManagerPAULA LAPIDUS n Water DirectorED MELLIS n Electrical DirectorHERB AINSWORTH n Sanitation DirectorTREVOR DAVIES n Hall Director DAN SMITH n Roads Director DAVE DIXON n Building PermitsMARILYN BRUCE n Landscape DirectorHELMUT PETERS BOARD OF DIRECTORS

4 If you have an emergency Call 911. For a questionable situation call the RCMP at 604.532-3200 AND the Park Pager @ 604.607-8430. n When you hear the message, enter YOUR phone number, hang up and wait for a call back.

5 WATER RESTRICTIONS Beginning June 15 to September 15 we implemented our annual water restrictions to odd days and even days to match unit numbers. Watering by hand (including hose) is allowed on off days but no sprinklers. Soaker hoses are discouraged because their output is grossly underestimated. Please limit car & driveway washing. Thank you.

6 n 2 - CBC - Vancouver n 3 - Park Info Channel n 4 - KIRO 2 - Seattle n 5 - A Channel - Victoria n 6 - CHEK - Victoria n 7 - KIRO 1 - Seattle n 8 - Global - Vancouver n 9 - CTV - Vancouver n 10 - CITY TV - Vancouver n 11 – KBCB - Bellingham n 12 – KVOS - Bellingham n 13 - Knowledge Network - Burnaby

7 EMERGENCY. Water - Ed Mellis 604.856-0130 Electrical - Herb Ainsworth 604.607-5006 Sanitation -Trevor Davies 604.856-0431 Security - Pager 604.607-8430 RCMP - Langley 604.532-3200

8 SANITATION Because we are on a septic system, care must be taken on what is flushed. No peelings, non-biodegradable paper products, plastics, personal hygiene products or cat litter allowed. These, among other non-sewage items cause major repairs which will be reflected in higher pad fees to pay for the damage. Please observe the basics to preserve our system.

9 Co-Ed Senior Stretch Class Every Tuesday and Thursday @ 8:45 am sharp MISSION STATEMENT: To feel better when you leave than when you came in. Senior Program – Deep Breathing – Stretching – Go at your own Pace! MEN & WOMEN WELCOME Irene @ 604.856-4905 Grayce @ 604.607-5617

10 Off Park Affairs n Represents the interests of the Park when dealing with Matsqui First Nations, Township, etc. Any questions contact one of the following: Fred DalkeithRon Kinley Zella MargettsJohn Wickham Amy Coe Ken Johnson Paul Margetts Richard Carnegie Rae Williamson

11 Hospital & Convalescence Our thoughts & Best Wishes go out to:

12 Park TV System The new digital converters have been installed. Enjoy! For satellite or Shaw related problems, call your service provider.

13 SPEED LIMIT Regardless of your mode of transportation the speed limit in the Park is 15 kph Please tell your visitors. When walking please face traffic

14 OFFICE HOURS The office is open for business every Tuesday from 9:00am to Noon. * * * * The Office requires Members to leave a contact name & number when you leave for extended periods. ** This is for EMERGENCY use only **

15 OFFICE NOTES……... n When listing your unit for sale, please make sure you complete a Notification of Intention to Sell from the Office. n If you become ill or incapacitated, it is VERY IMPORTANT we know whom to call. Please complete the Next of Kin form at the Office. n Pad rent cheques MUST be in by the last Tuesday of the month. We prefer 12 post- dated cheques to cover the entire year.

16 More Office Notes Please ensure your rent checks are in the Office by the LAST TUESDAY of each month. This allows the Park to pay its bills. Any checks received after the 3 rd day of the month will have a 60¢ per day late fee attached. SUGGESTION: Submit post-dated checks dated Sept. 1 st to the following August 1 st. Thank you. - Paula Lapidus, Office Director

17 Calling All Card Players A Card Players Heaven in the Park Monday ………………………..Poker Tuesday 7pm ….………..Fun Cards Tuesday 7pm …..…….……..Euchre Thursday 7pm…..…..…...Cribbage * Something for Everyone - Newcomers Welcome *

18 Pancakes & Sausage * Coffee - Tea - Juice Sunday, April 4 - 8:30 to 9:30am ONLY $2 per person *At theDoor * ** Bring your own dishes & cutlery **

19 General Meeting Date of next meeting: Wed., May 26 @ 7:30 pm Last Meeting before SUMMER!

20 In Memoriam Our sincerest sympathies & condolences Our sincerest sympathies & condolences to the family & friends of to the family & friends of Len Baldock - #180 Len Baldock - #180 on his recent passing. on his recent passing.

