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New Ottawa Water Park Darcy McRae Martha Ruiz. Agenda Story –Water Safari Park –Arrowhead Springs –New Ottawa Water park Issues Conclusion Recommendations.

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1 New Ottawa Water Park Darcy McRae Martha Ruiz

2 Agenda Story –Water Safari Park –Arrowhead Springs –New Ottawa Water park Issues Conclusion Recommendations

3 Stakeholders Tim Dodge Wilderness Tours Verne Capital Corporation –Mary Coldair Water Safari Park

4 So what happened??? 1997 - 1999 Carp –Interchange of March Road and 417 highway $5-6 million required $500,000 unattainable No community involvement Water Safari Park

5 Aerial Photo

6 Tims Thoughts Location –when spending 5-6 hours [at a park], an hour drive is not a big deal Ottawa –Ottawa is due for a [Water] park, you just have to make sure its no too big in the beginning West end of the Greater Ottawa area –I have a strong belief in the west, unlike the east Finance –Sponsorship person wasnt up to snuff Water Safari Park

7 Stakeholders Verne Capital Corporation –Mary Coldair Birmingham Development Corp –Mike Nutella –Frank Casino Community Activist –Mel Botswana Arrowhead Springs

8 At a Sens game… Mary Coldair tells Frank Casino about new project Not a Water Park but a FEC (Family Entertainment Center) Go-Kart, mini-golf course, reptile zoo, etc 52 acres in Arrowhead Springs, Cumberland. North of Hwy 174, south of Ottawa River and east of the village of Boise. Arrowhead Springs

9 So what do we do??? Mary hires old student Mike Nutella Mike starts working at Birmingham Development Corporation Mikes job: put idea into paper and get park off ground Frank is supposed to take over once park is running First step is to talk to City Planners Arrowhead Springs

10 But UH-oh… ZONING!!! First problem is zoning Existing zoning is Country Residential Application for re-zoning needed Proposed zoning is Rural Recreational/Commercial Land is bought on the condition that re- zoning application is approved Arrowhead Springs

11 First some HOMEWORK… Site plans, engineering plans and budgets were developed Needed to have a series of studies done first Water samples, traffic flow, noise impact, soil, air quality, etc. BUT…DID THEY REALLY DO THEIR HOMEWORK???? Arrowhead Springs

12 A costly mistake…. Talked to politicians and got support. Up to this point city planners and mayor on side Advised to to talk to community Talk to people in Boise = supporters However, DID NOT TALK TO CUMBERLAND VILLAGE Arrowhead Springs

13 Opposition arises… Community finds out about proposal They are NOT VERY HAPPY Idea may be ok but NOT IN MY BACK YARD Decide to fight back to stop approval. Hired two lawyers and a city planner to do further research on those studies. Arrowhead Springs

14 What was their beef… LAND – improper use of land –100 year old flood plains –Clay couldnt hold septic beds –Land was eroding, giving in to river –Conservation authority did not approve –Ecosystems in danger TRAFFIC – a safety hazard –No safe access = left turn dangerous –Heavy traffic increase already high accident rate –No remedial measures proposed ex. Traffic lights, stop sign, exit ramp, etc. Arrowhead Springs

15 More beef… Go-Karts – not a FEC –Hiding real purpose under the façade of a FEC but really it was Go-Karts –Noise travels, very noisy –Old lady: I didnt come to the country to spend the rest of my days with a go-kart next to my home Community activist Didnt talk to community!!!!! –Township seemed to be hiding project –Didnt address issues brought up by community Arrowhead Springs

16 More beef… Didnt do their homework –People around that area already had problems with water, land, etc –Had they done their homework, they would have realized this is not the right place for that plan Community activist Contradictions –Projected # of visitors did not match # of parking lots –Claimed it was seasonal but wanted to extend period of operations. Arrowhead Springs

17 So what happenned??? Mel Botswana = opposition leader Signed petition to opposed it with over 100 signatures 90% of community opposed plan Too much opposition from community Stopped application for re-zoning –Will not proceed with project due to pressures against it. If the community doesnt want us to be there, we dont want to be there Mike Nutella Arrowhead Springs

18 Reasons for failure NIMBYs !!!!!!! –Had irrational concerns –Didnt wait and listen to answers –Democratic abuse of power Didnt do their homework –No market research on Cumberland Actively oppose project High income = potential to oppose = can sue Succumbed to pressure, Mike Nutella –City planners, politicians, management, etc Arrowhead Springs

19 Where are they now… Plan dropped completely Mike resigns and leaves Birmingham Development Corporation Birmingham actively looking for a new land site for project Frank will take over Mikes job Arrowhead Springs

20 Stakeholders Birmingham Development Corp. –Frank Casino Tim Dodge New Ottawa Water Park

21 Whats going on now??? December 1999 – present Tim Dodge sells land for a significant loss –had enough of it Birmingham –Already zoned land –Re-financed the land –Re-developed a site and engineering plan New Ottawa Water Park

22 Issues Location Financing Design Market analysis Management

23 Conclusions Location –Access –Room for growth –Type of land Financing –Big player on side Design –Mix of rides

24 Conclusions Market Analysis –Communication with community/groups –NIMBYs –Does Ottawa want a Water Park, absolutely! Don Jersey Management –Lack of planning

25 Recommendations Financing –Get a big player on side –Pre-sell everything –Multi-scenario projections Market Analysis –Focus on families

26 Recommendations Community –Talk to community groups run by young parents, get them on side. Granola [nuts and flakes] groups are always opposed. Don Jersey Management –Assume the worst –Best practices

27 Thank you

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