21 HALL ACTIVITIES – Monday Line Dance » 9:00 am - Line Dance » 1:30 pm- Bingo » 7:00 pm - Poker

22 HALL ACTIVITIES – Tuesday » 9:00 am - Line Dance » 7:00 pm - Fun Cards » 7:00 pm - Euchre

23 HALL ACTIVITIES – Wednesday » 9:00am – Wood Carving » 7:30pm - Carpet Bowling

24 HALL ACTIVITIES – Thursday » 8:45 am - Yoga » 10:00am - Painting » 7:00 pm - Cribbage » 7:00pm - Quilting

25 HALL ACTIVITIES – Friday » 9:00am -Line Dance

26 Visitor RV P arking Permission MUST be obtained from the Roads Director: Dave Dixon 856-2760 before visitors can park their units by the horseshoe pits. We cannot block septic service trucks. If we dont know whom to call or unable to locate RV owners the units will have to be towed at the owners expense. Thank you for your co-operation

27 Come join the fun at our Annual ST. PATRICKS DAY Pot Luck Tuesday, March 17 Potluck & Horse Races @ 4:00pm *Bring a Potluck Dish, your own plates, cutlery and lots of quarters for the races*

28 TV SATELLITE DISHES A number of years ago when personal satellite dishes were approved by the members it was agreed that the dishes would be installed as far back to the unit and out of sight as possible. If you have any questions on where to position your dish, please call: Herb Ainsworth @ 604.607-5006

29 Carpet Bowling *New Members Welcome & Needed!* A real fun way to meet new friends! Every Wednesday @ 7:30 pm ** Instruction provided (But its Easy)** > NO COST < Call Paula @ 604.857-0480

30 (Year Round Event ) Thursdays @ 7:00pm SHARP Cost: 50¢ ** Coffee Break at Half-time ** & Goodies if some arrive For info call Paula @ 857-0480 CRIBBAGE

31 Social Functions n free parking n within walking distance for most n no worries about driving after having a few n never having to call a cab n in company of friends n tickets (when required) are very affordable All of the above apply to any function in the Park. Take advantage & attend whatever you feel you would enjoy. You just cant beat it!

32 Every MONDAY at 1:30 pm ** ALL WELCOME ** Take an afternoon off & Come on Down!!

33 Every third Saturday of the month from 8:30 to 9:30 am Drop by and see what you get for one thin Loonie. The Famous PIONEER PARK DONUT HOUR is back!!

34 The Otter Co-op has been a source of funds for our Park over the years. If you are not a member there, please give them the Park number 34462 as you pay the cashier. Also, save ALL Co-op receipts and drop them in the box on the coat rack shelf in the Hall and we accumulate more credits. Thank you.

35 * WANTED * Your Unwanteds Rent a table at the RV Clubs ANNUAL GARAGE SALE Saturday, May 9 th @ 9:00am Make some $$$ while freeing up shelf space! Buy from other tables to fill that space!! To rent a table call Rochelle Termehr 857-0256 Large table: $5 - Small table $3

36 QUESTIONS FOR THE DIRECTORS We all have access to the Minutes and the Financials prior to General Meetings. Often questions are asked that require some research and cannot be answered at that meeting. If you have such questions, please contact the Director or the President prior to the meeting. You then will have an answer at the next meeting. - Thank you

37 * WILDLIFE IN THE PARK * (No not the parties after dark) Please DO NOT FEED the wildlife. This includes cats & dogs. This attracts animals that are food for other animals such as coyotes, cougars & bears. Always be aware of whats around you when out for a walk.

38 2010 PROPERTY TAX ASSESSMENTS have nothing to do with the Matsqui First Nations. The time to appeal is clearly outlined on the back of the Assessment form. The Tax Notice is based on that Assessment. If you dont appeal in January 2010 then you are out of luck. You can ONLY appeal the Assessment - NOT the Tax Notice when it arrives later. DO NOT CALL THE MATSQUI BAND OFFICE – THEY CANNOT HELP YOU.

39 If you have an old VCR and you have no more use of it, the TV Department can use it. Please call Herb Ainsworth – 607-5006 Or Floyd Beardsell – 857-0366

40 CLIPPINGS A HUGE THANK YOU To Bill Stockall & CREW for their annual clippings Clean-up!!! - PROFITS GO TO THE LANDSCAPE FUND -

41 Due to animals roaming the Park at night, please ensure that your garbage is in a sealed container & placed curbside on the morning of the pick-up.

42 NO DUMPING Our green spaces are NOT dumping grounds for trimmings and other garbage. It attracts vermin and creates more work for our landscape volunteers to clean up.

43 ATTENTION QUILTERS Thursday Evenings 7 to 9pm in the Craft Room Newcomers Welcome! More Info? Call Marilyn @ 856-5333

44 WARNING HALL ALARM In addition to the cameras, the Hall is equipped with an alarm system. Please DO NOT ENTER the Hall between midnight & 7:00 am or the system will be activated. It is very loud!!


46 LASAGNA DINNER Friday Mar. 19 – 6:00pm * Hosted by the Gentlemen * Tickets: $5 each – On Sale March 9 & 10 - from 10am to Noon MENU >> Moes Famous Lasagna >> Salad & Special Buns >> Dessert (TBA) >> Coffee & Tea (Bring your own dishes & cutlery) ** BYOB for Happy Hour @ 5:00pm **

47 Valentines Day Horse Races Sun., Feb. 14 th – 4pm Bring lots of Quarters & Try your Luck! Smokies & Cake - $3 BYOB

48 CATS (Not the musical) Due to the number of complaints of stray cats, live-catch traps have been obtained. If you are finding unwanted litter in your yard, contact Helmut Peters @604-856-7077 and he will loan you a trap. When captured, the cat will be turned over to the SPCA. If you feed your pets outside, DO NOT leave food unattended especially overnight.

49 A Memorial Tea will be held in the Hall on Saturday, March 6 From 1:30pm to 3:00pm In Memory of Eunyce Bishop ** All Welcome **

50 GARBAGE & RECYCLING The Bi-Weekly Garbage & Recycling schedule is now in effect and will continue every second week through to April 30, 2010

51 Every Thursday at 10:00 am in the Craft Room. Drop in, participate or just have a cup of coffee. Instruction available ** Everyone Welcome **

52 Watch for the Mail Flag! When you see it in position then you know the mail has been delivered. Please do NOT disturb the mail person when the boxes are open. Postal Regulations.

53 All Inter-Team games will be on Wednesdays @ 10am at the Fitness Center For further info call John Combe @ 604.856-9323

54 SHUFFLEBOARD TEAM PLAY Monday: 10:15am – SHUFFLERS - Skip Loretta Sobolik 856-6401 Monday: 1:00pm – ROOKIES - - Skip Sam Hanna 857-2322 Tuesday: 10:00am – ROCKERS - - Skip Bill Stockall 856-0552 Tuesday: 1:00pm – HOTSHOTS - Skip John Combe 856-9323 Wednesday: 1:00pm – HAPPY GANG - Skip Renee Reid 607-6701

55 MARCH 3 – Happy Gang vs Hot Shots 10 – Rookies vs Shufflers 17 – Hot Shots vs Rockers 24 – Shufflers Vs Happy Gang 31 – Rockers vs Rookies SHUFFLEBOARD INTERTEAM SCHEDULE

56 Soliciting in the Park If a door-to-door canvasser appears at your home, gently but firmly inform them that we have a No Soliciting Policy in our Park - Ask them to leave the Park and tell them you are calling security. This applies whether the door knocker is First Nations or otherwise. Thank you.

57 Due to icy roads in winter and many donations for Christmas happening, we are having the ANNUAL FOOD BANK DRIVE in the Fall as requested by the Food Bank people. Date of Drive: Saturday, Oct. 24 Donations on your front step by 9:30am Cheque donations to Aldergrove Food Bank Full details in the Pioneer Express. If you wish to help, call Loretta Sobolik @ 856-6401 FALL HARVEST FOOD BANK DRIVE

58 Book Club News Meets 2 nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm at #105 – Grayce Holiove for coffee & a cookie. Any new members who enjoy reading and discussing are invited for a fun evening. For more info call Grayce Holiove @ 607-5617

59 for H1N1, seasonal flu and pneumonia could be made available if 40 or 50 people are interested. These shots would probably occur within the next few weeks. If you are interested, please contact Ron Hoppe (Webmaster) and leave your name.

60 For events to be posted on the Park Info Channel, please forward the info To Fred or Judy at Phone: 604.856-7871 Fax: 604.856-3875 email: or just slip a note under my door #244

61 Games Room The Hall houses a very underused Games Room. Two pool tables, dart boards, shuffleboard, and a ping pong table. Please feel free to come down and avail yourself of the facilities.

62 Lest we Forget

63 POTLUCK DINNER WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2008 Time: Doors open at 4pm Happy Hour & Program until Dinner at 5:30 pm (See sign-up sheet on bulletin board) Dont forget – BYOB & Dishes & Cutlery REMEMBERANCE DAY

64 PETS All pets must be leashed when outside your lot No pets in the Hall or around mailboxes Pick up pet droppings If you feed a stray – its YOURS! Remember – not everyone wants your pet relieving itself in their yard

65 * * ALERT * * If you are getting Home Care from Fraser Valley Health -BEWARE- if a blonde woman in a white car shows up early and says your regular home care worker cannot make it and she is substituting – she is a fake! People in the Aldergrove area have let her in and are now missing their wallets. Fraser Valley Health will always call you if your worker is unavailable. If she calls on you call 911 and try to get her license number.

66 ** WARNING ** LOCK YOUR Homes, Vehicles & Sheds!! We have had a car stolen, contents of vehicles stolen and a storage shed broken into with expensive items stolen. ** REPORT ANY UNUSUAL ACTIVITY ** - John Wickham (Security)

67 TICKET SALES TUES. & WED. Feb. 9 & 10 10am to Noon at the Hall FEBRUARY DANCE - $7 LASAGNA DINNER $5 ** Tickets NOT sold at the door at the time of the event **

68 MARCH DANCE Saturday, March 27 Gracie & the Guys performing * Doors open @7pm - Music @8pm * > BYOB & Snax < ------------------------------------------------------ Tickets $7 - on Sale Tues. & Wed. – March 9 & 10 10am to Noon at the Hall

69 Halloween Dance Music by 32 nd AVENUE Saturday, Oct. 31st Doors Open at 7pm til closing time ** Costumes Optional but Welcome ** TICKETS: Only $7 each. MONDAY & TUES. Oct. 13 & 14 – 10am to Noon Or Entire Dance Series – 6 tickets for $30.

70 Music by Sentimental Journey New Years Dance Wednesday, Dec 31st Doors open @ 8:00pm – Music @ 9 – 1:00am * BYOB – Snax & Dancing Shoes * - - 0 – Tickets: $12 ea. on Sale Dec. 9 & 10 – 10am to Noon **SERIES TICKETS DO NOT APPLY** No Ticket Sales at the Door for In-Park people

71 APRIL DANCE Saturday, April 24 True Country performing * Doors open @7pm - Music @8pm * > BYOB & Snax < ------------------------------------------------------ Tickets $7 - on Sale Tues. & Wed. – April 13 & 14 10am to Noon at the Hall

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